Sunday, 30 November 2008

Olive a wonderful mother

Hi all,
I finally sow Olive one of  the Jackson Five after a few days in the office its was easy to see most our Big Cats except the Leopards.
I love this Cats even though its difficalt to see them once you see them trully it the most rewarding of.
John one of senior Guides call me on the radio "Jackson do you read me over " yes reading you loud and clear "I have just found a Olive she have kill a baby Impala" ok sawa will see you later I said.

Then John Kaelo call me a gain in twenty mins please dont come she has left been fighting with Hyanas and she have gone in to real thick bush ok I will try later in the evening.
Olive is really is a good mother she kept the other helf of the baby Impala for her cubs after all the trable she had from the Hyana she did not finish up the caucus though it was just too small for the rest.
I then said late when every thing is nice and calm I will try and see Olive, Sure enough there she was on her own not a any body around her just peaceful. 
She a loud me to follow her for more than 500 Mts away while she took the kill to Kali and Aya. 
Over the night it rained up river so Olive was surprise to see so much water on the Talek River mm what to do cubs on the other side of the river.
I waited to see what will happen but it was getting late and I have to go back home but what a nice evening I had today the mara is full of surprises there is no office better for me than this one its unique.
More news on the rest coming soon.
Salaams Jackson. 


Mama Duma said...

Jambo Jackson! Wow, you have been busy! Many thanks for all your updates. I'm so pleased for you that you're back in your lovely office AND have finally caught up with Olive. Loved the previous photo of White Eye - what a portrait, she really looks like she was posing for that picture! Shakira is a star mum too - us humans can learn a lot from the animal kingdom....
Looking forward to hearing even more from you! Asante, Mama Duma

littlewid said...

Jambo Jackson, It's great to have you back and what an update. It's great to see and hear about our favourite cats. What lovely pictures of Olive and claude. It's great to know they are all doing well.
You have the best office in the world Jackson, you are a lucky man and thank you for sharing your office with us.
littlewid -x-

Alikat said...

Jambo Jackson,
So glad your back in your office. The jackson five are making you proud I see, So many new and wonderful things to see in the mara.
Thank you again for keeping us up to date.

Anonymous said...

wow jackson you surelly work hard to deliver these great pictuers love the one of white eye she is surelly a great mum just like shakira an olive long live masi mara!!!!!