Saturday, 29 November 2008

The Mash Pride

The Mash pride is just doing wanderfull from what I can see today healthy as it can be.
White Eye, Red, Bibi tother with their cubs are all happy although not enough food  for the lions this time of the year.
The food is very scars but they kill a Buffalo last week a very risky business which sometime end up loosing members of the pride but it was a very successful hunt and that is why everyone is looking healthy and happy.

The cubs wanted some food though and the only animal they can stock was a Waterbuck and a few old bull Buffaloes around the swamp.

The rest of the pride was not any where to been seen but you know this a large area you need to travel most of the day before any one can locate all the members of the pride, Romeo, and three Graces are some how elusive.

Last I found Clowed on the second bilasahaka lagger on his own where his brother is I don't know, may be not far from here I presim.
The two Boys were also lucky last week they found a dead Eli and for a week they did not deed to compete with the rest of the pride or depend on there wifes to cook it was just party time, Look at this boys body well feed ha.

I was so happy to meet again with our friends while I was there no one can tell what is going though me it was just me and them in the mash area in the heat of the day.
Red was on a alert the whole time looking for any opportunity to hunt even in the middle of the day what  a good mother Red and Bibi are I just love it.
This were the members 4 lioness, 5 male cubs, and 4 females cubs together and Clawed on his own about 3 kilometers away.
Asanti sana Jackson looseyia. 


BigCatFanz said...

Thank you so much for keeping us informed!! Its been a pleasure to read your updates, and it must be such a breath-taking experience to witness it yourself! The way you explain it really draws us in, and gives us a real in depth insight, which is great!! Thanks again!!
Feel free to come along and have a chat with some of the BigCat followers of your blog, and the adventures on BCL and BCD and Africa! You go to for the chat room, and have a chat with us all!
Or you can go to to see our posts about Africa, the masai mara, pictures from the members on the favourite bigcats etc. (I think you'll like seeing the bigcat pictures they have taken of the animals in the Masai Mara! ) :)
Well take care and hope you are safe and well,
Bye for now!
Paula - BigCatFanz

loverofthearts said...

Oh my god!!!! Sala and Cheza!!!! Amazing!!!!!