Tuesday, 29 June 2010

The Migration is here but not all,

Dear friends,

After such long waiting from the mara Residents as well as viewers like me finally the food arrive.
The migration come just on time the cubs are looking very thine and there mamas asking what can we feed you babies.
Thank God there is one who care for all.
Wildebeest from the loita and Seregeti had to come to meet in the mara reserve, most of the Wildebeest had gone to mara triangle but lost still in the area and will continue for a while.
As much as we love the action when the zebra and wildebeest arrive the best is site in the middle of them and listen observe as the world goes buy this some of my best moment of all in my office.

Regards to you all,

Jackson Looseyia.

Monday, 28 June 2010

Honey Sonsar

Snap, Crackle and Pop,  

I now miss the Big Cat Dieary, some of the sight we had witness are worth telling people from all over the world,
A day in the reserve looking for Snap and his brothers was exalent when we meet all the three with a young female which I do not know but seen her many times in the area.

Snap Crackle and Pop took this young female hostage for a few days and at the end any thing will do if she can get a brake from the Boys.
The young female Cheetah jump on the roof of our car and we had to stay until duck waiting for her to go but she look like she was not going to haaa.

At the end we had some other Tourist around us taking pictures while the boys looking for away of getting on to our car roof,
She at the end jump and got onto some els car few we left and hope she will have cubs soon.
Honey the mother must be so proud of her Boys today in the Large Savanna.

Cheetah had become had to see in the area, with long grass did not help and small game moving out contributed to there rarity.
The more we have good conservancies in the mara and Kenya as a whole the better chance we have for survival of our endangered species.

A small section of the migration had arrive to the mara thank God for this, you remember how had it was for our other predators like the marsh pride who left the park into Mara North for almost three months now.
We all well come the Ngus in both hands.

Good day to you in the Office lets meet again soon.

Jackson Looseyia.

Thursday, 10 June 2010

honey boys

Dear Friends,

I am just about to finish my safari in the mara wich lasted 5 days so far and have another two to go before I have a break.

The office have been very productive I had meet up indeed with Snap, Crackle and Pop in the Topi Plains,
The after noon was fub as they started hunting after every one is gone for lunch and let the strongest to wetness the show.

The game is still good though the grass is long which make it had for the predators to however its survival of the fittest.

So happy to have seen them after a months since I had updated you all,
In the reserve very few other cheetahs even Saba, and her Cub are no where to be seen, as well as Allana with her cub.

I have been looking for Olive no success yet but she is in the area keep missing them for two drives now this morning she was near smelly crossing but come a little bit too late.

I had found other leopards in the area 

Shakira I have no news at all we wait for the area to busy and we will here there report.

Salaams to you all,


Monday, 7 June 2010

Olkiombo pride

Dear Friends of Conservation,

I am now work through all the members of our prides as I get to see them, this morning we found the Olkiombo females 4 of them with 7 cubs all hungry but hope is on the way.

This pride had move very close to Sala and Cheza territory hope the 3 brothers can keep them away from them.
This lions are hungry need some food but the its not too far away as the loita Migration is just around the conner,
Since they have come this far during the rain season I can see the cubs making it the real buffer is coming soon.

I had of the Snap Cracow and Pop are some where on the rhino ridge but the two rivers were flooded  no way today may be tomorrow if does not rain.

After the rains the grass is long had to see any thing and most of the grazers let to the conservation area.

More to come soon.


Jackson Looseyia.

Friday, 4 June 2010

I love my office

Dear Friends,

Well come back to my office, Min after my morning drive I meet up with Notch pride I was so delighted to meet then again and how the cups have grown.

The Old boy as well the young are not any where to be seen in the morning I believe in the mara conservancy a cross the river.

I look for the marsh pride but I gather they went into Mara North Conservancy east of Musiara gate.
The Two males Romeo and Clawed are well together in the marsh area and two new boys are hanging around to take over soon.

I will look for the rest of our characters this afternoon and next few days while in the office, all good looking I am  exited to be with you again and our lovely Cats and Grassers.


Jackson Looseyia.