Thursday, 26 August 2010

Little Notches on the look out

Dear Friends,

We are all very busy as you can imagine how the mara is like now with Lost of ngus and guest from all over the world.
This is good news for Kenya and the people I share this office with.
One of the cubs Looking amazing with so much to do hunting technics, hid and seek with full belly, and the list goes on with a cub world.

All under Notch protection and his sons, at the moment they are staying between Talek oleorak to main crossing so much area for them and it could go and check out Olkiombo pride soon.

The rest of our prides are doing well too just plenty of food now.

Salaams to you in your offices 


Saba is in Mara North

Dear Friends,

We have been looking for Saba and her Cub in the last few days just to learn she left to mara north and for sure I meet her a few days ago and all well with her cub.
As I mention before the straggle of our cheetah in the mara still is not as many compare to what the area can take,

Recently I meet up with new cubs near Olkeju Rongai two different mums with 8 cubs not bad at all however as you know cheetah cubs are so venerable at this stage it look like near the Serengeti is best for there breading.

More news for the office soon.


Jackson Looseyia

Sunday, 8 August 2010

Habari Njema

My Friends,

Well after some long hours Looing for the leopards the J5 save the day, Olive young boy Nkayioni happen to be on the banks of the Talek river and what a Joy for me and the people I was guiding.
We sat there for some time with this young male leopard, he was hunting some small animals dik diks and Young Impalas.
Before he got in any luck we had to move on thank you Young Kijana for coming out for us.

The leopard had not servad as much as the lions and Cheetahs in the Savanna, 
Like any of our big cats if we are not there to care for them too we will have the same cry in a few years.
Its the cheetah we are most concen than any thing in Africa now.

On my way to our Homes I meet up with a mama with her cub a long side the rest of the Olkiombo pride near Double crossing.
What a trite for this Lioness to bring this precious cub near the Road.

I do wish to meet up with the rest today on my long day trip in such of the our beloved friends,



Friday, 6 August 2010

Bila shaka

Dear all,
Yet another good day in the office, I meet up with a few familiar faces, after getting my ticket from Musiara Gate I went strait to look for the marsh pride.
Surelly there was Bibi, White Eye, Romeo and two of the Cubs,
They had been out to Mara North conservancy east of Musiara Gate in such of Food.
Today they had more than enough as you all know the migration is in full swing.

Old Romeo could be happy three girls looking after his large belly at this point he barely say hi to us so full.

After that I went towards main crossing area on the way I found a female with one cub on Paradise, Cheetah had been a real strangle in and out of the reserve which is really worrying,

I will see you later let me go and get more news for you,

Have a nice day in the office.


Jackson Looseyia

Bila shaka