Friday, 24 December 2010

Narasha and her Boys.

Narasha and her Boys

Before I call it a day i went on with my beloved we found Narasha and her family finishing a Kill.
Earlier someone said we have seen the three Brothers meaning Honey boys, so I went looking for them to my surprise it was not them but a good surprise of Narasha.
My wife and Kids could not believe what they had seen in one day, I said to them its not like this in every Game drive, now the sky is getting black with rains we must go home now we had a good day love I said to them all,

One hour after we went away from the reserve I went on another road like I will always do my extra mile,

guess what yet a final surprise for all of us Leopard, just before we drove up towards Kipeleo,
We believe this is the best Christmas present for our family in years.

It had been a great day we must go home now for our sundowners.

I wish you all the best in this day and night may the Blessing arise to you all and bring more joy for your families and friends,

Best wishers from Me and my Family,

Jackson Looseyia.

The Other Half of the day,

As the Day went on I meet up with Notch boys, as you can see what can you do to wake them up?? haaaaa.
Just doing what lions are best doing Sleep,

Arriving to where they have been sleeping I can smell the dead hippo for almost half a Km from where they are,
Every one of them was full to the rim if they have one I mean they had the main corse, pudding and more.
Notch too which most people think he is Notch was matting however the young female look like she is in Milk, I just hope the cubs are ok.

Wait for the final day.

Jackson Looseyia.

Merry Christmas

The Marsh Pride,

Dear All,

I am here to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy new year.

Christmas Eve I took my whole Family to the mara for a day and the whole Cat live show up for them, the Marsh pride, there little boys, and Big boys.

Marsh Big Boys

While I was Looking at the pride then One young Cheetah was just next door What a day for my family.
She look like Pendo

Notch and his Boys had Kill a hippo so it was a good Christmas for them too.

Wish you all the Best,


Jackson Looseyia.

Thursday, 16 December 2010


Joshua the King of Mara North
Dear all,

Just on my few days guiding at Mara North I have found great sighting of lions and Leopards,
I went out from up North of the conservancy to look for Joshua and his brother and lucky I have found them.
Now the two males have taken complete residents in this area near C &P camp call Elephant Pepper.
How wonderful to get off the road going to Mara Rianta and Joshua and his brother, three lioness are relax and happy.
I was happy to see the rangers on patrol when ever they see more than two cars with any predator well done guys its the way forward.

One thing I am still finding out was the messege this lion send it to me I think you can also tell some thing is not right.

He is saying I am annoyed you let them in again meaning the cattle, for about a month the rangers agree for cattle to grass in the core area for nearly two weeks and our pride was not that happy about this arrangement some thing that must stop if we are believers of conservation.
We all agree yes and Today I went there not one cow on sight well done guys its a sign of hope when we see lions and leopards walking during the day without any threats from the Human activities.

The glory of the mara is coming back again through the new conservancies.

We still have a long way to go,


Jackson Looseyia.


Lisbey one of the Marsh Female
Dear Friends,

It have been a long time since I have seen the marsh pride, I believe they are all together under the watch of Romeo and Bibi,

Just found some members a few days ago, Lisbey and two of her sons right at bilashaka,
The boys had grown well thank good for there Mama she had been looking after them since they broke out of the Main Pride,
Most of the time the main Pride is at the marsh and they have a lot of babies with them,
The older Cubs now adult are near bilashaka most of the time, and just below where this Laga joint the marsh for those who know the mara well.

Some New male are not far from them but still afraid of Clawed and Romeo it will not be long before Romeo is seen off by the up coming males since Clawed is getting old know.

Our biggest Challenge is the encroachment of Settlement around the Reserve boundary more more villages had been build in the last few months with to me is not good news.
We just hope Mara North will succeed because it will give more Shelter to our pride as it get bigger and bigger,

South of the Bilashaka is Notch and his Sons no way the young Males will ever Dream going south the only option left is towards the George.

Have a good Day in the office,

Jackson Looseyia.

Monday, 13 December 2010

Mara North News

Letura is the Name of this Boy
Dear Friends,

Yet another wandefull day in the Office we found Letura and one female mating at C&P ridge below Aitong Plains,
I had from the guides is this female was the one Lemek Plains close to Kicheche some time last year,

After Staying with them for at list 3 hours, the mating was so intense and the large male last with us, he gave us a mock Charge every one in my car woke up and realize they are not only beutiful but also scary.
The Guest who are from Germany company call Lion King .com said it was the best day they had ever had in africa for in so many visit.
Mara North is coming up and the fruits are just starting after so many year of case and shamble with mismanagement of this part of the Maasai Mara.
Well done you all may be Shadow and her family will come back to there glory as a family.

Warm Salaams

Jackson Looseyia.

Sunday, 5 December 2010


Dear Friends

Notch went over to Mara Conservancy and I keep missing every time I am out he cross and when I am not out on a drive he is out,
Finally some one call me Notch is near camp so I rush and meet him Love every min of it with the old King and his young son,
The rest of the boys are active on there own mating and fighting every other male lion they can find around but Old Notch now will be Call Kali in coming film is just as good strong as ever bless him,
He is now mating with Olkeju females and will be so many Young notchers ever conner of the mara.

long live the King of the maasai Mara




Dear All,

East and West home is best, after a few days traveling to UK, I am now back home the maasai mara.
My first thought was where is Notch, Olive, Paja and Shingo.
While I went looking for them in there home range I found a old friend Lorian which some of you knew her from last Post I had publish, I was so happy to see her in good condition.
I rember her having a cub but I believe the cub is independed by know.


On the other had Notch was found Mating with Olkeju Rongai females on Pose plain, so I Dash out to meet them but not found him since he might have gone some quiet place on Honey moon haa,
However I had found the lead Female of Olkeju Scar face strong as ever with one of the Sisters.
Where Granny is we do not know yet and the rest of the sub adults.

Have a nice day in the office too.


Jackson Looseyia.