Tuesday, 27 July 2010

The Boy is Old but still strong

Dear Friends,

After some time in camp now Notch had taken the area with his sons and not any Male lion can withstand the power of this Old male.
They had taken over the old Ridge pride some time ago now had matted waiting for new notchers.

Just before my tea arrive to my tent I had been listening the roar from them and then the radio call Notch is out here then I got quickly and went strait to look for him.
I do love this boy once you meet him then you know why he is call the King of the mara.

Jackson Looseyia.

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Notch this morning


Dear Friends after hearing Notch is around I went very early this morning looking for a friend Bwana Notch,
Just before I found him the presences of his powerful sons was in the area Wildebeest running around, hynas giving way.
Then I had a radio call while I was fowlling one of his sons and a female may be more cubs soon.

I was very exited run and found him just as the first light crake the sky of the maasai mara.
What a moment looking at each other and meeting in joy,
When ever I meet up with this male lions joy fill all my body and I cant resist telling every one how they are doing, especialy people who know him, love him and how he stragle to bring his sons to this might.

This boys might have not meet up all night and now they are having a bond greeting and Notch there father is just looking on I am sure with a lot of pride, good sons.

Have a nice evening in your office too.


Jackson Looseyia.

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Mara newS

Dear Friends,,
Once again we are back to wetness the action on the mara, Our lions at last had got what they need after a long time food, you can see this cubs from Notch Pride or Paradise tack in to the meal.
Notch pride had split into two now but only the females not the males, two females killed this wildebeest then taken over by three and cheese the two far away, the cubs came in and no trouble from the females.

Then this powerful boys are still the dominant group of cheetahs in our area no one can challenge them still,
With the migration being here no problem with food supply therefore a lot of action after every three days if you follow Honey boys.
Still the cheetah are rear in the reserve if they go mmmm we will struggle to see some cheetah,
Shakira is still in the conservancy and her cubs which I think may be going between the two countries Kenya and Tanzania.

Olive on the other had are doing well we have seen then in the last two days successful hunts and the boys Paja and Nkaiyoni is going strong no worry about them.
Not gone yet they will stay for a little while being boys.
There father Golden balls is with them a lot of the time we sow him with Olive yesterday hunting at together rear thing to witness.

Salaams to you all
and hope to see the marsh pride, Shakira, Saba, and Olkeju ronkai pride,

Good day in the office.

Jackson Looseyia.