Friday, 15 July 2011

Good bye and soon you will see in Naboisho

Enoolera Pride have three wanderful young Males and I had follen in love with them too.
When I meet them first they run into the bushers not wanting any thing to do with people and cars.
Slowlly I had to make some friendship with them every now and them night and also evening all a lone,
This is way to aproach the wildlife when they are shy and been expose to a lot of dangers in there life.

Now they know we are not bad people we are here for them I do believe sending this message animals will communicate in a different way.

Its not that easy a good study of behavior take time and love to conservation is the Magic.
Now I have left them in good health matting and ready to bread and be a very strong pride.

Looking forward to visit them soon and for all of you who will be visiting handle them with care.

Love to you all, My friends,

Jackson Looseyia.

cheetah Mum in Naboisho

After a few report on this fantastic Mother Cheetah, she had raise succesfully Five Cubs nearly adults now.
Three boys and two girls, I had followed her and she went way out of my reach some time but not in any danger,
In a place full of Lions and hyenas I do not know how this Mother raise this cubs to nearly adult hood.
Naboisho have from my experience up to 12 Cheetah, all in good condition.

As I focus my fundraise in and out of the country to safe this wonderful species I now will be moving back to Park to see how things will be doing there.
I do know Shingo and her Little family is doing well I just hope they have not been harass by Cars as the season with lots of wildebeest arrive.
Naboisho now have some help after KWT donated a car for Cheetahs in this Conservancy and I am working had with them to get the two Cars to get to the Game Reserves fingers Cross people would continue to Donate on this project.
Team lets not give up ever on what we know its a good thing to do for our wildlife in Africa the Maasai Mara.

Have a good Evening.

Jackson Looseyia.

After Naboisho

Dear Friends,

After Staying at Naboisho Conservancy for nearly a Month an Half I now have to continue my Journeys to the rest of the maasai Mara.
I had been attach to the following Males of Koyiaki Guiding school pride the largest on the area.




With help of people Like Justin Hearth, Dickson Kaelo and some of my Guides around the area now I m going to miss them just like Notch and his boys Marsh pride in Musiara marsh.

I then found another small pride call Enoolera pride North of KGS of 7 lions 4 females and 3 young male at their prime.
I have found a real treasure in Life being with wild life how satisfying it is to see them have a future.
I should say a big thank you for those Men and women who work had to create this Conservancies My God they had given Us all hope for our Big Cats who so much Threaten in our countries.
Thank you must go Base Camp Foundation, Tusk Trust, Rekero Conservation Trust, and now to Kenya Wildlife Trust,
Also the following Camps for braving to invest even when things are not so well or Positive they sow it even though it was a had and risky decision, Asilia Africa, Base camp wilderness safaris, Mara Encounter, and Kicheche Safaris also not to forget Game Watchers through Porini Camps and Lodges.

I must pack up and Go to Mara North for the next few Months Looking for Joshua and his prides long live the Maasai Mara.

Best wishes to all my friends,

Jackson Looseyia.