Sunday, 20 April 2014

Lemek Pride

This where I started my Job as a Guide in the Mara in 1987, I was young full on and exited and curious, We so a lot of Lions then, every place we went east or west will find lions in two's or singles, a sign of health in any eco system, We open our camp in the Middle of the Maasai Mara and that made me leave the area for some times, When I came back 2010, I was shock to find a pride of 28 lions to 4 only, I had no words to speak off what happen, I was so sad but still love the place, soon after I followed the pride again and today they are 5 big Lioness and 4 subs, a few Males are here and there Lemek its coming back again thank to the conservation efforts around the Conservancy, Like Mara North, and Olchoro, The Large family from Mara North will help a great deal the lions population in this place, Now they are nearly 40 lions in one pride for sure its a matter of time before we witness an explosion of lions in Lemek, Olchoro, Mara North, Conservancy, I am exited again I am witnessing new energy efforts and love from the community than every before, Thank You all, Jackson Looseyia,

From Bella to Olive

Good evening my dear friends, Happy Easter to every one of you wherever your around the Globe, I had followed Bella the queen of stealth on the Talek river banks and on many Crossings, she was a star as you know it, I sow last when she was just about to head home and I knew this was the end of her, intact she had a skin problem before she went some where to sleep for good, I would suspect it was cancer, because for nearly a year I had followed her and the problem was getting bad every months though she was able to Kill for her self, I know it was close to her end, but the Talek River was not left empty her Daughter Olive was taking charge of the River, We in the office started the same thing fowling her on our daily game drives, and we sow her in many times, she did help us Guides a lot every time you would like to see a leopard it was almost guaranteed we will find her today or the next day, we love her so much she was a mother, a Champion, and friendly, When Olive left us the Talek river was empty we will go for days some times for weeks before we found Bahati or her little sister Saba, it will take some time for the adjustment to take place it will be ok but never the same, Though we have a lot of leopards this days in the Central Mara, like Siri near Serena Pup house, Paja, on Onkorbob, Golden Balls on Olare Orok, Talek Junction, Lorian at Top of Olkeju Rongi, Pink near Mara Toto on Intiakitiak, and the list goes on, Nothing Like meeting Olive, I do wish soon we will start to develop our relationship with her offsprings, On our Most beautiful Cuts to date Leopards is my favorite, Have a bless day, Bless Easter, Jackson Looseyia.

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Nick and David Pride

Dear Friends, The Double Cross pride had gone though tough times, having Notch boys come and go the Marsh pride Males checking and going and OOC Males, David and Nick stayed no matter for as long it will take and cast to make a family, finally we sow the fruits of there patients lots of cubs from 5 lioness, some of the cubs of cause will not make it but some are proving to be good looking even last month with the begging of Long Rains, I am glad this pride in the Double cross area is going strong, the Good news is the National Reserve have been strict for the fist time I remember on illegal grazing that means the pride have a bright future,

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Trouble Mash pride

Dear Friends, Our Season is over and ready for the long rains in the Maasai Mara, As I had said on my pass Blogs that the Mash pride will have many Challenges its now proving to it, We had lost so much in this large pride in the mara, just to name a few, Red, Lisby, and White Eye and Clawed all of them had been hit by young headsmen in the park or some time just out side the park, lately was Scar thank to KWS they came on time to save his life and one other young Female, The Night Grazing that had been a lowed by the Park Authorities does not work and will never work I would suggest if the people are a lowed to graze then let them come during the day and being escorted by Rangers to make sure they go by the rules of the park or the best will be 0 grazing in the park period, Asanti Sana, Jackson Looseyia