Monday, 27 September 2010

Shakira and Six young

Today in the morning 27th of Sept 

Dear friends,

I had went again to have a look at our cheetah mum and with my pic it still look like Shakira however I will not over rule all of the Id made by our friends out there,

few years Shakira with one of her cubs,

She is doing wanderful keeping this cubs a live and safe,
Where she is the pefect location with few lions and Hyenas well done girl.

Shakira with girls when they are young 

Jackson Looseyia.

The World Chief Guide

Dear All,

Tomorrow 28th of September is the Announcement of the Chief Guide in world competition,

I have been among the top 7 and will know who will be the winner,

I am here by wish all of my other friends the best and wait for the Judges  decision,

God bless you all and thank you for your great support all the way,


Jackson Looseyia,

Friday, 24 September 2010

News of Shakira

Dear All 

After a long such and ID we finally have Shakira and she have Six cubs at Olkeju Ronkai area,
She must had cross near mara new bridge on look out hill,

I would like every one to have a look at there files too to make sure we are in the same page,

This are her six cubs so cute 

Take care

Jackson Looseyia,

Thursday, 23 September 2010

The Migration of ngu is going back to Serengeti

Dear Friends,

We have all been very busy in the office with so much going on from guiding to hosting and family time,

The migration this year had prove to be the best we have seen in Seven years, Our Cuts are busy Shopping, I mean every lion leopard and Hyena are full cant even move without having another wildebeest,
However this is not for long as the Migration head South, now flat out crossing the rivers being Talek or Sand River and the mighty Mara River,
One thing we have witness is the death of wildebeest this year at the Crossing so much I do not want to visit the river, its just filthy with with bodies every where.

Have a good weekend,


Jackson Looseyia.