Monday, 23 February 2009

Miujisa Transfer

Dear all,
As you all know Miujisa have dominated my week of activities and sure enough she was taken to Nairobi animal orphanage.
I then call fist thing this morning KWS to know how was her trip to Nairobi.
Margaret Tipis receive my call and she said yes she is here with us and doing well.
I was happy to here she made it though the rough roads and some time scary with us let a lone the cheetah who have never been in the car.
I must have been a heck of trip for her haa, I ask a lot of Q about her future and they said they will work close to us as we plan to make future a dream. soo glad to hear that i will be in contact with head of the department to make things work well for her thank God I was so warred.

I will pay a visit to her and make father arrangement for her in the next few days.

As soon as KWS let me know of her future plans of reintroducing to where i will let very one know.
I m in contact every day with Paula by email and John we are working very had and I m sure the good fruit will pay,
you all have to know the meaning of her name miujisa the the same miracle happened to her all the days of her life let be happy smile every one things are looking good.

Salaams Jackson Looseyia.

Friday, 20 February 2009


Ranger Sanigo and Meikuya checking the condition of miujisa.

Dear Friends,
Its another busy day in the office when to see Miujisa coz I m going home tomorrow for short live.
Arriving there the rangers had a look at me like they wanted to say something and I said je nini.
Ranger Meikua said the KWS rangers came again it may happen what? Miujisa may be transfer to Nairobi but we are not sure the the senior warden had  lots of meeting because we refuse to let her go we love the little cheetah.
Ok I said when will I know what is happening with her life then? We don't know like any government its so much politics it may take two days or one year.
I was on the phone with the senior warden men what is happening with miujisa will she be transferred to nairobi? well you know .......

We are still fighting it coz any animals transfer from the mara being elephant, lions, or cheetahs have never been release back here that why we don't want this one to go away from moyo her mum home area.

In short I m going home and will not know what will happened to miujisa if to nairobi I will still follow her and make sure she get a good living and hopefully will be coming back  home .
But let us wait and see what is going to happen.
Salaams Jackson Looseyia.

Thursday, 19 February 2009

Bila shaka

Shakira and the Girls


In the last few days in the office we meet with our Big cat some of them have been doing well like Shakira and the Girls, resting in the large savanna near Topi plains have been the place to find her and the girls.
She is still fighting of the hyena no matter what it take to protect her Cubs, on the other hard moja , mbili, and tatu are well agonize and  alert every min of day and i guess the night as well.
They have every reason for it where they have taken residency is full of Crocuta crocuta I mean every whole.
She now what she is doing if it was me or you it will be the opposite but if you think a bout it the girls need to learn how to escape either climb a tree or run God nows what else.

Kali looking me in the eye.

The Jackson five have been so active it one of the only time in the mara I feel if one look for  a leopard its almost 70% chance to see one of this family.
Olive and Kali are together most of the time but Ayah have gone I believe to her grandmother Bella territory. I have been looking for it and the last time I sow her was two month ago with olive and Kali near Olkiombo then I had news from Paul Kirui that she had a fight with her sister Binti and after that I had no news at all.
Binti on the other hand is taking the west side of the her mother home range infect it include our camp area as part of her territory, in most morning the staff will call as before we have our morning breakfast they a looking a leopard and the end I said to them just call and said we are looking at Binti.

Olive is still the Queen of the talek no dought about it the girls are at her mercy coz of her hunting skills and the generosity of these wonderful mother.
Every time she make a kill Kali and Binti will come but in turns to feed while Olive resting guarding it from any other predators well we must thank Olive for bridging this family to us.

One of the young sons of Notch.

This pride still make my day if you see this boys how they are doing the territory they have taken it the best in the whole maasai mara.
At Paradise plains you will always have animals crossing the river back and forward from the mara conservancy to maasai mara national reserve.
During the great migration this is one of the businesses places in mara with wildebeest and zebras among others.
The young pride have a good future a head of them looking at this young boy well they have not gone any where without food.

More to come soon 
Mingi salaams Jackson looseyia.

Friday, 13 February 2009

In the office


Hi all,
In the last week we have been so busy following our big cats starting from the mash pride, shakira, honey boys, notch club, and the J5.
We had a funtastic week i must say the only succesful one on hunting as we watch was Shakira, honey boys, and Olive the mash pride in three atempt all fail poor things they need some thing soon.
However the pride is looking great no threat of hunger plenty in the mash it just a matter of when.
The Honey boys we not far from the pride but they succesfully got a young warthog in the mildle of the day but the mash lions had no clue.
The mash was full of elephant every conner there groups of tens twenty this time was one the best to be in the maasai mara the weather is great not a drop of rain blue sky just lovely.


Notch boys and there father on the other had have been succesful thy found a dead hippo near the main crossing and just imagine this heavy wait boys after a large meal they look like your Rugby players powerful looking boys we couldent go one game drive without sending some one to see how they are doing.

The Cheetah with Older cubs is now called Serena from most of the guids most of them agree she is a kike doughter.
She have have cross to the triagle a day ago and I think she is try to get away from the cubs they don't need mum now any day they will be independent.
Miujisa on the other hand have got some good news from our friends of Big cat a lot of people have given money for her new home and I have been given so many contact of specialist arround africa.
I had told saningo that Miujisa will have a good larger home very soon all of us with her and her late mum will be happy to we are doing something for only severer cub.
The website is up and running you can now log on. Paula did a good Job very fast that is what we need people who can take actions very fast.
John have been also working had in UK to answer some of your Q and I have been busy too from kenya to make sure every thing send to Miujisa goes to her account. 
This week will be good coz I m not too busy I will make some progress and you will be posted on how much we have raise and when are starting to construct her new home.

I was shock by they news of the females lion in the mash pride as far as I know we have not lost any of the members so far.
Red, White eye, Lesby, Bibi, and the three Grasses are all well including the both Males.
No one should worry at all about them it was a false alarm.
Thank you my friends for Looking after miujisa.
Salaams Jackson.

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Red in the mash

Red with one of her cubs in the mash this morning.

Dear all

We had spent some hours with the mush pride this morning and what a performance was it to see them hunt.
Red, Bibi, Lisby, and White Eye are all together with cubs came out of the forest walking towards bila shaka. 
They try three times to hunt warthogs but no success the niceness thing was to see what the future cubs are doing tell you they have lean a lot from their mamas.

The Males are no where to be seen whoever I had from some of the drivers they were with the three graces east of Musiara Gate.
The Grasses now have two little cubs and I think the Males are keeping a close eye on them.

We then spend a few hours with Shakira and Three honey Boys all within 100m from one another this day was good no harassment from the boys.
Asanti I will keep updated and by the way I will go with Lyndon tomorrow and visit Miujisa.
Regards Jackson Looseyia.

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Olive Taking her kill.

Dear All
I like to thank you all for your care and funds for our little Miujisa I have finally got in touch with John and sure he will answer some of you amazing thoughtful Q on how to get money faster.
I m telling you people who work in the first world , To make things effective and quick is just fantastic keep us inform how we can do. That lifestyle is just too cleaver for my way of life but I m ready for it as long as it get us what we need for little miujisa.

 I spend a day watching Olive and Kali from 6 am to 1 pm what a day to be with the J5. 

Jonathan Scott and Warren are leading a group in our camp all they need to say is we want to see the J5 no presure though ha ha.
We got lucky to be with them from the morning to later in the afternoon while Kali play with the kill up the tree, and at end he drop it but got too jealous to share with his mum though she went out to call him for food.
I don't think any one in the group of 12 will forget this experience of a life time with leopards.

The rains have made a lot of work more dificult still raining in the evenings so the river crossing are a lot hadder getting stack, jacking cars and lost of pushing. This weather does not stop our preditors from actions as you can see Olive above.
It was a big storm.

After lunch we went to look for Notch Club we look for one hour before another driver told us well three are near the main crossing and 7 females and other males are with them not far from the paradise plains.
"Asanti sana guide",we finally sow them,  I said we here Bwana Notch can you wake up no sound, just think of the guest who badly wanted this old boy picture, but he did not want to get up on our time he will in his own time like any other King.
We all look at Notch yes it is Notch said Jonny and I said to him May be this male lion has a story similar to the one of the Green mile movie ha ha. Every one look at me what?? did you said.
I mean this boy have been around for a long time but look at his conditions look so good not a lot of wounds or scours what is this boy all about, I mean Notch look fantastic not like an old boy like the one we have at the mash pride.

"Waau" Its Had live for Notch need some food.

Any way I must get going the office need me see you soon.

Jackson Looseyia.

Sunday, 8 February 2009

Miujisa Funds

Dear all,
Thank your for your respond on how to raise funds for miujisa it will help her a great deal and at the same time will let me see her all the time if she is near us.
This will be the starting point for all our other cheetahs we always need to help this species but not a lot have been done in the mara and it will give us the opportunity to help them.

We have are trust for our organization Call Rekero conservation fund trust with is registered in kenya and UK. 
This will be the best way I can advise you all to start the funds for Miujisa coz no tax to be paid from this end from the government point of view.
Please contact John Loveland in UK his email address is;

Thank you,
Jackson looseyia.

Saturday, 7 February 2009


Dear Friends,

Its a beautiful morning today after some rain last night in the mara.
Lost of birds migrating north in large group from white stalks, swallows, buzzards, rollers, and bee eaters the sky is busy.

I went to see how our little Miujisa is doing and found her safe no problem at all from the look.
As she grow she start asking Q how long my going to be here Boys??
Her home is getting small she need some where to play and have some sun every now and then. At this point the rangers are keeping her safe from the other predators and they are doing great.

With my check today we need to do more for her e.g a large area for to play and one dedicated man to take her out and show the land she was born in I think she miss it.
However no hurry when to start we need funs of cause for this to happen in the park the rangers have other jobs, Miujisa becomes second and I m afraid to say so.

Any one have any idea how we can do this in a more professional way?? 
who will be in the position to raise funds to make her home larger and more friendly coz I don't know how to do that?
I have discourse with the rangers if its possible to make her place larger within and they said of cause we just need some funs to do it this all we can do they said.

I need your views on Miujisa home in the mara.
Asanti sana Jackson Looseyia. 

Monday, 2 February 2009


Tatu looking I m inpress with your high Jamp.

We also had the privilage to interact with the female with older cubs she is also a star.
He cubs are so frindly to us to an extend of climbing the car I think this must have some connection with Kike.

Cubs scanning for pry but not the one in the car.
over the years with cheetahs they can be so adaptable to an extend of using our cars as termite mount to a locate prey.
while shakira was away up on the conservation this mama cheetah with her cubs give us perfect performance at paradise plains every day we have watch them hunt and there prey stolen by hyena.

Go Girl focast to your Prey.
The rest of our other carectors are well, the Notch club has been going a cross the river most of the time with the females they have taken over. Its not long before we have little cubs in April we are looking forward for this new family, with 6 lioness and the number of males it will be very hopefull.

Lorian have been hiding I can only say she got cubs too near olkeju rongai for the last month we look for her not a sign where she is, I will update you soon fingers cross that she have cubs.

The ridge pride at the other hand has also been crossing the river back and forward in to the conservancy. Snagle tooth got into trable last week some nomadic males cheese him for a few kilometers away, we then so hime with his whole pride although the pride have one small litter but at this point all going well.

Where Allana is I dont know after that had week she had she need a brake,the storm was so sever day before we couldint cross the rivers.
We have not seen the J5 for one week this just a result of heavy rain in the mara.
More news soon.
Jackson looseyia.