Thursday, 31 December 2009

Roneo and Clawed,


This old males have done so well to us protecting the marsh pride.

Wish you boys a happy new year.

From us all in the office.

Jackson Looseyia.

The Mash pride

Bibi with the new cubs.

Dear friends,
As we close this year and open next year God willing I went to see how the marsh pride are doing.
I meet up with a lot of new cubs, from Red, Bibi and White Eye all very busy with new babies.

The older cubs in small groups.

The rest of the older cubs are going all over the place now on there own since the mothers are careful not let them come close to play with the new cubs.

What a nice ending of 2009.

I wish you all a happy new year 

Salaams once again 

Jackson Looseyia.


Tuesday, 29 December 2009

members of the Ridge pride.

It was wonderful to see the subadults of the ridge pride bundle up together.
No female on sight wish them the best as they excise independents.

An looking for notch or any of his boys we found one of the females on her own near the main crossing she is very pregnant any day she will have cubs.

Have a good end of 2009,



Olive and Binti soul mate

This morning,
We meet Olives Fathers cubs and Binti.
This male took over from Big boy, lovely to meet him.

The mother of two cubs this morning and one of the cubs is gone missing I think she lost her, 
though she is still looking.

Have a prosperous new year 

Jackson Looseyia.

Friday, 25 December 2009


I wish you all  well,




Saturday, 19 December 2009

christmas updates

Dear My friends

After we have lost this species for years now there are evidence of a come back for the African wild dog.
This is the second endangered mammal in kenya may be in Africa after the Black Rhino.
Our Northern mara conservancy have now recoded a real come back of the real super hunter of Africa.
The news come in this morning and I am gland to share with you  fab.
In the next few months God willing I will be updating you about them too, since I will spend some of my time at rekero homes and it is the place they use a lot as there hunting ground.
Just like I wrote on the blog about the black and white colobus monkeys this are even more special news since they nearly got extinct in the mara, I am glad to well come them back after 20 years of lost.

Best wisher to you all and merry Christmas.


Jackson Looseyia

christmas updates

Dear My friends,

Just to cover some of our a achievement of 2009,
The fund raise of Miujisa has been the best we had done to our wildlife and so rewarding.
Again well done all of you, You made her life better it could have been wast, we did not have a lot of options from the Government however they are helping her for life meaning treating, protecting, and feeding her every day not an easy Job.
We all needed to have seen her free and wild but it was not possible after it have been handle by human and feed, What might had happen if we push I think, may have heart breaking better she is a live in a fence than dead after she was rescued.
It was one of my best wildlife project and successful story through our trust (Rekero Trust).

Another successful story is a Girl guide we started helping her from primary through secondary to being a full silver Guide in the mara.
In many ways Girls have never been given the opportunity to work parallel to the males and Koyiaki Guide school made it happen thank to Ron and the rest of the wold leaders like Tusk Trust among many.
While I was in the office I sow her and I was as exited to see a girl guiding professional, this will translate I am a father of 4 girls and if they are not given equal opportunity then the balance is not good no matter how one ague.

I Wish you all a merry Christmas and happy new year.


Jackson Looseyia.

christmas updates

Bwana Kali,
The young leopard male had no choice than to go away and establish a territory, we could track him during the summer holiday we new he was some where just like Chui, his angle he left to some secret place in the mara.
Male leopards move a lot from one male territory to another especially while they are young the tuffets time for them.
On the other hand if I was able to follow them and other people do the same he would not be a male leopard with its secrets and canning ways so just let it go and we wish him well whenever he is gone to.
Missing on the J5 is Ayah she left for good we have not seen her at all I am sure she got cubs too now since its right age for her to bread.

Hugs to you all,



Jackson Looseyia.

christmas updates


Let me tell you bout the Ridge pride,

After the old male left Snuggle tooth the females took the responsibly, What a tough job.
We have seen the females risking there life so match to protect the little ones and guess what they have made it through the wast.
Notch and his boys gave this pride so much trouble we thought the boys will be kill or some of the young females, up to now they have se-verve a lot of difficulties from crossing the river risking crocks attack and having more encounters with nomadic males towards Rongai and many other prides such as Olkiombo pride with there Three males who are very powerful.
The pride have finally separated into three groups one with little cubs, one group still running away from notch and his boys, and young males have move away from the protection of there mums hope they can sail through its tough but that is life with lions.
Snuggle tooth is still missing hope he is a live somewhere in the mara serengeti.




christmas updates

My Friends,

This are the other males every love to hear about them, rhino ridge had became there most favorite spot in the mara.
At long last we have seen little cubs which they are the fathers bless them.
We had followed this males for a while now and my lord no male cheetah can beat the power of Honey boys.
We have no problem following them during the day we now call them action boys.
Again due to drought in southern kenya the area they prefer had been taken by cattle this do affect there behavior on hunting in most cases.
However if this is the end of a dry season we can call it no matata but if it continue mmm not sure about it.
The female with little cubs we thing its Serena but yet to conform its good news though for Christmas updates.
For the next few months no young males coming to take over the territory from honey boys (snap, crackle, and Pop).

Happy Christmas to you all,


Jackson Looseyia.

Christmas updates

My friends 

Looking into Notch and his pride we now agree this is the best collation of males we had ever experience in the mara.

Notch and his five boys had taken over two prides so far with lost of cubs born under there rign love it so much.
With the drought problems in the country Notch and his two prides the paradise pride, and Ridge pride, the reason being they are both in the middle of both prides at mara river.
The future of this prides will always depend on Notch and his boys though Notch is very old now it will be had for him to compete with his growing sons Notch will go down to the bottom of the high ricky very soon if not started going down hill.
We all love notch the best of the best we had for a long time.


Merry Christmas to you all


Jackson Looseyia.

christmas updates

We have followed the Girls for a while now got to know them and have the joy to be entertain by this beautiful predators.
As we look back Shakira have done a brilliant job raising this young cheetahs, she want through had ship from lions, to hyenas human activities and even some driver guides who does not understand wildlife behavior when she want to hunt.
All in we take our hurts, and bless Shakira for keeping her family safe, feed, most important train to be in-depended.

We don't know exactly where she is Kenya or Tanzania however she is doing well and still together.
Cheetah have a lot of problems to make it, with such competition on the ground well I think when ever we see any thing threatening cheetah we should help to make sure they survive the next day.

Out in the field we Cheetah are the most scares, there habitat is also been taken away by people.
Growing in the mara I have seen big changers I just hope we can make some wise decitions in the long run.

christmas updates

After such a long drought in Kenya we thought this boys may not suvive the presure from the cattle human conflict.
He and his mate are well to let you all know I just took this 
picture some hours ago to be prisis 
I went to laikipia and some bad news went up there that one of the males in the marsh pride have been Kill by the maasai I went metal and did not know what to say just to go and see for my self.


I then followed who was Killed by the cattle headsman last week, going around looking for some of the males I know in the area I have found who, the young males we call them normadics have been speard to death and his bother is looking very sorry below rhino ridge.
No good news for me when we loose any lion in park for the expence of cows I still believe its an accepteble for people to graze in the park at the same time kill the preditors in there own home area.

The headache for the two males from the marsh pride is gone for a while since this young boys would have push them out of the pride.
However the future is still very had for our pride at the marsh since this large pride go in and out of the park in such of food.

The other good news is the formation of the MARA NOTH CONSERVANCY.
As much as we like to speed up things it will not happened in Africa, we still have to go the snail way to do things right.
When this happen the marsh pride will be at the best place ever and so many of the prides who live out side the park places like Aitong, The Gorge, and the list goes on.

Salaams to you all 


Jackson Looseyia.

Christmas updates

Dear all,
Just to end the year with news updates of our wildlife in the mara this is Binti possing in the morning sun.
What have been going on with her life for the whole year.


She end up taking the teritory of her mother Olive after such fights every now and then with Olive then being pregnat she took advatage of her and push her towards Olare orok crossing near Olkiombo airstrip.
Binti have become very close to my heart she is always near our camp Rekero most of the time while having my morning Breakfast she walk in-front to say hey.
We have seen her mate and she is very pregnant any time during Christmas she will bring some surprises to our world of wildlife with little babies.

We had made the effort to call the park rangers to close the Area for her and this will be good news when she need her private life for bring up a family on the banks of the talek river.

Best wishers to you all and MARRY CHRISTMAS 


Jackson Looseyia.

Sunday, 13 December 2009

Binti, Olive and the Cubs,

Olive sleeping in the morning today at 8 am.

Dear all 

Just a day after I have come to the mara every one was talking what had happen to Olive and her cubs.
I call Paul since he was in the mara a week early than me he said well we have not seen her for a few weeks and some guides think she may have lost the Cubs.
Early 6:50am, Paul call me I have found her she is here with both cubs I then rush as always to go and see with my camera than my eyes and ears.

Fab she was up a tree with a kill very well and we exange idears with Paul why some one will wish this little cubs death.
Any way no panic all good every one is together I then followed the cubs as they play in the bushes what lovelly morning.

Binti Photo By Jono Raynor and Dudu Beaton a week ago.

At the some time Binti was busy looking for food on Junction of Talek olare orok it was a great morning for the J5 now more than 5.

More update soon,

Salaams Jackson.

Saturday, 14 November 2009

Cheza and Sala


Just had a small break at home I drove through olare orok conservancy to check on our small house call Topi.
What a good surprise to meet up with old friends Cheza and Sala, I always new where they were after closing Kidogo.
When I meet meet up with the other officer in my office I have asked them how is cheza and Sala.

The info is always positive, I have not meet them for some time about three years now and his brothers are the males at olkimbo pride.
If you remember them hiding on the rocks when they are charge by buffalos now look a big they are a lovely main.
The mara is full of friends every conner may be soon I will see Chui after a year who knows.


Jackson Looseyia.

Monday, 2 November 2009

Bwana Kali

Dear all,
After such a long time we now can breath Kali is ok doing well, I think he just went on long safari but now back to his home.
To all of us its a great joy, he is now able to bring down large animals such as wildebeest on his own without the help of mama Olive or Sister Binti.
I am so glad this morning when I finally meet him again one Kilometer out of our camp towards the mara river.

So we all have a day of celebration for Bwana Kali he is doing well, Just a small wound on his neck which I think from mama hog protecting her little ones.

To let you know on the Girls Moja, Mbili, and Tatu they are all together with Shakira in the mara conservancy heading towards kichwa tembo.

Salaams to you all again.

Jackson looseyia.

Sunday, 1 November 2009

Allana and her Cub

Dear all,
After a long drive from rekero homes to the camp I had a good suprise.
Allana and her cub on the road.
As soon as said this Allana she took off and got a young Tomy.
Remember she had four totos and now she have one  a live better than nothing.
Her female cub is so well and healthy lovely.

The other news is Shakira is back to home just been film at the mara conservancy good news though.


Jackson Looseyia.

Thursday, 29 October 2009

honey boys

Dear all 

This time we eat like cheetahs on the move two hrs to homes and on the way try and see more Cats if possible.
10 min after we have wave Good bye to Jono and Dudu some one on the radio we have found the Boys.
Get ready bean bags, tripods, fully charge cameras on the road.
Yes this are honey boys under a balanitis tree in the middle of mara paradise plains all other animals are rested just eat yesterday I reckon.
Since we are under pressure to get to our next destination we are quick like any other departures in the maasai mara. 

This boys still are power of cheetah wold in the mara we have not seen any males in the area to challenge them.
A few other cheetahs like Allana, long, Serena, among other girls have been seen in our area of reach.
A young female is about to give birth at Olkeju rongai near the Simiti crossing, among the news is new cubs have been seen with one of the Ridge pride females near Serena, and three of the females I sow day before members of the Ridge are all very heavy pregnant so a lot of babies are on the way in a week and month.
For those whore coming to mara in november you will have the best time every in the maasai mara the short rains are starting little one every where migration still in the mara it will be fantastic.
We got to move I said to my guest, to the marsh.

As we arrive like always this must be the best place to see wildlife at the same time, the diversity of wild life bird life, tourist etc.

Rakita and I are looking every behavior from cars to animals birds just find lions on trees.
The herd of Buffalos have cornered the pride this is Lisby and her sub adults cubs they have grown so well too.
Bibi in the middle of the mash and Red no where to be seen while white Eye was 600 mt way in save place bless her.
clawed and Romeo were under a tree resting living all the work to the girls great boys just like us some time.
The mash was action after the other this office is the best love it all the way every min and sec I spend our there.

I left them in safe trees and wish them the best of luck as always I cant wait to see them again.

Bless you all 

And have a good day in the office.


Jackson Looseyia.

The Jackson 5

Binti in the morning.

Now the pressure is on I have found Olive arriving with this group and her little cubs at what we call smelly crossing so but I left my camera could not give you any photos.
At night I never sleep too much always listening what is going on around me.

Just before my tea arrive 5:45 I had the leopards calling, that is binti and that is olive.
As I had ask for my gust to be waken up at the same time they are not in a hurry to be with me on time.
Fire the engine, off we went min we had cross the Talek towards the east and we sow two lionesses at the same time Binti was on the opposite bank looking at one another.
Where should we look the lions or the leopard the mara have some of best qualities of the game drive in the world.
Two hrs later I am still determine to see olive and her cubs. 
Min of looking for her the fist give way was the cars near smelly crossing I new she was there but I still love to share this experiences to my gust since I fell I am meeting a friend in Maasai mara.
I sow the little ones play under the roots of a tree and olive up the tree since the hyenas have stolen her second kill.
Well I love my office this is all before breakfast and the gust and I will be living to homes our other camp just fab.

See you in a hrs friends 


Jackson Looseyia

Looking for honey boys

After siesta and good lunch we got back to our 4x4 looking for honey boys.
Since you may know Shakira and the Girls are gone to Serengeti about 6 days ago this time I am she may not come back with Moja mbili or Tatu.

Well my option is the three brothers look every conner no way the only think I can tell you this after noon is the breath taking views of the maasai mara.

Bless you all,


Notch family

Notch Son 

At last one of notch Sons come out in the middle of the day causing caos in the main crossing.
While we are stay for min waiting for the crossing to happen not this time let go meet this boy.

At the conner of the last gnu is lioness after food which was at end success full well done girls.
This pride now have 7 young cubs all looking last when we sow them I new something was going one as the cubs left one of the fathers wadering in the long grass.
We slowly drove to see the two girls on a kill but I said to the gust lets follow that one and get the story, she is going to get the cubs.
What a nice day she call all the cubs and lead them to the kill love every min of it with notch pride.
This boy had no idea what had happen and we did not give any tips either.

I will see you later 


Jackson Looseyia.

ridge pride

Notch little cub.

We are waking up at 6 am and let us meet in the car by 6:30 right.
As we look around fist is the numbers of wildbeest in the mara I thought they have left but when I look over the conservancy Rhino ridge, below look out full to the top, The migration will be late going back to Serengeti.

Min after a long scan we sow 7 of the ridge pride well feed and looking sad I think still thinking one day Dady will be with us Snugle tooth.

I push on to look for the next king Notch but with the number of pictures the Guest are taking I gave up on Notch its self, any one on the pride will make my day i am living the next day to rekero home.
A few min later one of our guids call me on the radio the crossing had started thousand are getting to the river run.

Just in time when I started the car Rakita  Our spotter said to me stop there is a snake over there.
This was a spitting Cobra we finally Id.
So much to see in the mara, wait for the next hour.


Jackson looseyia.

olkiombo Boys

We arrive home safely and the hot towel was given to us by Jonson Sanguya.
After a short Siasta its time to go friends you are lead by a staff master haaaaaa.

We look every where looking for Olkiombo boys until the last light we found them flat like most lions what a suprise.
That evening we couldnt sleep they came roaring around the camp until morning I think telling Notch not came any close this will be the war of all wars if you come any where near our new cubs.

Three of them born near the camp below the talek olare ork Jaction right at Binti breeding ground large rock.

Long waiting we need to go home.

Wait for the next day cool.

Jackson Looseyia.

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Rongai pride

Another wanderful day in the office this time with Olkeju Rongai pride of 14. 
Its always a challenge when you get up early not knowing what might be a head of your day this is way this office may be one of the few most exiting.

After getting up early with our picnic we such for two hours then we so the pride coming from another unsuccessful hunt.
We took our picnic away while looking what they may be doing all of a sudent we pack quickly the action have started.
Well this time it was just hog-lets one after the other well done girls but not enough for the whole pride.
Over in the distance we can see wildebeest zebras, topi among other animals.

I have always followed this pride very close since its not many people see them.

The guest said after all the action this is better than watching a football much.

I agree with you 

See you later in the evenig drive

Jackson Looseyia.