Thursday, 13 November 2008


Dear all,
I m still traveling in England since the 8th of November I do get news of the Masai Mara almost every day which is raining raining ooh cant wait to be back home lost of flowers with green lush grass.
Before I came to England I visited Ngosuani school to distribute book and other materials donated by the BBC which was appreciated by the school community.
There is a big difference between my office and this office I m sitting on at Bristol BBC Natural History unit my office at home in the Mra is worm and large with stunning views.
What is nice here is all my friends who made Big Cat live in the Mara we lough and joke just lovely to see each of them in there own home undestanding where their coming from.
I now have two days before I go home Kenya as soon as get there I will let you about our dear friends especially Shakira and the girls.
Until then Good bye and see you soon in the warm climate
Salaam Jackson


Mags said...

Jackson, how exciting for you to be in England, but very cold I am sure. What souvenirs have you bought to take home??? We all look forward to you being back in the Mara and thank you for keeping us up to date with your life so far. Good luck for the future and speak to you soon I hope


Alikat said...

Hi Jackson

Great news your here in England. Its a shame that is so cold right now, but you will soon be back to th glorious warmth of the Mara.
Hope to have an up date soon on Shakira and her girls, as you promised. Heres hoping all the other cats are doing well.
take care Jackson.

carriagehorse1 said...

Hi Jackson, thanks for finding the time for that update. Sorry the weather here is so bad, but for winter, its really quite mild!!Hope you have had some time to get out and about to see some of our wildlife.Maybe not as spectacular as yours back home, but it can be pretty amazing at times.See you soon, and as always. love to your family for letting us borrow you. LOve you.

Mama Duma said...

Hi Jackson. How lovely for you to catch up here with your friends from Big Cat Live, but WHAT possessed you to come to a cold,wet,grey and miserable England in November?? I think you must be really missing your office right now! Thanks so much for taking the time to keep us updated on all your news and that of our furry friends. I hope you enjoy the rest of your "safari" here and have a safe journey home. Take care, love from Mama Duma

Mark and Ams said...

Hello Jackson,
So sorry we couldn't get into the exhibition to see you, we were so disappointed that the public weren't allowed tickets as we all were desperate to see you! Did you get to the Ivy?! If so, how was your first experience of celebrity life?!
We're missing your office so much, wish we were coming back with you! George would much rather be with you than at school!
Longing for your next update and wish we had seen you whilst you were here? Any news of Bella?
Love Us xxxx

Lottie said...

Hi Jackson.
Hope you're enjoying your stay in cold wet UK.
Thank you so much for keeping us updated on life in the Mara, can't wait to join you again with BCL, I wish it could be a year round thing, so glad you started this blog to keep us up to date

loverofthearts said...

Sounds like you've had a wonderful experience in England. I'm glad I found your blog. I am a HUGE fan of big cat diary. I was very worried about the Mara, because of the hunting that's been allowed in Kenya. I was so worried. Thank god the world has you to watch over the masai mara. Thank you Jackson and I look forward to reading your blog. All my best, and have a safe journey home to the mara and your family. Well wishes, Christina Wickstein

CatsEye said...

Great to hear from you Jackson! Seriously bad office though, compared to your normal one! I hope they showed you round some of the better bits as well, like the coast... Can't wait to hear how Shakira's getting on.

Have a safe trip home!

SImon M said...

Was great to see you again the other day Jackson!

Xavier Van der Veken said...

Hi Jackson,
Thanks for the update. I can imagine you're missing your Mara office already.
Already looking forward to your next update.
Safari njema!

Raymond Francis said...

Enjoying your blogs Jackson, well done.

nearlynewgrandma said...

Raining raining raining here too, Jackson. Hope the welcome was warm in England. We are 'cool cats' though. Safe journey back to your home land. looking forward to news of Shakira and the Jackson 5 especially Olive. NNGM

Anonymous said...

hi jackson

I think its fantastic you have come to England,you must have felt so excited!!!
Im sure its is very different to what your used too!!

I cant wait for you to get back to mara to let us know how all the cats are doing especually shakira and her three girls. they are a handfull arent they!!!

I had a chance to go to victoria falls and went on safari a few years ago and hope one day I will get to the mara. i'd so love to do volantry work with the elephants.

take care

paws 4 thought

Shakira said...

Jambo Jackson,
I was so pleased when I checked out your blogg today to see that you are here!!! your new "office" is not a patch on your own one huh !!! Thank you for taking the time to let us catch up with all your news. Have a safe trip home
:-) I cant wait to hear news of Shakeria.
God Bless you