Saturday, 13 December 2014

Miami my last visit

Hi Friendsp, After this long days Roadshow for Bush and Beyond our heads are turn to head home, by the time we arrive Miami I can tell Liz was ready to see her family in Canada, Josh was ready to see some animals at Ekorien Mugie Third Lagerst man made dam in Kenya, and Ole was ready to see the free Gnu running around his back yard, Miami suprice me its a flat country I never thought about it, I picture this place to look like our Kenya coast but I was wrong, it's vast with space, long unconnected roads and made us to drive long distance to get from A to B, the weather was nice and hot slightly humid, we arrive on the 20/11/14 when most of the southern states are cold, this was a nice confotable weather for Africans, Things I could not get to understand about the people who live here is when we get to any rooms hotel, resturants, offices, they are all child and I am cold no matter what, We had our three last meetings and we are fortunate to visit a preserve forest which is protected by one of the local university, I so Trees which are familiar to my environment this include spiders and strangler Figs, acacia tress, just to give you an idea, the professor who show us around had done a lot of collection of plants in many country around the wold and he was proud with the rest of his team, I would imagine this place to be popular with wedding evens, and other important ceremonies, I sow some of the very expensive real state in Miami next to this tree park, and 200 meter a long the road you can see some poor guys here, may had migrate to this place the houses change and you can tell it's not well groom a few police walking around and some time with dogs, On our way to the hotel to say good by to Liz our guide we realize an empty space on setlite map and we ask her what is this empty space, Liz said this the famous Everglades of United State, I was over the moon wanted to get out of the car to have a look, In the hope to see the the two well known reptiles Aligator and Python, Florida have space for my next visit for sure and had no idea how the beach look like, must be fun to have coffee looking at the Atlantic Ocean, Soon we arrive at our hotel and Liz waited outside and I and Josh went to our rooms to get a few gifts and presented to our world guide, we hug and kiss her Goodbye and we are a little emotional, remember we are men we never show it in tears we swallow it to our throughts, Liz suggest we go to the largest shopping Mall in the area and we needed some few presents to take back home Kenya, she drop us at this largest mall in the world you need a car to take you from on place to another, from the hotel we thought it should take us one hour walk, I found what I needed and so Josh and we head back on root 11 meaning waking, after 1 hour we had miss the turn to the right road and headed to unknown place, 2 hours are gone still walking we my have covered 15 kilometers, soon after I ask josh if he have his phone? thankful to Iphone GPS, Few yes we are very lost our hotel is another 1 hour behind lest go back, track the African way a short cut, we walk for hours and I and Josh wish it was day time it's now 9 pm, we started our walk at 5:30 pm, The house we sow on lights on the side of the road are as big as the ones I sow at Beverly hill, but nice since there horses, cattle, and look like some place for a Maasai to live withought the big houses, this must be a reserve community with size of the Church we sow and house number of cars, I wanted to run in and give them my card for them to come on Safari, we could share a lot in common if they could brave to travel, Finally we are at the hotel real saw from the walk and we are glad we got lost, we had exise, we have seen some places, horses, and lots water, We said Kwaheri to each other and our bond was even better, lala salama see you at 9 am for break fast, Soon I will finalize my day to the Airport, Salaaams Jackson Looseyia,

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Weekend LA

Liz and Josh flew to different place while I spend 2 nights at LA, on my weekend I meet a lot of dogs, I had not seen so many, the lady I was styaing at her house Melinda Merjer is running a walking business for Dogs, this had given me the opportunity to see Beverly Hill houses, right inside which you will see normally from out side fence, some of this people have money the size of this homes are like state house I would imagine, I do not know for what? Show? Possible? And then we tour on the rest of Santa Monica the only place I have seen people walk, run, and bicycle, I was impress, when you are with a local then you get to know and see how this people live, eat, go to church, Jim etc, Since I had been sitting in the car for long I requested to go on walk and I was exited as much as the park of Dogs from wealthy families, The sky was different, the trees, and flowers came out all of a sudden I was in the real world, birds, bugs, other people walking there dogs and we stop to say hi just like in Africa, on our way back to the car, one of the dogs call skip run a cross the road on the the other side and we did not see it, it was a small dog hair on his face and possible 10 years old, he then run to a million dollar church compaund and all was ok, but this was one bad moment for my friend, some of this dogs are treated like kids even more spoil, Back at home our dogs stay outside and do not have beds, toys to play with, but on the western world dogs are kids to other people, My days are speeding up I am now ready to pack again to be at the airport as early as 5 am so the lady drove me to Lax airport and I was in the plain by 6 am ready to head to Antanta, we arrive at 1 pm this still in one country I do not understand the time different, and boad onto another plain after meeting up with Liz and Josh, then we arrive into paradise, St Simon Island, If there was a place I can live in the Sate this it, the forest was well looked after with old Man Beaded hanging on trees, traditional houses, small village market, lots Of canals, Alegatas, birds, fish, and a proud people, I took my Shukas to color the beach running for nearly a mile, this is the Atlantic Ocean, even though we had a meeting here it did not sound like business, we had friends, Ann and Emily Owen, and many more friends, we had fun and the two days went too quickly, I wish I had enough time to see this part of the world and I hope I will return to St Simons Island, We left early to catch our plain to Atlanta, the city I first came in 1997 when I was a young Moran now a wise elder of the Ndorobo Maasai, The people I had meet here have photos of my last trip 19 years ago it look streach to see my self and remember Phil Osborn the legend who send half of Atlanta to Kenya, I miss this southerners families who spoke slow and have double barrel Names, like Maryann, the offices we visited I had meet the people and I was slightly comfortable then A few other offices we visited in the big cities, Just a day here we streach to Bamingum Alabama, on the way I say the few words which are familiar, then it click when I read a book roots so much on this road was mention between Atlanta and Bamingum, this where Martin Lurther King spend some of his time when he said I have a dream, We had dinner then hotel getting ready for our final destination in the States Miami, Wait for the next advatures of Mr. Looseyia,

Del Mare Solana Beach,

Long drive on one of the busiest roads in CA blvd 408 with 7 cars coming and 7 going, and still there was trafic hadly move, every one drive here few people walk, and rightful though the distance are big, to get from one place to another, long Streach of road and glimps of the Pasific Ocean every now and then finally we arrive, John Spence who had meet us at Facebook is here to meet us on an evening event, lots of wine, food to bite, and the guest arrive as many as 68 people, some had been on safari to Kenya and many parts of Africa, while others are new can't wait to head to Africa, now Ebola is no longer the subject in fact most people we visited said its over and phone are startng to ring and emails coming in, it's the same in this office people wanting to travel, South Africa, Botwana, Kenya Tanzania just to name a few countries on the Safari list, Emma Spence invited us for dinner at there house I could not resist, I have known this family for years and the kids and Dogs, it was going home away from home, The rest of the office staff from Aardvark came to join us and this was lovely we treasure every min we had at a family home stay, I had my early morning appointment with our other good friends I had meet many times on Safari Mitch and Pauline, while they are in Kenya for their 20th trip I ordered and IPad Air, and I was exited to have new toy the next day, I could dream about it like going on Safari, I was thinking how I will buy a new safari cover, and Instal my ebirds, emammals, ewildlife,and stargaze, Mitch came to the Hotel at about 8:30 and we went to another place and have coffee and do business, He pointed out on my watermelon, meaning I am growing a small belly better watch!!! We lough and lough but all good with a point, not many Maasai have this chips and bear Belley, this must go before I see you in Kenya, hugs and hand Shake then good buy, we had another quick meeting then we all drove to LA where I will spend my quirt time in Some place in LA, Don't miss the next write, Jackson Looseyia,

Last day at San Francisco

Some time in the evening we meet up with Aardvark MD John Spence, a tall gentleman, black Hair with back eyes, and Liz who have been guiding us new where to go, this time round to Facebook Campase, with a lot doors and cards exchange this include ID and within seconds we are all given cards to hang on our necks, Shortly we meet Chris who will be taking us around FB, After our meeting some people booked to come and see my office, Chris and his wife Jan had already sign to come, this one place on our side show we are weak at and no one will ever be perfect, how to explain in details how safari is like, the Views, clouds, sun set couloful sky, sounds, wind, smell, just to mention a few things, Chris took us around he pointed, "this a full Denis department, all kind of food, pitzze, coffee, and list goes on but all of this is free no one can buy any thing but the gift shop," The number of computers I sow here at Facebook and Instagram went beyond believe, so this where it began, we sow Mark the youngest Billionaire in the world with another young couple on a interview Room, for me this place made my trip at San Fransico, Soon we had to go back to the hotel and park ready to meet LA, this call a business trip, Like had to believe we are still in the state of CA but flying for nearly 2 hours to get to LA and here we are lax airport, not so much to go through since it's an internal flight, easy took our bags and headed to the famous retal Cars Hardz, breaded with Yellow any one can find it, Liz on wheels to the Orenge County a few meetings here and back to the hotel at 11:pm Mr. Looseyia was too tired especially with my time different at home in Kenya, Los Angeles if different, spread out and for hours you can drive and a real congrat Jungle, I always talk to my self and say will I live here, in my hear this a big no, how could make it, where will my cows graze? Sorry this not my place, One more meeting Boys Liz said to us in the morning after breakfast, I am now missing my chai and real milk strait from a cow tits, the milk we are serve are in small containers I needed ten in my cup of tea just to try an much with my home milk, When I look back to my serves on safari I realize we do look after people on safari in fact we spoil them, the silverware, real cups, and places not to forget how share with starlings and yellow vented Bulbuls around the table, Soon we had finish our meetings in LA and drove to San Diego, Solana Beach this time, Next on my safari to US, Jackson Looseyia,

Thursday, 4 December 2014


While we are ove 35,000 ft I was busy looking through the window to see how the county side look like, on the left white snow picks of the Rocky Mountains lots wilderness in the US, then we touch grown in 2 hours, I was meet by Bill from wild source, and headed to the mountains, just below there house stand a mount call table maintain like the one in Cape Town, but without the oceans, beautiful and I sow some birds and lovely country side, it's just too cold for a Maasai to live here I said to Bill, the trees had no leaves some time we see ice on the side of the road, this was my first meeting and I needed to sleep for just half and hour, a nice hot shower and before I rest my eyes my Son message me on fB how, Mzee how was the trip, I said it's just began with some cold weather he left it was then too late to take or chat, one othe things I had learn is how different time zones are and it make it hadder to communicate with people who live here, Our meet stared and sure every one was hit bad by the fear of traveling to Africa and other parts of the world people could not go any where in this travel company there was a time for about a week nothing came in, not phone call, email, or meeting they all admits it was scary some how, A day before I arrive things started and I am glad all back again people are signing for safari once again, Golden was beautiful clean and well looked after, we had some good food out side this day with the sun shine and it was nice, The next day I have to go join my fellow travelers who had arrive from Kenya and Canada meeting at the hotel in san Francisco, no time to see any thing go go from here on, meetings after the other, I have some memories though of this very beautiful place, one of them is the Golden Gate Bridge this was build a long time ago with very few machinery unlike today, but did a very good job, this place is misty almost every morning could not see far, I had no idea how beautiful this place is, we drove through whine country, cattle on the sides of the road and indeed classic, I did sow though an equivalent of our Kibera, pack to the ream, houses like a forest all low nothing high rise, our Kibera I would imagine to look like what I sow in 50 years, The people of San Francisco are fun full of life and lots of color, Wait to here our next destination, Jackson Looseyia,

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I went to the checking desk since I have no dear how to use the new small boxes in the airports this days, I was proud of my self one bag under 20 kg for 3 weeks, the matter is its all Shukas nothing els easy, Strait to the boarding launch and waited for a few mins and here we go, a min), before I got there one of the security offices said you have so many nails on your shoes what is for, I said to him this are call a thousand Milers I had this shoes for 11 years traveling through this airport sorry this are not explosive (Nkinyera) in maa, He looked at me and said mad Maasai, a quick call to my wife to tell her I am now out of the country and from there on there was no telephone communication kwaheri Mama watoto, This was an overnight flight and I am one of those who never sleep on the plain and it's chill on the feet maai I took my maasai Shuka spreed it over a long with plain thin blanket wao an they mean, Arrive Amsadam 6:45 and waited for 3 hours to the next flight to Manyapplis, It's winter but lots coffee shops and shopping not my cup of tea while I am just begging the trip, when to boarding gate and this I thought we are heading to Unated State surely they will take blood sample, temperatures, non of this happen, my confident was growing and meet a lot of people who have just finish there safari in Kenya and Tanzania, I ask them how was it they all said could be any better we love it so much can't wait to go back to your country, I was happy that during this era of Ebola some people are well inform that we did have Ebola in East Africa, this the massage I was caring all a long please people travel have fun do not be afraid, Ebola is the list threat if at all, It took us 9 hours but it sound to me like more than that, by then I have lost it, we left at 10:am and we arrive at 2:30 pm and the time chage is not registered in my brain, so I just agree, and move on asking people what is the time, Arrive to the USA this was a busy place like 4 plains arrived at the same time all of a sadden over 900 people standing with babies bags, bags, security agents every where, they did not ask many of us any questions or take temperature as we are told from home, they only people they wanted was the US citizen, one after an other, where did you go? Why? Are you bring any thing to the US? List goes on until we left, running to the next connection and just bearly Made it and this my first destination Denver, Waoo me with Red Shukas no socks or jacket wind blowing in the winter cold cold, Don't miss the next read, Jackson Looseyia,

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After the Tuk tuk had left I went to see Chris Flatt and the rest of the people at our Bush and Beyond Office, they are dress well for the office some with jackets and tie and smart dress for the ladies, this where all the booking and reassertion of 16 different camps and lodges, from Laikipia, Maasai Mara, chulu and riftvally, Chris said you have on and half hours before we go to Emakoko for Lunch and you will wait there to be taken to the airport, I run around the Conner to get Money,Dollars green in colors and I said good bye my Kenyan shilling note I will no longer need it for at list 3 weeks, We drove towards the Langata road enter into Nairobi natonal park it took us 15 mins from Wilson airport, sow a lot if wildlife, buffalo, zebra, Suni antelope, Elands, Kongoni, hippo, giraffe, impalas, this at 1 pm so much to see we were late for lunch, we had to apologize to Emma and Anton the Host and owners of Emakoko Lodge, My question is why do people avoid Nairobi National park while there is so much to see, lions, Black rhino, leopard are here in good numbers ? Luch at this place was fantastic cold be better, now iam relax with Anton taking me to see Scorpions and Snakes, I knew I will have some long flights from Nairobi to Manyapplis this will be at list 23 hours of travel, so I went a small walk about two hours looking onto some of the best views of Nairobi Park, in the distance I can see back Rino, Giraffe, bufalo but on the safe side no danger, I went to have a nice hot shower and re check my pass, ticket and money, (the big three)in travel, Fabulous dinner was serve and I was transferred to JKIA for my flight, it took us from Emakoko to the Airport 30 mins I was impress no trafic what so ever I would recommend this place for arrival and depatures and do spend one day to see Nairobi national park it's full of game, The Driver guide from Emakoko was fantastic and knowledgeable, he ask which air line and took me to the right taminal I did not have to think about any thing just present my paper work to the security offices, now the trave of seeing so many people begins here, Next coming soon, Jacksons Looseyia,

Traneling overseas in the Era of Ebola

Dear Friends, I hand just return from the trave, USA first and then UK, How was It on my view ? I was busy in my office looking at the wildlife with guest and in small gaps when I am not busy, drive to Nairobi spending hours in the long ques applying for visa, Some time spending nights in Nairobi though I did not wish, tents will be my prefers nights spend listening at the hippo, lions, Hyena and Leopard calls, in the Morning the corus of different birds, act as my Allan clock waking all of us up, Before the days of my depature, Ebola was something I was thinking about it, first I will be in the europlain will I meet some with Ebola? I will be in Atlanta, and New York should I be worried ? This before I left the Mara, then next Q I am going to visit people I am from Africa will they Greet me ? In the offices where I will sell my safaris, how will the people revieve me ? As alway, I travel with my Maasai Shukas it's oviours I am from Africa will I be arrested by the US border security ? All if this Question run around my head and the press did not help especially in the USA, The Visas are now approve and I must go, it was a chilly morning in Narok but clear sky my wife got up at 5 am to prepare a cup of tea, my bag was pack and ready to go, by 6:00 taking Kenya (kienyeji) traditional tea the two young kids Pauline and Lorian came to hug and say good bye, Ann took my bag and put in the boot of her car, she drove on the dusty road of Lenana residential to a broken tormuck road heading to a Matatatu station BP as we call it in Narok town, she hug me good bye and she said save travel, I was missing her and the rest of the family, this is it the safari started, no more fear it's gone out side the door of my house where I hug my Kids and wife, We started soon after we all got our receipt after we had paid 500/- each our beaten up Matatatu headed to Nairobi and soon after 9:30 in the Morning we had arrive to the station, it was no traffic as such though we arrive at down town Nairobi, Then I thought a Taxi mm this will be stack on the traffic, but my mine tells me no Tuk tuk, I drag my bag full of couloful Shukas in the middle of Nairobi streets no fear what so ever, confident as I can be and proud like a MAASAI Worria, People give way, some time greet me in a worm Kenyan Greeting Jambo Maasai, soon I sow a motobike on the side of the road and I ask if he would taking to Wilson Airport, The young man ask his friend in another language how is with police they said it's ok your taking a Maasai no one will ask you, I had a little smile on my face why a Maasai? Off we went my Red Shuka colored the street as we squeeze in between Matatus, Lorry and many kind of cars on the road, We arrive to my destination and I paid the guy his money and he motor way desapering on the Langata high way towards the city center, Don't go away, wait for the next read on day one, Asanti Jackson, Looseyia,

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Good Morning my Friends around the globe, hope you are doing well in your offices, My office is good happy to be in it reporting from my Maasai Mara office, This year I had absave some interesting fact on wildlife impact in the Mara, I had camp for 4 month this year at Nkorbob Olareorok area, In the evening we see as many as 15 to 20,000 heads of cattle coming into the game reserve, while we have to be soft on the community in had times I have say the impact on wildlife is far more greater than the help to our community, Prides have to change Teritory, cheetahs move out, Bufallo move out, and the Elephant grassing was so thin, the hyena increase by 70% while the small animals degrees, Animals like Bat eared fax, wild cats, Serval, Caricals, Duiker, reedbuck, Bush buck, water back just to name a few did get affected, The Possitive news on the Maa people is we do not poach animals end of the story, I then camp on the Mara Triangle the same time same year, I was amaizing to be there and see the different and it's just divided by a river nothing more, I camp at Dirisha, Olaro campsite and Kampi Ya Mungu, its a different administration and you will not believe me in less than an an hour I have seen the big five, I can't tell you enough what Brian Hearth and his team of the same Maasai Rangers had achief, the species count here is far superior than any othe national park I have ever visited, The Eli's, heads of Bufalos, prides, all the little animals, Oribi, cliff springs, Mountain Reedbuck, just to name a few, This include the 4 Masketies from the Marsh pride had move over due to cattle presure it's breath taking, Over the years I supported the cattle wildlife option but I came to realize they dont work in other parst as much to tell you my openion, if I will be ask today what will be may input I will say zero cattle in any wildlife area period, Asanti Sana, jackson Looseyia,

Saturday, 18 October 2014

Jambo Rafiki, As we windup the season the wildebeest once again have given us the best intertwinement ever on Crossing the Mara River, I witness this Crossing several times this year some exiting some disturbing but its all natural nothing to do about it, Crocks had got to eat, Lions Leopards and Hyenas all part of the ecosystem with we are proud of, I am now waving good bye our Gnus as they head to the next destination to calf at the Serengeti, This year maasai Mara have well come visitors across the world a lot from Asia and this was the opportunity we had guides, and Travel Agents NGOs Government to educate them to stop demand our Rhino Horn and Ivory, I was amaze to see in all Cars, Etc all happy to put sticker which say NO Trading of Ivory or any other animals Products in Kenya, Salaams, Jackson Looseyia,

Monday, 22 September 2014

Nick is Back with David,

After a long Period, I have been looking for Nick, I thought he had it may be he got Killed, the good news is he is a live and strong just a few scars, he left to challenge Cheza and Sala and I think he had succeeded since he had taken residents at OOC Conservancy, Now just a day now I meet him with his best Friend David and looking great and this male Made my good day in the office, Next min I meet up with Narasha, she is looking a little old and the Scar she had on the side is now healed, though this had resulted on loosing Cubs, I was happy to see her and spend the whole day with Narasha near Mara Toto,
Good evening my Friends, Salaams Jackson Looseyia

Malaika and Bahati

Dear Friends, The office had been great this season, we got lucky to see Malaika and her 5 cubs out of 6 she lost one to Lions near Sand River close to the TZ boarder, I would think like Shakira we could see this very cheetah going to out of the Mara, We had some straggle on Cheetah this season once again in the Park, though we have seen a few Males around Paradise plains its evident that Cheetahs are not as many as we like to see, Plenty of Lions, and Hyena.
After a long time looking for Leopards in the Mara once again Bahati came on our aid, we are so lucky to meet her in mid morning and she walk just like her Mother, this the first time I have convince my self that Olive had been replace, I was so happy, It was very had to loose Olive and Saba had not been that close to most of her Mother territory but Bahati now fully in Control of the her Mothers Range, from Smelly Crossing to Talek River Junction so Sweet, Very best of Luck to you all my Friends, Jackson Looseyia,

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Dear friends, I am now starting my own safaris and you can book me since I am freelance, book September next year through this link , Thank you, Jackson Looseyia

Sunday, 29 June 2014

Marsh Pride, River Pride and Double Cross Prides.

Dear Friends, The Maasai Mara is looking great after both Migrations arrive, meaning the Loita and the Seregeti Migration, In the last few days in the office I visited a lot of prides in the Mara, the Marsh Pride, River Pride also known as Rekero Pride, Double Cross pride which are two together, and the last The breakaway pride, This how I observe, in the Marsh, the pride had split into few members due to breading and food, they were every where from Bila Shaka to Lake Nakuru all the way towards Manager Crossing, what is interesting is Scar the Main Male in the pride does not leave the Cubs he is alway the best Dad of the 4 masketies, while the three brothers Sikio, Murani, and Hunter are busy patrolling the Boarders of the Territories, I found this Males way out very Close to Rekero Pride and they look like soon they will take over, The Marsh Pride will be ok no trouble so far but if the father of the Pride keep going too far who know any other Males could come in and trouble Scar but it will be temporary since the females are many it will take some time for any males to take over, however nothing could stop any intrudes from Making trouble. Siana our main Hunter who was save buy all our friends, Governors Camp Maasai Mara Rangers and Kws, she and her Cubs are strong and well I was happy with my Guest to see her Pulling a whole Wildebeest who she kill what good news is this well done you all who help our very Siana, Rekero Pride, as much as I love and well come the new Cubs fathered by Lipstick and Blackly, this pride is close to ready take off, and I can see the Masketies preparing for an attack, they have already did it and so much loose and now every now and then they arrive on the Territory that had been patrol and own by Blacky and Lipstick, they have lost Paradise to Hunters and Morani, the Serena Pup House pride is also lost and they have started to cross the River on the Mara Triangle and Nothing will stop the Masketies Coalition at this Point, But what will happen to the New Cubs at Rekero Crossing ? At Rhino Ridge where the Breakaway is staying under the watch of Sikio I can now conform one Female is gone, its had been too long since I last sow her and we will never now what happen, The Ridge is a hot zone always will be and this pride will see lots of trouble from New Males moving in and out with the migration be it from the Conservancies east OOC, Mara North or Naboisho, or from the South Seregeti or Eastern Plains most of the Nomadic Males go through Topi Plains and Rhino ridge over the years, Last time a days I meet the pride at the edge of Rhino ridge they are with new Males this are Old OOC Males, Sala and Cheza but nothing is going to be permanent with this Old males they are just passing on running way from Nick and David, who had taken over a lot of prides on the OOC conservancy, Moja is doing well and his Mum may be having Cubs she is not around as much with him and the new Cubs will be Lipstick and Blacky, We will update you soon on who Moja is doing and his mum, Double Cross pride is doing just fine but lots of problems here, Little Notchers arrive here and Kill 4 cubs while there Daddy are busy at OOC taking over another Pride and though they cubs who are in the pride look good I am not sure of there long success, this young males are very big and strong its a worry, the small pride on the side of the Double Cross, 2 females 2 cubs look like doing better, they cubs are fantastic and well grown up I have more hope on them than the Main Pride, if they stay out of trouble, David and Nick have been busy especially Nick I have not seen him for nearly 3 months, I had news from our friends from OOC that he is well busy with Enkuyanai Pride, while David is another Good Daddy he love looking after they two pride small pride by Double Cross, But will he be able to take the pressure from Little Notchers? More News soon and have a good start on our Maasai mara, Salaams, Jackson Looseyia,

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Dear Friends, I am now back to the Maasai Mara office and its nice and lovely, we had some dry months meaning our Long rains did not occur but this few weeks we are seeing some rains which is unusual, however its well come here in the Mara especially when the Migration is here now very early, our prides are doing amazing better than we have witness in years, below are the females from Double Cross and there Dominant male is David, < div class="separator" style="clear: both; text-align: center;">
I will update you on all the happening in the next few days in the office, Very best regards, Jackson Looseyia.
This is Bahati our Leopard who had taken the territory of her Mum Olive, She look pregnant and hope soon we will see her Cubs.

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Lemek Pride

This where I started my Job as a Guide in the Mara in 1987, I was young full on and exited and curious, We so a lot of Lions then, every place we went east or west will find lions in two's or singles, a sign of health in any eco system, We open our camp in the Middle of the Maasai Mara and that made me leave the area for some times, When I came back 2010, I was shock to find a pride of 28 lions to 4 only, I had no words to speak off what happen, I was so sad but still love the place, soon after I followed the pride again and today they are 5 big Lioness and 4 subs, a few Males are here and there Lemek its coming back again thank to the conservation efforts around the Conservancy, Like Mara North, and Olchoro, The Large family from Mara North will help a great deal the lions population in this place, Now they are nearly 40 lions in one pride for sure its a matter of time before we witness an explosion of lions in Lemek, Olchoro, Mara North, Conservancy, I am exited again I am witnessing new energy efforts and love from the community than every before, Thank You all, Jackson Looseyia,

From Bella to Olive

Good evening my dear friends, Happy Easter to every one of you wherever your around the Globe, I had followed Bella the queen of stealth on the Talek river banks and on many Crossings, she was a star as you know it, I sow last when she was just about to head home and I knew this was the end of her, intact she had a skin problem before she went some where to sleep for good, I would suspect it was cancer, because for nearly a year I had followed her and the problem was getting bad every months though she was able to Kill for her self, I know it was close to her end, but the Talek River was not left empty her Daughter Olive was taking charge of the River, We in the office started the same thing fowling her on our daily game drives, and we sow her in many times, she did help us Guides a lot every time you would like to see a leopard it was almost guaranteed we will find her today or the next day, we love her so much she was a mother, a Champion, and friendly, When Olive left us the Talek river was empty we will go for days some times for weeks before we found Bahati or her little sister Saba, it will take some time for the adjustment to take place it will be ok but never the same, Though we have a lot of leopards this days in the Central Mara, like Siri near Serena Pup house, Paja, on Onkorbob, Golden Balls on Olare Orok, Talek Junction, Lorian at Top of Olkeju Rongi, Pink near Mara Toto on Intiakitiak, and the list goes on, Nothing Like meeting Olive, I do wish soon we will start to develop our relationship with her offsprings, On our Most beautiful Cuts to date Leopards is my favorite, Have a bless day, Bless Easter, Jackson Looseyia.

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Nick and David Pride

Dear Friends, The Double Cross pride had gone though tough times, having Notch boys come and go the Marsh pride Males checking and going and OOC Males, David and Nick stayed no matter for as long it will take and cast to make a family, finally we sow the fruits of there patients lots of cubs from 5 lioness, some of the cubs of cause will not make it but some are proving to be good looking even last month with the begging of Long Rains, I am glad this pride in the Double cross area is going strong, the Good news is the National Reserve have been strict for the fist time I remember on illegal grazing that means the pride have a bright future,

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Trouble Mash pride

Dear Friends, Our Season is over and ready for the long rains in the Maasai Mara, As I had said on my pass Blogs that the Mash pride will have many Challenges its now proving to it, We had lost so much in this large pride in the mara, just to name a few, Red, Lisby, and White Eye and Clawed all of them had been hit by young headsmen in the park or some time just out side the park, lately was Scar thank to KWS they came on time to save his life and one other young Female, The Night Grazing that had been a lowed by the Park Authorities does not work and will never work I would suggest if the people are a lowed to graze then let them come during the day and being escorted by Rangers to make sure they go by the rules of the park or the best will be 0 grazing in the park period, Asanti Sana, Jackson Looseyia

Wednesday, 8 January 2014


For many years now I had been following Lions in the Maasai Mara game reserve and some other conservancy Like Lemek and Mara North,I also travel a lot to Mara Triangle and got to meet all this Lions Leopards and cheetah whom I had meet before and lost contact, One thing for sure cats travel, cheetahs, and lions all a like, I had meet this animals very close to the Kenya/Tanzania Boundary meaning they go to seregeti and back, David had been to the Mara North several times and back finally he has a territory with his young Half brother Nick, Notch and His sons had try to chase them out but fail because the ruling coalition of 5 now 4 have a large area to look after and soon they left to let David and Nick to rule Double cross.
This is Nick Very best Regards, Jackson Looseyia
This two boys are David and Nick they had been ruling Double cross pride for the last 2 years now and success they have new cubs in the pride of 6 lioness, Thank you all, Jackson Looseyia

Karibu Mwaka Mpya

Dear friends, 2013 had been a had year for all of us in the travel industry having an election year and loosing Olive, Notch and a few other cheetahs, Lets hope this new year bring a lot of Joy to many of us in the Maasai Mara, meaning new cubs from Bahati which we are all waiting for, more cubs from the Marsh pride and the Double cross pride headed by David and Nick, I do wish you a happy New year and lots more Fun, Best wishers, Jackson Looseyia