Friday, 28 November 2008

Habari ya asubuhi,
I spent the afternoon thinking about Simbas how there doing when every thing is looking good for the grazers I gues they must be stragling big time.
I head up towards the ridge looking fro Simbas.
The first Simba I came across was Sala and Cheza younger brothers. 
Look at this large cat remember in Big Cat Diery how little this boy was when Simon was filming the Ridge pride and now?

The mara is a rich place with Game full of other animals at this time of the year we have a lot of Elephants warthogs,Impalas, Tops, Gazelles,and Hippos because the vegetation is so green.
The Buffallos are in exalent condition too now there is little copition from the big heads of Gnus and Zebs. 
From now until the next migriation our Larger cats will have little choise for food this will lead to a lot of death for some cubs.

Now most of the members of the ridge pride have split just to make it to  the next few month it will be taff. Like this mother of two I found her hunting wathogs but no succes may be tomorrow this little cubs need food soon other wise it will be bad news for the family.

At the end I did not make to the mash lot to see in one day I must go back and have a bush shawer.
more update soon.

Salaams Jackson Loseyia.


Mark and Ams said...

Hi Jackson
It is great to hear all the news although we would rather be there with you than reading about it! So pleased Shakira and her cubs are doing so well and lovely to hear about all the others, especially the 3 brothers! George says hi and please can he come back to stay with you rather than go to school?!! Take care and say hello to everyone in camp for us! Can't wait for the next update! Love Ams, Mark, Charlotte and George xxx

Mags said...

Jambo Jackson

Good to know you are back on the Mara, but what did you really thing of England. How did you manage to stay warm!!! Please tell us what you brought home for the family and good luck for Christmas and the New Year, wish we could be with you


wildlife said...

Hi Jackson,Thanks for all your updates this year,its been really exciting to receive news on the cats!!wish me and my daughter katie were there now,hope in the near future we will be!!Its freezing here and the flu is terrible,getting ready for xmas,carnt wait for the next update!!Take care of yourself and wish you a merry xmas and all the best to everyone for the newyear,especially the big cats,love sarah and katie xxx