Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Scare Face or Napejo Eseder is the Leader of Rongai Pride, meet her yesterday with 3 other females a long side Kind Notch,
Old granny Naibor had gone to the Large Savanna though she had left a lot of females with grand-cubs.

At this time of the year lions are having a had time getting food hope some game will come around soon.

We straggle to see this family in the long grass, on the other had Shadow is doing well she have one cub now, Andy Rouse with his group just been to Mara North Leopard Gorge and seen mama Sawadi also known as Shadow with her little baby.

Lots of love

Jackson Looseyia.

Monday, 30 January 2012

Rongai Pride.

Napejo and one of the New Males from the Marsh pride known as Marketeer I am asking Could this lions be related to me it make sence but I am not sure,

Its good news seeing the Olkeju Rongai Pride which I have not meet for a long time.

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Romeo is around indeed.

Romeo  before and after he is a live I have check all signs, he was very shy at the begging but after we had stay for 2 hours he was ok.

It tell you how strong the Lions are, what is he feeding on most of the time, where does he live, like in the last few days he is lost,

I had news from a lot of offices in the field that Clawed is accepted by the four new Musketeer, what is gone on there??
We think we know some thing then some thing new come over books are being rewritten Love this office indeed.

Have a good evening,

Kind Regards,

Jackson Looseyia.

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Notch in the morning

Notch on his way to meet the family I love the morning light.

Love Jackson 

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Our Spotted Cats

 Dick is the Old male a few years before Honey boys they were the strongest Male Cheetah in the Area.
Now a lone old but strong, of the two most beautiful spotted cats in the Mara Cheetah had prove to have given us guide the most Challenge of all on Drives this days.
We can see a few Leopards from Mara North to Naboisho but Cheetah had become very had indeed.
Speaking to the Guides a cross the Mara they all admit its the main Challenge to See and Show guest.

Olive now is about to show her little ones its just a matter of time before we see they new cubs fingers cross. We had Meet Binti, Ayah, Kali, Paja, Nkayoni, and last Bahati.
She had been the best mum I have known on Leopard world.


Jackson Looseyia.

Notch and Olive

Dear Friends,

Happy New year, after some time away from the park I have just arrive to meet up with my old friends, Notch and Olive,
Both old now but still going, Notch and his Sons Kill a hippo a few days ago Now taken over six prides, From Main Crossing to Fig Tree.

Olive other other had is about to give more present young ones, We are following her close yesterday she was hissing on Bahati thinking she is just sending a message I am busy baby.

Have a good year,

Kind Regards,