Sunday, 21 December 2008

Honey Boys

In the morning we meet this boy with his brothers when I look at him coming towards me all of a sadden I thought of poor Shakira when they first meet.
Really intemidating to see one looking a bit cross let at all three she must have thought that is it kids?
The Honey boys are just as strong as ever covering all most help of the park I think its had for any other single of pair to with stand the power of this Young Strong boys.

Mary Christmas to you all.
Jackson Looseyia.


CatsEye said...

They are beautiful... Thank you for sharing the pics and have a great Christmas Jackson!!!

BigKateLive said...

Thank you again Jackson and a Happy Christmas to you and your family too.

Jane said...

Cheetahs rule !! Thanks Jackson

Warmest wishes to you and all your family.


Anonymous said...

amazing blog.

Anonymous said...

Hello jackson
I love all the animals but i would love to stroke a cheetah.
How is shakira and her cubs?

Have a wonderful christmas and happy 2009 to all your friends and family

littlewid said...

Lovely pics and update again Jackson. He sure did look a bit frightening didn't he! It's wonderful to know they are all doing so well - Good on Honey's boys !
Have a peaceful christmas Jackson, Best wishes to you and your family.
littlewid -x-

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to add my good wishes to you and your family Jackson. It`s wonderul to be able to keep up with events there, thanks so much :)
Have a lovely Christmas and once again thank you.

Jonathan said...

Hey Jackson,
what you're doing is AMAZING,
how's Shakira with the cubs?
have a great Christmas,
All the best,
Jonathan & Sharon.

Donald said...

Thanks for your excellent contribution to this exceptionally good series.
Merry Christmas to you Jackson and to all your family and friends. From Aberdeen in Scotland.

Anonymous said...

Thank You Jackson! I have been watching the Big Cat Update today and all the animals look really well.

Have a great christmas with your family!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the updates, greatly appreciated!! Have a good Christmas, and a very Happy New Year. Hope to see you on Big cat again.

Anonymous said...

Best wishes to you and your family, thanks for all the updates/

Shakira said...

Jambo Jackson,
Your blogg is brilliant, keeping us all up to date with our favorate animals,and comments THANK YOU

ilovecheetahs said...

These boys are beautiful-really powerful looking. Thanks again for the update Jackson, please keep up the great work!
Really good to catch up again with the Christmas update, but it's so good that we can hear how the animals are doing on a regular basis thanks to you.
Hope you and your family had a happy and peaceful Christmas. Best wishes for 2009.