Saturday, 1 May 2010

Habari Toka Offisi

Dear Friends,

How exiting to drive from homes to camp and meet up with our preditors.
I went today to visit our camp and just on root I meet up with Olkimbo members 3 females and 2 cubs.

After that I found honey boys in a good light and My day was made here.
The grass in the mara is very long indeed for those who are planing to come in this months the area look amaizing with some good clouds around and fantastic light however you have to bear with long grass had photogrophy.
I then went with John one of our senior guides to see what is in the area and now before the after noon shower.
We then found Notch boys all together very happy and you can see how affectionate they are to each other.
Notch and one of the boys are some where but 4 of the boys were together may be thinking how to catch hippo tonight.

Indeed what a well coming day for.

Bless you all,

Jackson Looseyia.