Saturday, 31 January 2009

Shakira this morning

Dear all,
We have been following Shakira and the girls in the last few days and what a privilege to what she does to protect her cubs.
Today this what happen she defended her cubs so well, the girls on the other head went up a tree for safety.
No one have doubt if there are capable of facing this challengers, what threaten their mama is what will threaten them, fast, good climbers, as well as wonderful swimmers.


After shakira and the cubs sow the hyaena go the next task is how do we get down mama and Tatu?.
Tatu was in the grass while shakira and moja and mbili got cornered but in good safe ground.
If any one follow up this one species of cats you will have planty of activity all the time being hunting or hunted what a life in my office.
As shakira start to walk away from the tree cubs have to come down but it was a very tall tree.


Salaams Jackson Looseyia.

Thursday, 29 January 2009

The return of Shakira

Kali Looking strait in to the Car.
Habari Marafiki,
We just had some rain in the last two days and so we deeded badly the mara is looking nice and green, the wives birds are busy collecting grass for there nest in the savanna.

Kali have been really great out in the office look at him making fun of us, he came so close until the driver got afraid he close the window but that did stop little Kali from touching his car window.
Olive have done so well like he mum Bella she had work so had to bring up this little cub to almost maturity.

Shakira is back to the park while I was away, she is doing well the cubs are hug now.
After going out of the park we new she will do well coz where she headed to had a lot of tommy so she had a lot on her plate.
We are all please to see her in the park where we can follow and know how she is doing.

Allana came back too but she lost one of the 2 two cubs yesterday near olkiombo again no one witness what happened to the cub just in the morning one of them was missing.

Our other cheetah with 7 little cubs have lost one cub but it was expected though.
She will still loose until the number is just right for to look after I tell you the cheetah always have it rough but what to do its how there life is.

Miujisa is doing good she have responded to her keepers Rangers which are so close to her like one of there totos.
We are still looking around and getting advice from the kws where she will be taken for rehabilitation I think one of the farms must be best for her but we live this decision for the government.

Salaams see you all in a few days.
Jackson Looseyia.

Saturday, 24 January 2009


Hi all,
Good to be back to my office, I had a lovely time with my family and the community as a whole.
January is the beginning of the year for us in Kenya so all the kids start the year some to high schools while others  change schools from day to boarding school so it was a lot of work for me at home.

The reason being our rekero conservation trust look after more than 20 students both girls and boys since we started 12 years ago. We have help some of our community members  to high schools and colleges. 

I always believe looking after people in a wildlife area will mean a lot to wildlife and its habitat. Latetly we have been having a lot of meeting to expand our conservation dream together with our local people and the respond have been great so far, this will traslate a better future for our children and our wildlife children too.
I will be visiting Miujisa tomorrow hope to update you on how she is doing with life along side our other friends.

Asanteni sana 

Mimi Jackson Looseyia.

Tuesday, 13 January 2009



I like to try and aswer some of the Q some of you have ask me.

1 . first is the Name of the little toto, the name which a lot of people are putting forward is MIUJUZA with 4 people comment.

2 . Acinonyx. ask was the dead Duma same cheetah near olkiombo when Simon was filming near olkiombo? A; I don't know because we have another cheetah at the same area with 7 cubs but guessing by the little toto its likely to be the one.

3. Inviciblesimba. ask could lewa conservancy take this little cub to look after?
A; Yes this will be the best way forward for her but the county council with KWS  will have to make that decision we have recommended to lewa but it look like at the moment they want to look after them self.

4. Xaviev vande veken. ask can I explain why the rangers decided to intervene on toto?
A; Most of the sin happen at night with no one around for example the two cubs shakira lost we new in the morning, as well as Allana cubs. The cheetah mama and her cubs death happen in the day time and one of the balloon track drivers happen to be there and to honest with you he had no idea  what was happening at the same time it was so quick he couldn't believe him self. One good thing he did was reported one of the little cubs have escape from the lions attack.

5 . Marabob. Is it likely the the dead cheetah to be Inchy?
A; no Inchy is a live with he three cubs at pose plains near Olkeju rangai.

6 . Anonymous. ask if any one know where Kike is?
A; We think Kike have died long ago we did not wetness her death.

7 . Tintagel. wish the rangers and the guide could intervene but she understand the rules.
A; The mara seregeti is very large it will be so had to control the predators conflicts hyenas, lions, and leopards all kill one another and it happen during the night and some time during the day. Each of this large predators have special role to play in the natural world we live it a lone unless other wise. 
Thank you all for your Q I hope I have A some of you until next time.


Jackson looseyia.

Bibi Ya Big Boy Olive

Hallow Friends,
We have put  a lot of attention on Toto and her late mother, but let me tell you the other news of our big cats in the last week.

Olive and Kali have been together lately and you can see how big Kali is. He have grown so well in the last few week to an extend some new guides don't know the different with the rest apart from the obverse.
Binti also is doing well I have seen her many times around the camp on the talek river pose plains. She has been in trouble lately with Warthogs with some bad wounds but she will be fine.

Ayah on the other hand has taken residency near Olkiombo east of our camp, I so her with Olive and Kali two weeks ago on a kill all feeding but without Binti. At the moment Ayah and Binti does not stay or be at the same place.

The mash pride are also doing well the migration of Zebra has come to the mash from the conservation area in big numbers.
Although they went out of the park for a week they came back safely with every member of them a live.

Shakira is gone towards Aitong where she is I have not had any news at all but she will do well with the number of tommies there and Impalas.
In many ways the conservation area is more rich than the park this will mean better life for Shakira and the girls.

We had so many cheetahs in the last month with cubs I think after the migration most of them started to breed. We had 2 females near musiara. Allana and a one other cheetah each of them have with now 2 cubs. I have learn all of them left in the last week out of the park the way of Shakira and they are doing well.
At Olkiombo area we had 2 more with cubs but now 1 after that mama was killed by Simbas.
On Pose plain we have yet another cheetah with cubs the same age as shakira cubs and during filming we new of her and she is doing well with three of her cubs.
On paradise plain yet another Cheetah with big cubs we have nearly free I will estimate a month max.

The Notch club are doing so well each of them got married last week to a pride of 6 females near the main crossing including Notch, In the evening we drive over to the paradise plain to meet up with this magnificent large Cats.

Finally I m off tomorrow for a few days to see the family and I wish you all well.

Salaams Jackson Looseyia.

Monday, 12 January 2009

Sawadi 2009

Hamjambo Marafiki,
Well it have been a very difucult week for all of us and busy especially having little Toto around.
We have been working with our local rangers very close and this men are just as cooperative thank God.
Until now Toto is stilll in the mara rangers at mara olkiombo with help of some profesenal guides like Paul Kirui.
Toto has accepted meat from the her keeper Saning'o Naurori, he is the main man looking after Toto. This morning when I visited she was  so relax but didn't want to see any one so far.
I have ask some advices from a fomer game warden of Tsavo national park and he will come to the mara to give the rangers more advice on how to look after Toto or make a decision where she should be taken for more care.
Mean while ranger Saning'o have build a small place for Toto a waiting the government authority where she will be take. 

In respond to a lot of my friend what name we should give it to her we have not decided yet YATIMA , BARAKA, MIUJISA, NAISHURO are the names suggested I m living unto you to vote and we can tell our Rangers.

Today I have a suprise for you all after such a bad week of loosing some of our most sweet and loving friends. Just look at this;
Near Olkiombo Airstrip we have an area where cheetah have been known to breed and two weeks ago another cheetah have given birth to 7 cubs.
I took the rangers out to see how they are doing, what a present for the mara in 2009 just love it, to be honest with you they were gougers.

Thank you so much for being part of this wonderful world that I live in even when its had you have been with me and supported me morally,
 love you all,
Jackson Looseyia.

Friday, 9 January 2009

Duma Yatima

Dear all,
After a week of long searching finally the news came ''we of little Duma he is a life''!
The rangers rush up and look for it in the long grass with help if guides and a few brave guest and at last they caught it.
Although every body was sad to see the little Duma without the mama but we are all please the little baby have live for almost a week without food or mama protection and it is looking healthy.
I will update you if we have found a home for it or she will be in the maasai mara?

Jackson Looseyia.

Monday, 5 January 2009

The Big Loss of cheetah

Dear My Rafikis,
I m yet to tell you Bad news of cheetah this week. Allana got into trouble with mash pride yesterday exact place she lost he cubs, but she took off to the bushers with her cubs and manage to escape the danger. 
There is nothing we can do to stop this encounter as guides we just sit and watch hopping things will be ok.
We still dont know where Shakira is its a long away from my area of game drive but as far as I m concern she is well with her cubs, she is got through that had preriod where cubs are venerable.

This is the last time I sow her and looking at her and one of the cubs they have well grown up to be honest.

Then Yesterday the biggest lost of all, another female Cheetah near Olkiombo Airstrip with two of her little cubs got killed by the Olkiombo pride.
It is the worst week for cheetah, about three days ago we lost two little cubs and yesterday loosing a mother and two cubs is not one of our happy new year.

This poor mother was trying to differed her three cubs from the lions but it turn out to be the pride was too larger 17 of them with three large males, she then brave it too much to an extent of loosing her life and two of the little ones what a sad day for the mara.

We then reported the matter to the park rangers and yesterday they were looking for the severer  in the long grass hopefully they have found it. I will let you all know what had happend to the little orphan if she is still a life.
This is one of Olkiombo Lioness.

Warm Regards Jackson Looseyia.

Friday, 2 January 2009

OO NO not again

Dear all,
We have got the bad new of Allana Cubs today oo no two of them have been kill by lions near the bilashaka lagger.
She was starting to be hungry as the cubs grew but this always happend with cheetahs the moment they live the den they will start loosing young ones.
We are all affected, main you on every evening our guest will exchange photo of this sweet babies after dinner and what a shock to got the news one day after new year.

Allana was so stress looking every where calling and making a few people cry as she morn the death of her cubs. The man who was more affected was Major Kool a ranger who dedicated his time and to look after this cubs since birth. He was like Allana as well looking around for them just in case one might be a live some where.
I will update you on the rest soon.
Salaams Jackson looseyia.