Monday, 5 December 2011

You can see why we love this old boy he is majestic indeed.
Then Bwana of all Lions in the mara is here Notch the King.
This are the 4 cubs whose Mother was Killed by Lions at Naboisho, now they have made it on there own how nice, We meet this young Cheetahs in a very rainy day not good light however its still Magical to see them being strong and still supporting each other to the last min Lol.

There Father found them and they got hassle for a few hours but he them Left them a long, Cheetahs as I said to you all early on my Blog they are getting few and few, I belief some of you who had been in the mara in the last few months had straggle to see one.
Its had to drive for days and hours endless without seeing our fastest animal on earth going down slowly!!!!!!.

Naboisho have most of the Cheetahs I can count now in the Maasai Mara I have counted up to 12 Cheetahs bless the people who help to create this conservancy.

Have a good day in the office,

Jackson Looseyia.
On the other had Olive is doing great bring up her little Daughter Bahati.
She is so well fed she could not handle the food up on the tree.
Olive had Kill two Impalas at one day and put them all in one tree what a great photo opportunity for us all who love this animals.

Nkayoni is still following them every time she make a Kill he come and beg I know its just a matter of time he live for ever like Binti, Kali, Ayah as well as his brother Paja.
Love the mara friends its full of surprises

Good Day in the office,

Jackson Looseyia.
Friends this is an African Proverb which say; if some one have Children he or she is as if never Died.
Our old friends my be some where in the mara running around after they have been Challenge by Scar face group, Clawed and Romeo are a live in there Sons and Daughters for a long time.
I had look very where in the few days I was in the mara but not seen them. I do know they are a live some guides had send pic.

The young male remain us of His great powerful Papa Clawed and this young male is with Joy and the cubs all together.

Jackson Looseyia.
Love this little cats,

A few days I stayed at Rekero camp in evening as well as in early morning I manage to see this wonderful animals.
Enjoy this fab pic, love,

Jackson Looseyia.