Sunday, 30 January 2011

Cheetah harassment Car

Duma Cubs last Month all are a live please do not panic where the other two are just around the conner.

Dear friends,

This is my year Dream and Vision, I had away postponed it for a long time since last year.
I am here to ask you all to Kindly fund raise two Cars for Cheetah Monitoring and stop the harassment from Cars.
The Mara had become very popular once again its not a bad thing great when people in the country could have jobs to feed there families but on the other had this poor animals will not have a chance to rest hunt on there owen without at list 6 to 10 cars following them.

Now over the last few years Cheetah had become less and less in the area as you can read from my other posts.
Now I had consulted the Park Warden about this and he said yes go a head ask to fund raise two Cars of Maruti type.
I would need your support to Raise 2,000,000/- Kenya Shillings for the two cars and 832,000/- for Dome tents made of Ripstop canvas as this will last some years if its look after the use of tents will be for patrolling the boundaries near the local group ranges, more and more pressure is coming in from the Cattle and we need to cooperate with our park Rangers.
This bring us to $35,400 Dollars this is what We need to achieve this year after that we try and do some other good work for Maasai mara Game reserve I ask your support right know.

How to cantact is the Same way we did to Miujisa who is now behind bars but better than taken by Hyenas or staff to death as we see Moyo her late Mum still say Asanti to all of you who help her.
Send to John Loveland at UK email, Paula help me a lot too.
She will work with me in UK and I will be contacting other people around the world like US, Australia, Germany and get the awareness going to safe our stars whom we all love.
Duma or Shingo trying to hunt but must be 28 cars all around her we left as we are so frustrated,
Your Kind respond will be highly appreciated by Duma, Honey boys, Narasha and her boys, Pendo, Shakira and her daughters and the list goes on.

Salaams from,

Jackson Looseyia.

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Finally they went into the forest

Look at this Male the way he is pump up.

At long last the boy fanish into the forest at list he can run for ever but not see the power of Notch eyes coming after him,
Well done Mohican we hope you had made it though we do not know at list nothing happen to your body as we watch.
Notch stayed on the hot sit fighting, keeping young, interested, and kept the CEO hat Love this boy.

Have a good day too,


Jackson Looseyia.

Still on his trail

Now as you can see we are nearly four Killomiters from where we had left Mum and Notch II having a real agument,
Notch on the other had still behind Mohican very close by now our hearts still betting up as we do not know what will happen.

You see this animals sleeping you think this are most lazy animals on earth but in a day like this where thy had to run for kilometers then you realize they are not.

Poor thing look at frost of saliva coming out of his mouth so tired hopping this should be over by now but still not.
The boys from Notch side are just as fit amazing Notch was still keeping up with his sons as old as he is, not once he stop just a few times the boys can take over from him but still behind run all the way what a marathon of lions and great excitement.
Now Andy Rouse had finally arrive to see what whole action but never too late.
Great day great cats.

Live with JL

Young male on the run

A few chase the mother gave up and waited Notch too take her hostage trait away and Notch with three other of his Sons took on Mohican run him for a long time.

The young male run a cross the savanna not time to wast hear Notch mean business,
I am sure back in his main he would be saying when I get through this one just all of us when we meet some really challengers.

Notch nows this busnisses of living young males in the area his is getting old and his sons could be challenge by other males in area so he must make sure they live far now.

They push him on and on.

Lets get our of here Now

The Mother and her son who had been together for along time now had to go different ways.
First Mohican is a little too old to be with his Mum now in this respect he need to move on for ever if possible so his Mother can start another family,
being a Mum boy his is spoil with Kills here and there take from one conner of the ridge to the other avoiding trouble.

Notch Son is now very close to them, Mohican must go now run and safe his life, he had some trouble he eat a lot he is thinking boy this meat is heavy I do not know what to do mum, as they run over his mother stay behind to try and take the pressure from Notch and his gang.

But they did not care about her they all wanted to push Mohican as far as possible if they catch Kill him.
Its the rule of wildeness by now my body is shaking esive I have taken a lot of alchol but its 8 am no way,
Our staff guides are now all hear the area is getting really exiting roaring from Notch and his gang now they have what they wanted all a long Mohican.

Mohican and His mum

The young Lion had not relax and keep looking at that direction I could think the first roar was a warning to him that Notch and his gang are not far.

I can almost speak the lion language Mum we are in real trouble and I am off see you mum, he then left but walking you what teenagers are like a little cocky and arrogant.

Just cheching if I can out run you we can do it boys let go.
The Run started for a list 30 min all a long Rhino Ridge back across the plains.
Mohican Mum look at the Notch and his boys and said I had been through this before nothing new son but go wish you good luck,
Notch II
The gup started to close up on Mohican and Notch II the rest of the gang are just about to arrive too.
What a morning just before I take my morning breakfast fantastic.

Mins after,

Notch and his sons on big push Run.

Now Notch the II had just over taking the run and Notch is still keeping on the race what a Morning.

Now I had to find who is this Male or female they are after then I went a head of them like a wise guide as always me in Action with Notch.

Wow I found another friend Mohican and his mother I would guess they had chase another female and hyenas on a Kill though they are every where a few guides had no Idea what is coming so I went and sat with Mohican and his mum, Now they are raoring every few mins which give Notch even more direction where they are.

Just Min after they had cross the Radio crack they are coming and I am right there waiting for the action men but did not want any one to be hurt.
Now a dot in the distance Notch is arriving.
I then hold my heart and pray for Mohican and his mum please God Keep him Save from Notch sons if they catch him they will Kill him and he is just a sweet looking boy.

Look at the power of a Father

Together Notch Sons on the Move.

Now I have to see where they are going to cross and make some good notes of this Day on the road in my office I took a cup of tea I need coffer or any thing strong even but I am not allowed I have to make sure I am hear with the power of the maasai Mara in Action.

Notch On the Move

All three now started to Run and I am saying to the guide will I make it to see them 4 cross the rive just enjoy my friend cant be every where, oo no.

Right Now I am can remember Red and Bibi, at the marsh I wish they know what kind of Males they have given onto Us in the Maasai Mara.

Go Notch go and your sons.

Live updates of the mara,

Looseyia go and cross

Next min,

After I had position one car a cross the Talek river west of Rekero camp,
I run to get a cross but this time the boys are on the move.

Notch is keeping up with his son you can think if you do not know him oo this are brothers just with pase they are Moving on.

After Mins of each other Notch II he is so large and the crown is larger than his father, just look at him below,

Notch II

Now I am got even more exited my heart was bitting had my blood temperature went rocket high,
what a Moment I had with this magnificent male lions in the maasai mara
Live with Jackson Looseyia.

Notch on the Mission

Dear all,
I had Notch and his sons this morning and the roar was not normal, got up quick got my binocs and camera.
Head to the Rekero Crossing onto Pose, the world had come to a stan still Notch and his sons are on Mission a fight,
I watch there behavior as a guide I knew some thing is happening.
Next one to Pear is Papa Notch following his son heal to heal.
I can tell strait away they are going to cause some trouble up there.
Its time to listen like them they stop and listen I do the same, over to wards Rhino Ridge I can hear hyenas and some lions roaring did not know how they were just a sound.
I call on the radio to Andy Rouse guide and our guides as well guys come over this could be action today.
I reach on one guide on the Radio he came to help me follow this mighty males of Notch and Bibi.

Fantastic morning already I talk to my self.

Monday, 24 January 2011

On Rhino ridge

Dear Friends,

Day before we found this wonderful female leopard on Top of the ridge nearly got into trouble with Olkiombo Males.
She then got away safely thank God for it.
After words we thought of giving her a Name because she is in the most great location to follow.

Three Names so far had been propose SIRI, LEILA, AND EMARTI,

Please feel free to put your thought before the end of the day.

Kind regards,

Jackson Looseyia.

Sunday, 23 January 2011


Dear Friends,

Notch this after noon had surprise us when we found him on his owen on young Hippo kill.
As much as we know how old he is, he had prove to all of us that he can still deliver,
He mate very much competing with his young strong Sons, and Now he had just made a Kill of a young hippo on his owen not one of the sons or females was on sight.

Long live the King


Jackson Looseyia.

Saturday, 8 January 2011

The Marsh Boys

Going to see the Rest of the marsh pride we meet up with this young boys fighting with Hyenas and ridge pride is looking on.
What I can see was the three females had made a kill then hyenas come in hundreds and push them out out no argument at all.

On the processes they started fighting among them self attracting the young boys from Marsh pride who are depended on hyenas any way at this stage we counted upto 80 hyenas but could not move this young males from the Marsh pride.

Laughing, wooping, running, marking would not move them.
Its another fantastic Morning, Jonny was with me and his family.


Jackson Looseyia.

The new Ridge pride

Like any tough muster on Safari we always got up very early and this is where we meet up with one of the males from the Ridge pride.
They had left there females and three cubs and found another three females just on the Dubble crossing area on Olkiombo Males territories.
The Three males from Olkiombo are busy near fig tree area making lost of cubs patrolling east where the pressure is high from OOC Males Sala and Cheza.
I tell you this office is full of fun, death, Sex and birth all happening as we watch, in the Maasai mara.

Now this young male must had run into Sala or Cheza way he was soo limping hardly work.
He will be ok though the rest of the females and cubs run to him to check if he was fine and he prove to them on big roar.

I am sure the guest in my car thought this just the way it is in the Office not knowing how lucky they were to see what they had seen in a very short time.

Never the less I loved every min of it and cant wait to go back soon.

What good begging of a new year,

Bless you all,

Jackson Looseyia.


Never the less for a while I did not see Clawed but just before the year ended I meet him,
I stragle to recognize the old boy he had lost his mane now and most of his teeth are gone poor thing,
however he was happy on a water buck kill, I think Romeo had made it.
This Old boy once rule the Marsh area and kick out the like of Notch and his sons.
You can still see the power in his eyes it doesn't matter how old one is we all know he was the once a powerful boy and we love him dearly.

He had father a lot of cubs in the marsh like this young boys below who are now on there owen away from the main pride,
just on the edge of it fighting for there food hyenas and stilling from the Ridge pride females.

When we meet up with this young males on a wildebeest Kill they put up on a show live, fighting them self how nice to see brothers having some argument in the dinning room,
We love every min of it.


Dear Friend,

The year ended just perfect I was with our characters most of the time before and after new year,
Lorian now had been conform to two little cubs female and male I spend most of the hot day trying to meet the little cubs but not yet lucky.

We had followed Lorian for a while and her only cub who was born two years ago at the same place was move to up river of Olkeju Rongai, though we just sow the little cub then Lorain and her went away until last year when she show up ( Lorian ) but not the older cub.

Still missing on our list are Kali, Binti, and Ayah,
We are sure they are some where in the large office.

Kind regards,

Jackson Looseyia.