Saturday, 14 November 2009

Cheza and Sala


Just had a small break at home I drove through olare orok conservancy to check on our small house call Topi.
What a good surprise to meet up with old friends Cheza and Sala, I always new where they were after closing Kidogo.
When I meet meet up with the other officer in my office I have asked them how is cheza and Sala.

The info is always positive, I have not meet them for some time about three years now and his brothers are the males at olkimbo pride.
If you remember them hiding on the rocks when they are charge by buffalos now look a big they are a lovely main.
The mara is full of friends every conner may be soon I will see Chui after a year who knows.


Jackson Looseyia.

Monday, 2 November 2009

Bwana Kali

Dear all,
After such a long time we now can breath Kali is ok doing well, I think he just went on long safari but now back to his home.
To all of us its a great joy, he is now able to bring down large animals such as wildebeest on his own without the help of mama Olive or Sister Binti.
I am so glad this morning when I finally meet him again one Kilometer out of our camp towards the mara river.

So we all have a day of celebration for Bwana Kali he is doing well, Just a small wound on his neck which I think from mama hog protecting her little ones.

To let you know on the Girls Moja, Mbili, and Tatu they are all together with Shakira in the mara conservancy heading towards kichwa tembo.

Salaams to you all again.

Jackson looseyia.

Sunday, 1 November 2009

Allana and her Cub

Dear all,
After a long drive from rekero homes to the camp I had a good suprise.
Allana and her cub on the road.
As soon as said this Allana she took off and got a young Tomy.
Remember she had four totos and now she have one  a live better than nothing.
Her female cub is so well and healthy lovely.

The other news is Shakira is back to home just been film at the mara conservancy good news though.


Jackson Looseyia.