Thursday, 27 November 2008

This morning in the office

Dear all, 
The mara is looking good after the short rains its so green,
Our Friends are well I have just visited Shakira this morning and her girls just going strong.

There is no sighn for the Jackson 5 last week they came into camp calling all ningt the staff had trable sleeping.
I m sure I will see them in the next few days on the talek river.
And you can see my last short of her before I went off for a few days.

Last today is the Honey Brothers also doing just well cousing so much trable all over the place however some one has to put them in order gues who?
The hyanes resently chase this boys a long way and at the end one went up a tree for 40 mins as the hyanes waited under.
But at the end the super hunter gave up and left the boy a lone while the two brothers waited in long grass for their brother to come down from a Gardenia tree.


Anonymous said...

Good to see that Shakira and Honey's cubs are fine. Disapointed about no news on the Marsh Pride

ilovecheetahs said...

Jambo Jackson
Great to have you back in your office! Hope you had a good trip to England and the awful weather did not put you off.
Lovely news of Shakira and her cubs. Hopefully, these girls will now make it to adulthood, all being well. Shakira has been such a great Mum,so let's hope it all ends happily now!!
SO pleased to hear news of Honeys boys. It sounds like the three of them are trying to rule the roost!
They really are three handsome cheetahs, it was such a privilege to see them in the Mara.
Hope you soon get to see your Jackson Five, I'm sure they will put in an appearance for you very soon.
Look forward to hearing news from you again Jackson.
Asante Sana.

Xavier Van der Veken said...

Hello Jackson.
Good to hear again from you.
I hope you enjoyed your trip to England.
Thanks for the big cat update.

Anonymous said...

hope you enjoyed you stay in england, even though the weather was awful.
its good to have you back in your office, and nice to hear from you again.
thanks for the update, very much appreciated.
best regards.

CatsEye said...

Hi Jackson,

Good to hear you got back ok, and thanks very much for the update!

Especially about Shakira and the cubs of course... great to hear your Jackson Five tried to come and see you, too!

I love Honey's boys, but couldn't help grinning when I read about the 40 mins in a tree!!!

littlewid said...

It's great to have you back Jackson, we have missed you. I hope England was kind to you. great to hear about Shakira and her girls, glad they are doing well. Hope we get some news on the marsh pride soon.