Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Allana and her Cubs

Dear my Rafikis,
I just went out to see our Cats characters before we close 2008 and this is what I came a cross.
Allana the Mother with four cubs near musiara just on the Bila shaka lagger.

I was looking for Shakira and her cubs then I had information that she left the park to the east of leopard George heading to Aitong plains.
I wish her luck on this long safari out of the Park.

The Mash pride all together with lost of food around them although they straggle a bit for just before the wilderbeest and zebras turn up after the short rains.
Yesterday I so one of them where the rest are, I had they went out of the park east of Musiara Gate but they will be in mash may be today.

Notch Club are doing well as we expected now near main crossing with 6 females each of them have got a wife however I have not seen Notch on this side of the river, Sara send me a messege said she is with Notch mating on the Transmara area.
This boys are very large you just want to see them now the only thing is if the Serena pride have cubs it will be a problem they may loose them to Notch Club. The mass pride is fine the cubs are big now when never there is a threat one of the lioness will take them to live on the edge of the territory.

The leopards are at there best almost every day we have seen them near our camp on the Talek River, Kali have grown realy big even some of the people are making mistakes its one of the girls (Ayah or Binti).
Olive have live to be one of the best mother leopard have seen in the mara, She just kill a male Impala two days ago, all of them together feeding its like a christmas dinner.

I wish you all for a happy New Year.

Asanti Jackson Looseyia.

Sunday, 21 December 2008

Honey Boys

In the morning we meet this boy with his brothers when I look at him coming towards me all of a sadden I thought of poor Shakira when they first meet.
Really intemidating to see one looking a bit cross let at all three she must have thought that is it kids?
The Honey boys are just as strong as ever covering all most help of the park I think its had for any other single of pair to with stand the power of this Young Strong boys.

Mary Christmas to you all.
Jackson Looseyia.

Thursday, 18 December 2008


Dear My Rafikis,
After a short safari with my son in my larger office I had to take my little boy back to the village.
At list we had some time together as father and son,
We spend more time together with rest of the family Ann my wife and Nailantei, Nekishon, Milanoi and little Lorian.
We did some working in hills arround our home this learning more things before they go back to school next month.
I tought them the eatdeble wild fruits from Carisa trees so call (Ilamuriak), Capea capensis fruits (Ilikisikonyenk) among many other souts and roots.
They need to know some of this things from an adult other wise they will start eating the roung things which will end up being a disaster.
I took the boy for whole day walk in the hills meeting a lot of neighbours elders and their wives together with kids looking after sheep and cows for families.
On our walk he also learn birds sounds, flowers, trees, and incects what a walk for him.

Then I left the family to joind my colleges in the office like going home I was just as exitedd to meet some of my friends and the fist one was Shakira and her cubs.
I think she is starting the head work to provide the cubs almost every day if not twice a day some food this girls are now grown so well.
Shakira was looking very thine and lean but healthy I m sure today she will hunt something.
My excitement was meeting a friend in the open plains of the maasai mara just wanderful ha.
The news of the J5 are good they have been seen near our camp at the talek river,just  at tea time yesterday looking at the river come out Olive opposite our camp hunting but the Black back jackals alarm every one and she did not succeeded on hunting any thing poor girl.
She have been seen in the area and almost every morning and evening what a relief to see this magnificent cant roaming freely a long the talek river.
Aya and Kali have been seen by our guides just a day before I came to camp all three together to every one amaizment just cant explain this beheviour of leopards together.
Paul our Big Cat Live spotter send me some intresting news of the two girls fighting together in the same territory they were born together, in this regards at least some independents is seen with Binti.
I wish you all a marry Christmas with your Families.
Very Best Jackson Looseyia.

Monday, 8 December 2008

Mara general news

Dear all,
In the last week we have been very busy in the maasai mara large office lots of good wildlife viewing with weather being the best.
My son Morris Kasana came to visit me after a school holiday he has been very lucky to have meet up with Shakira and her cubs.
We were lucky to see the fathers of Shakira cubs, the two boys lost one of there brothers to lions last year but still are very dominant over Honey boys though fewer in number.

Yesterday We spend a whole day with Olive and Binti which I m delighted to show my son the characters and how they perform in there natural world.
Olive made two kills in just a matter of a few min what a great hunter, more so for my little boy to see what I meant when I said  its so had to find and track this maridadi Cat.
He was also happy to have meet Simon King the man he have seen many time on big cat diary.

We then went to see the mash pride at musuara this to him was like meeting friends and he remembers them in last visit with all members of my family.
I just think as early as I cold introduce the news of my office to young people the better, the news will travel to the grassroots.
At the end which is today the young boy have seen 12 cheetahs, 6 leopards, and 34 lions, over 200 Elephants, 1 Rino, two groups of hyanas and many birds, and countless other mammals.
He things been very luck but I think we are bless to have shared the same experince together as father and son. 

I have not been able to track Top Notch and his club however the future of this boys is very bright in the a short while I think before long they will take over many prides not one it will be 4 or more.
A coalition of males this many have been seen in the Seregeti and not a lot in the maasai mara.
I m keeping my eyes and ears open for this club they will start looking for prides to take over and will not be surprise if they take over the mash pride because the two males are not looking strong not long before they are shone the door.

The clans of Hyaenas are also doing well a few activities with them too last week we found a dead hippo killed by another male while we watch who do come and clean it the vultures came first a alerting the other scavengers jackals and hyaenas.
Then a bit of politics started with two clans what a fight it went for hours right to the middle of the day we miss lunch and we observe which party wins the largest meal of the day.
Finally we left as darkness approaches but we came very early the next morning all we found was the skull and the back born.

Finally I m going home just before Christmas and come back after 6 days and I m sure will keep you updated before I live and if for some reason I have not posted any news it will not be long before I come back to my office.
Salaams Jackson Looseyia.

Sunday, 7 December 2008

news from the office

Cloued and Romeo have enjoyed  up and the pride have been specialize on killing young Elephants.

And the Girls are looking at a lion in a distance but
 they know exactly what to do, a day ago.

This is Olive a few min ago looking as strong as eve Simon is with her as I write now looking at her with a group and she looking to hunt any min.

Asanti sana Jackson 

Thursday, 4 December 2008

Dear all,
We have have been lucky again to see and to be with our large Cats this week and it going well.
The Mash pride have been lucky now just found a dead Elephant at the mash so they don't need to work had to catch there pray.
This is the second Elephant found dead in the area we have no idea why are they dying,  but as you may know the predators have more resistance from disease that kill hubevours being bacteria or some viruses.
Above is one of the young males looking into the future after a good meal he is under the protection of Red and Bibi what a powerful pride.

The real good news is Shakira Girls just look at them they have grown big in weeks really fun to see them again and again.
We know the Cheetah is an endanger species in the world but with this now having been through what they have, we have hope they will make it into the future in our maasai mara.
But this is an area full of larger predators which still can make the life of this wonderful family miserable.
Shakira bump into a lioness all what she needed to do is hunch her back to a lert the cubs I tell you this little cubs took of like a wind just too first for the lions to catch them ha go girls go.
Shakira has move a bit not too much but enough to put the cubs in a good test.

Now the other news is the Queen of the Talek Bella she made an appearance last week too going strong and she has recovered from the last injury so happy to see her again come back.
Although she is better without a doubt she is getting (mzee) meaning old however she is looking strong how glad I m to see her again you cant get enough of this magnificent Cat.
 That is for today well get you more news soon.

Very Best Jackson Looseyia 

Sunday, 30 November 2008

Olive a wonderful mother

Hi all,
I finally sow Olive one of  the Jackson Five after a few days in the office its was easy to see most our Big Cats except the Leopards.
I love this Cats even though its difficalt to see them once you see them trully it the most rewarding of.
John one of senior Guides call me on the radio "Jackson do you read me over " yes reading you loud and clear "I have just found a Olive she have kill a baby Impala" ok sawa will see you later I said.

Then John Kaelo call me a gain in twenty mins please dont come she has left been fighting with Hyanas and she have gone in to real thick bush ok I will try later in the evening.
Olive is really is a good mother she kept the other helf of the baby Impala for her cubs after all the trable she had from the Hyana she did not finish up the caucus though it was just too small for the rest.
I then said late when every thing is nice and calm I will try and see Olive, Sure enough there she was on her own not a any body around her just peaceful. 
She a loud me to follow her for more than 500 Mts away while she took the kill to Kali and Aya. 
Over the night it rained up river so Olive was surprise to see so much water on the Talek River mm what to do cubs on the other side of the river.
I waited to see what will happen but it was getting late and I have to go back home but what a nice evening I had today the mara is full of surprises there is no office better for me than this one its unique.
More news on the rest coming soon.
Salaams Jackson. 

Red on alert

What a great Powerful lioness.
Salaams Jackson 

Saturday, 29 November 2008

The Mash Pride

The Mash pride is just doing wanderfull from what I can see today healthy as it can be.
White Eye, Red, Bibi tother with their cubs are all happy although not enough food  for the lions this time of the year.
The food is very scars but they kill a Buffalo last week a very risky business which sometime end up loosing members of the pride but it was a very successful hunt and that is why everyone is looking healthy and happy.

The cubs wanted some food though and the only animal they can stock was a Waterbuck and a few old bull Buffaloes around the swamp.

The rest of the pride was not any where to been seen but you know this a large area you need to travel most of the day before any one can locate all the members of the pride, Romeo, and three Graces are some how elusive.

Last I found Clowed on the second bilasahaka lagger on his own where his brother is I don't know, may be not far from here I presim.
The two Boys were also lucky last week they found a dead Eli and for a week they did not deed to compete with the rest of the pride or depend on there wifes to cook it was just party time, Look at this boys body well feed ha.

I was so happy to meet again with our friends while I was there no one can tell what is going though me it was just me and them in the mash area in the heat of the day.
Red was on a alert the whole time looking for any opportunity to hunt even in the middle of the day what  a good mother Red and Bibi are I just love it.
This were the members 4 lioness, 5 male cubs, and 4 females cubs together and Clawed on his own about 3 kilometers away.
Asanti sana Jackson looseyia. 

Friday, 28 November 2008

Habari ya asubuhi,
I spent the afternoon thinking about Simbas how there doing when every thing is looking good for the grazers I gues they must be stragling big time.
I head up towards the ridge looking fro Simbas.
The first Simba I came across was Sala and Cheza younger brothers. 
Look at this large cat remember in Big Cat Diery how little this boy was when Simon was filming the Ridge pride and now?

The mara is a rich place with Game full of other animals at this time of the year we have a lot of Elephants warthogs,Impalas, Tops, Gazelles,and Hippos because the vegetation is so green.
The Buffallos are in exalent condition too now there is little copition from the big heads of Gnus and Zebs. 
From now until the next migriation our Larger cats will have little choise for food this will lead to a lot of death for some cubs.

Now most of the members of the ridge pride have split just to make it to  the next few month it will be taff. Like this mother of two I found her hunting wathogs but no succes may be tomorrow this little cubs need food soon other wise it will be bad news for the family.

At the end I did not make to the mash lot to see in one day I must go back and have a bush shawer.
more update soon.

Salaams Jackson Loseyia.

Thursday, 27 November 2008

This morning in the office

Dear all, 
The mara is looking good after the short rains its so green,
Our Friends are well I have just visited Shakira this morning and her girls just going strong.

There is no sighn for the Jackson 5 last week they came into camp calling all ningt the staff had trable sleeping.
I m sure I will see them in the next few days on the talek river.
And you can see my last short of her before I went off for a few days.

Last today is the Honey Brothers also doing just well cousing so much trable all over the place however some one has to put them in order gues who?
The hyanes resently chase this boys a long way and at the end one went up a tree for 40 mins as the hyanes waited under.
But at the end the super hunter gave up and left the boy a lone while the two brothers waited in long grass for their brother to come down from a Gardenia tree.

Thursday, 13 November 2008


Dear all,
I m still traveling in England since the 8th of November I do get news of the Masai Mara almost every day which is raining raining ooh cant wait to be back home lost of flowers with green lush grass.
Before I came to England I visited Ngosuani school to distribute book and other materials donated by the BBC which was appreciated by the school community.
There is a big difference between my office and this office I m sitting on at Bristol BBC Natural History unit my office at home in the Mra is worm and large with stunning views.
What is nice here is all my friends who made Big Cat live in the Mara we lough and joke just lovely to see each of them in there own home undestanding where their coming from.
I now have two days before I go home Kenya as soon as get there I will let you about our dear friends especially Shakira and the girls.
Until then Good bye and see you soon in the warm climate
Salaam Jackson

Sunday, 2 November 2008

Taarifa ya maasai mara


I have been out guiding recently in my large office and here is the news from our Masai mara a long side the Big cats.
We have had rain for just a short period now and it's green with a lot of young animals being born and birds...., its baby time!

The short rains have made some of the grazers come back from their long journey, which is good news for our big cats especially the lions.

In the last week the marsh pride has had it rough but they are back together again apart from Claud and Romeo who are still no where to be seen. White eye has still not accepted the three Grace's, I think they will have to start their new life without the help of large pride.

Notch's club is going well on the other side of the river, though still not ready to come back since some of the wildebeest are in the conservancy...., so no hurry to be back to the paradise plains.

Now Shakira is still trailing a long the danger zone, the day before yesterday she just manage to get away from two groups of lions...., not fun but she got out danger safely...phew. She has not moved far from where she has been in the last two weeks, may be she will start the long journey soon, to where we dont know.

The little girls are doing well, they've grown a lot and soon they will be free from the obvious dangers, hyenas and lions. In one more week I will be happy, but where she is now is the real predators home range, but let me say this 'go shakira go you can do it you did before girl'.

The 'Jackson Five' are performing like you would not believe, I have seen them hunting during the day, both Olive and Binti.
Last week we saw Kali being chased by his father Big Boy, Kali is technically out of real threat from his Papa Big boy, who is at least 10 years old, so for him to catch a young boy he's got to be young and fast.
So Kali is well, still with Ayah along side there mother Olive. (As you can see below, Kali trying to climb onto my car!)

I still don't know why Ayah has not left her mother, something I can't explain to any one..., let's just wait and see what happens.

Binti is specializing in hunting young warthogs which is not all that safe, she has got a really bad wound from the hog on her side, but having looked at her I can not see a problem, she will be ok.

Our other wildlife are thriving, the hyenas are happy since the arrival of the young Topi, as soon as the Topi calves are as fast as their parents then trouble will start because of the competion they will have with lions.

Jackals too are growing well..., just too much to fit all my words into this place,.... the thomson gazelles and impalas are breeding so lost of food for the little pups.
I have even seen on recent drives Bat eared foxes with babies,  i tell you there is so much happening in the Masai mara with wildlife I can't tell you enough!!

Finally, I'm heading home and off travelling for one month, during this period i will be quiet until November 26th when I return to my large office. If there is any news my colleages will let me know.
In the next few days I will tell you what is happening in my village and the local schools. I hope to visit Ngousani Primary School which was featured on Big Cat LIVE to drop some materials kindly donated by the BBC.

Kwaherini wote and see you soon!

your rafiki Jackson looseyia.

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Habari yanu.....

Hey everyone I’ve been out on a game drive and have a bit of an update for you all!!

The mara is doing well and with the rains starting to come early there is a mood of change in the air!!! The wildebeest have almost all gone with stragglers still north of sand river but most having crossed to Tanzania by now…..

Yesterday I went out with the BBC to do a bit of a look see and find out what all our Big Cat Live characters are up too!!! First I headed to the North to find the Marsh pride, we found Red and White eye, with lots of cubs the pride has split into two as food is low on the ground again but red looked good and healthy and so did her cubs!! The 5 males with their Father, Notch, have headed west across the Mara River and are doing well with reports of them killing a Hippo last week!! A very difficult and dangerous prey for Lions!! I didn’t see the other half of the Marsh pride but I will keep my eyes out for them and I will tell you all as soon as I see them.........

Shakirah sits out some of the seasonal rains with her little ones

Shakirah is still living wither cubs in dangerous zones!!! She still has three little ones but she has to watch he back non stop!!! Recently she was chased by 20 hyenas she managed to draw them away from her little ones who ran for cover in long grass and after pulling the hyenas away she climbed a tree and had to wait it out!!! She also encountered another female cheetah and chased her off as there is strong competition between cheetahs of the same sex!!! But Shakirah’s girls are going well!! And we will keep watching them and have any news of her to you as soon as we can….. She is however heading further and further east and may soon leave the park where new troubles may await!!!


My 5 beautiful leopards!!! I found 3 of the 5, Olive, Ayah and Kali, who were all relaxing in a small grove of trees, when suddenly “Big Boy” father to Ayah and Kali came out the trees and stared to roar!! Young kali lived up his name and got into a spot of trouble with Big boy, who chased him through a small grove of orange leaved croton before Kali could out manoeuvre him with the help of Olive cutting his path, and Kali rushed off into thicker cover on the steep banks of the Talek………..

Lorian rest on a tree in the early evening sun

I also found one of our other leopards called Lorian, she is a young female who lives on a small river called Rongai about 20 minutes south of the Talek river!!! She is a beautiful Leopard with a great golden coat!!! She is very relaxed with us when we spend time with her and although not part of BCL Jackson 5 she is one of my favourite and you will be hearing more about her over the coming months!!!

As for our Hyenas and Jackals o haven’t seen the ones we filmed but there are great numbers of jackal pups coming to the surface from their dens and playing on the open plains!! And we’ll get you an up date on them soon too!! Hyenas are ever prevalent and a few personal experiences of them stilling a pair of boots from one of our staff in camp so they are just as naughty as usual!!!

Last but by no means least are Honeys boys who are doing well and when we say them yesterday they had just successfully brought down a wildebeest !!! But as always they are roaming the Mara and making a lot of trouble!!! For now all the best and thank you for your support and I look forward to hearing from you all.........

Jackson Looseyia

Friday, 24 October 2008


Hi everyone I am finally up and running and its so good to see all the support you are giving me!!!! I cant wait to start answering all your questions and but for now here is a quick up date on the Jackson 5....

Now we have finished the filming live with the BBC its back to my camp on the Talek River, leopards have been roaring along the river banks around camp over the past few nights, although not confirmed we feel it must be Olive asserting her territory, as we have seen her stalking and then successfully killing a young warthog, only a few hundred meters away from our camp on the river bank.

I will start to answer all your queries and adding more and more stories and photos as soon as I can but I am still new to this so pole pole!! Asante sana....

Jackson Looseyia

Friday, 17 October 2008

Note from admin

Hi - we're still in the process of setting this blog up - schedules and plane flights have delayed things a little - but keep checking and hopefully Jackson will soon be blogging regularly.

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Sunday, 12 October 2008


Jackson Looseyia
My name is Jackson Looseyia. I was born in 1967 in the heart of the Masai Mara, so grew up surrounded by wildlife. From an early age I found it a source of inspiration, and tracking wild animals is in my blood - I come from a long line of master hunters and trackers.

At this moment I'm still working on the BBC's Big Cat Live and the Big Cat Raw webcast that occurs straight afterwards. But, because I've enjoyed the experience so much, I've decided to create this blog to keep all my new friends posted on the cats and other characters of the Masai Mara.

This blog might be a bit rough and ready, but stay with it - the Big Cat web team set it up for me in minutes. So, I haven't had time yet to see how it all works, but together I'm sure we can work it out.