Thursday, 14 June 2012

Dear Friends,

Well its had been some time since Planet Earth Live, our lives are back to Normal no rushing around from one cat to another however I must say it was a fantastic Series.
Looking on the Notch Future I really do know know what will happen to Mzee Notch after taking a large territory in the Maasai Mara From Main Crossing to almost as far as Keekorok, Supa Area,
We will keep watching his development in the Mara since they are for sure the most powerful Male lions coalition I have ever meet.

Be bless my friends and Lets meet our there during the High Season.

Not will be what happen to Lemek Males, How are the Cheetah doing in the Mara and Naming of Leopards around my area of Drives.

See you soon.

Jackson Looseyia.