Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Mara North News

Dear Friends,

After I had been at the reserve for a few days I am now at Mara north conservancy, I could not believe in my Eyes how the wildlife is in this place,

Heads of wildebeest, Zebras, Elephant, and many other small antelopes,

I had encounter Once again Joshua pride now very heavily pregnant its very exiting to see when they give birth to Little lions.
The Cheetah with a cub some time ago who had a blind eye is also here we sow a lot in just one Hour of a drive.
As You know I love leopards too, the nest day we had some of them are in the area we went around and we found them what a superb day for my guest and my self, I have now seen all things are possible Mara North is getting there I would think in the next 3 years it will be the best place to see cats in the mara, both Cheetah, leopards, and lions,

Have a good day in your office friend I am off to look for Nyam yam,


Jackson Looseyia.

Thursday, 10 February 2011


Just min from Arriving to the park, hot evening harry to go and meet my other repeat guest for the after noon tea.
I then sow on the conner of my eye and Leopard, I look and thought which cheetah is that a lone in the long grass,
Stop and go slowly to check who he or she was, to my surprise its Paja, very far from Mum territory up at Double crossing, He could be getting out soon towards OOC conservancy, I am glad he is going this way I have now lost Kali, and Binti whom I think gone towards the serengeti.

He made my day just before I had my tea and small cake the top up my appetite.

Jackson Looseyia.

Notch this morning

Dear all,

It was had to sleep last night at rekero camp with Notch and his family of three females and cubs all over the place roaring.
Notch and his sons are now dominant over a few prides, Old ridge pride also known as Disney pride, Paradise pride, Ol keju Rongai pride all on the eastern side of the river.

Now we have seen 11 cubs with Old ridge pride between 3 females, it all went well as the cubs run to there fathers and greeted them later owen went to sleep together just below our staff camp.
On the other had Notch Son fast born was sitting away from the cubs then joined them to get away from the hot Sun of February.

I am looking forward for another noisy night,

Best regards,

Jackson Ole Looseyia.

Saturday, 5 February 2011

Lions with Cattle

On the issue of why we need tents, is as follows, We have now divided our group ranges and every one have got there own tile so the land around the Reserve is privately own.
Its a good thing and bad too, Good when people who care about conservation give there land for wildlife us and get some income which at the moment is holding most of our old and new conservancies.
Without this people coming on board to protect the wildlife the future of wildlife around the Maasai mara can put to jeopardy.
Local who own land at the boundary can say I do not want wildlife just cattle then what can you do to that citizen?
As we in our own belief Cattle is every thing and its still is the primary income for our locals by far.

The tents work will be the addition magic to help this rangers to patrol around every boundary of the park night and day time, lest say it should help great deal, at list we as wildlife lovers can have a say if we see some of this wildlife get Kill in or on the age of the reserve.
From one end of the reserve to the end i would say at list 70 Kilometers long and its all surrounded by former group rangers so its really tough on the park Rangers.

I should be there so suggest some points but not without any input just empty words, its does not work.

Let hope you have understand this one too.
Any Q please let me know.

Best regards.
Jackson looseyia.

Snap Pop and Crackle

Dear friends,

Honey boys had been very active lately traveling from one end of the mara to the other,
To track them had been very difficult indeed.
We now have three more young males in the area its likly to be taking the territory very soon we shall see where do Honey boys go may be that is why most of the time on the move may be to try and look for more areas just in case.

Just let you once more on how the Cheetah harament cars will be is as follow:
As it look like inreasingly more people want to come to the mara for good photos then its hadder and hadder for the cheetahs who only eat fresh food and most of the time hunt during the day when the Tourist are active.
Just think of this little cubs now who need to eat a lot of meat and there Mum must work had to feed as many mouths as this, its is so had, One most people would like to spend time taking pic because they are soo sweet, two as a result of having that many it means the mother will active more therefore its likely to see a kill if you follow her.
That is way its important to have two Cars for this Job.

I do hope I have answered some of you who did not know the reason of this fun.
I will tell you in a min the Tents one.

Rongai Pride

Dear friends,

Nothing beats the Morning Light when you come over do not west it just get out of your bed and see this wonderful things.
Notch Son Bob was on the move to go and meet his Brothers who are busy matting at Ronkai River and Pose plains.
After the females sever a big loss of 9 cubs now busy mating and lets hope this boys are staying here for a little bit,
So much on the move from on pride to another j
ust having fan this pride will be very large in time with 5 females and a lot of males around them.
Granny white had gone towards look out with her Sons and grandsons some of the young daughters however she is just about to finish her safari.

Notch II could be any impressive that this so glad they doing well though Mama Red who is no longer with us and White Eye are having some trouble up north.

Best wishers to you all,

Jackson Looseyia.

White Eye news update

Dear all

After getting the news of a lion who was Kill some where near the musiara, Mara rianta area,
We had panic on who was this missing Lion news come saying it was White eye, Now its not I have just conform yesterday.
This pride will always raise our heats because of there location in the park, So close to Maratianta and its not fun must of the time when people grace there cows on the Boundary of the reserve and Nothing the park Rangers can do to stop it.
Now this is why the tents will be use full just think about it I will not father on this.

Both Males cubs are all in good condition however we do not know who is missing at the moment until next week when we all know about it.

Thank all for your great interest and Lost of Donations.

God bless you ,

Jackson Looseyia.