Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Lose of Cheetah Mum and her unseen babies

Dear Friends,

As the Season Kick in we are have good report and bad at the same time as you would expect from a lively place like the Maasai Mara.

Just two days ago we had lost this female, we had seen her before with her cub a blind eyed one if you all remember, she lost her some where to shaped then she got pregnant after.

There is a Maasai proverb which say ''Melami Nkiragat'' meaning you will not excape fate.
The Vet wanted to help her after she had an injury but she never got up so sad.
As we are talking about this news the mother with five cubs at Naboisho also kill by Lions we think and one of the cubs is missing too we do not know up to date what happen.
This is a big lose to our Cheetah in the mara I could not sleep for a few days after this news.

The Simbas are doing well however some of them got in trouble from cattle grassers not long ago the drought is had the wildebeest migration is in direct competition to our cattle so the pressure is very high.

Good day to you all.


Jackson Looseyia.