Friday, 24 October 2008


Hi everyone I am finally up and running and its so good to see all the support you are giving me!!!! I cant wait to start answering all your questions and but for now here is a quick up date on the Jackson 5....

Now we have finished the filming live with the BBC its back to my camp on the Talek River, leopards have been roaring along the river banks around camp over the past few nights, although not confirmed we feel it must be Olive asserting her territory, as we have seen her stalking and then successfully killing a young warthog, only a few hundred meters away from our camp on the river bank.

I will start to answer all your queries and adding more and more stories and photos as soon as I can but I am still new to this so pole pole!! Asante sana....

Jackson Looseyia


dianelionlover said...

Hi Jackson: can you give us an update on the Marsh Pride, any sighting of Tamu yet?

Kat said...

Hi Jackson,

Thanks so much for the leopard update, and good to hear you're well!

Do you have any news of Shakira and her cubs for us?

Lottie said...

Great to see you up & running Jackson.
Lovely to hear news of the Jackson 5. Hope to hear lots more news about the other cats

Jackson Looseyia said...

Dear dianelioniover,kat,and lottie,
Shakira is doing very well i just sow her yestarday with her three remaining cubs well grown up.
I will put her photo up with rest of the mash lions on soon.
Thank you all,
Jackson looseyia

Kat said...

Brilliant news!!!

Daniel said...

Hi Jackson thank you for doing this and how are the Marsh Pride Cubs doing

carriagehorse1 said...

Hi Jackson, thanks for the updates. How are the hyena cubs doing,,especially my favourite little dark one. We are all missing big cat live so much, but thank you so much for your bloggs, i know your a really busy man. Maybe we can also learn a bit of your language too, that would be great.Love you xxxxx

Whitestarling said...

Hello Jackson
Well done for getting news to us about our Big Cats

Its great to hear that Shakira and her cubs are OK also the news on the Leopard. Have the 6 Male Lions made any move towards the Marsh Pride
Thanks again

lioncharlie-girl said...

Hi Jackson,
Lovely to hear from you, thankyou for taking the time to update us.
Great to hear that the leopards are doing well and that Shakira and her 3 cubs continue to thrive.
Any news on Bella?
Will be in the Mara in about 4 weeks- unfortunately not your camp, but looking forward to it all the same.

Joy said...

Hi Jackson, thanks for taking the time to keep us updated. So pleased to hear Shakira & her cubs are ok & the leopards too. Have you any news on the jackal pups? Take care.

apesey said...
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apesey said...

Hi Jacson, so glad you are well.
i am so glad that all the cats are fine, especally Shakira and the cubs.
Asante sana (hope i spelt it right!)
Apesey x

Xavier said...

Hi Jackson!
Habari gani?
It's great that you can find the time to keep us updated about the Jackson 5. Great news about Shakira ans her cubs as well.
Still no sighting of Tamu?
I'm planning to stay at Rekero next year. So, I'll see you then.

nearlynewgrandma said...

All good news Jackson. It's great to read about the animals. I too have missed BCL this last week. I am imagining the sounds of the night on the Masai Mara.I have been wondering about the Marsh Pride. Watching them reminded me so much of my own children when young, rolling around, jumping on us and each other, and fighting! They had no claws but ......! How important that play is. Blog when you can but I imagine your life is very full and probably about keeping heart and soul together as is ours. Regards. NNG

Radar said...

Jackson, thanks for taking the time to post this blog. It will be great to keep up to date with the BCL personalities we all love. Great news about Shakira by the way. Thanks again.

ilovecheetahs said...

Hi Jackson

Great to see you back. Lovely news of the Jackson 5 and so pleased to hear that Shakira and her cubs are still doing well.
Any sightings of Honeys 3 boys? Hope they are still on top of their game!
Look forward to more news from you.
Asante Sana.

chui said...

Jambo Jackson,

Sopa Oleng!!!

Its great to hear from you on the Jackson 5 and Shakira we await anxiously for more updates and pics and videos.

God Bless

jacksonlooseyia said...

Jambo all,
I have been out guiding and not able update you day after the other with long drives and early mornings, but I hope this will answer some of you. Just to let you know I have 3 days before I close the camp for the short rains but then will be back on the 26th of Nov.
God bless you all.

lin said...