Sunday, 28 March 2010

Olive cubs names

Nkayioni above.

Dear My friends,

I now want to once again like to say a big thank you for all who shard teas or commended on Red.
Most had for me than any one, I live with this animals, every day on drive I meet them, I get to learn each one of them character, that was the had part for me more than any thing.

The marsh pride had gone through this problem all the time year after year, and  an reported I must say now I have been your eyes ears up here at the maasai mara, I am there now on behalf  of the Mara lions to let the world know what hardship the Lions are going through but have little I can do at the moment.

We must admit the problem is there, here we are with a National reserve ruled by a weak system and nothing I can do, as well as you all but, to put some pressure on the relevance people to make it work  some day.

Paja Below.

The mara have all the money you need in the world but all doing the wrong thing, as a result the Staff who should be running the day work of the reserve are left withought cars, poor infrastructure, No communication and the Locals have taken advantage of the situation.

I love to do some thing as you all suggested but I am so worried to do any thing that can fail as I hate that.

The only thing I can have as hope for the marsh pride is the Mara North Conservancy if this work we are all won the war withought a doubt.

I am on fire like through my fingers as I type this Post anger and frustration.

Any way what I was going to tell you is yesterday our friend Paul Kirui meet up with Olive cubs and we are now on the proseses of giving them names.

I wish you all well at the end of this day and be bless all the way to your homes.


Jackson Looseyia.

Wednesday, 24 March 2010


Dear Friends,

I can now conform to you that Romeo is doing well and he was seen yesterday near the bilashaka with the Graces,
At list you can all relax for a min after such a lose of a star.

I am still thinking what could we have done to safe the situation before red death???

All the best to you all,



Saturday, 20 March 2010

Red update,

Dear Friends,

It have been a difficult day for all of us who love and know Red.
The day went pass and not one min gone without me and you talk about the missing star Red.

I started getting disturb a few weeks ago you all know when I went to look for Red and the rest of the marsh pride.
It was another day in the office Simon and his guest went on a balloon at little Governors maasai mara and I took my other guides with me in such for Red and Romeo,
After three hours from Bila shaka to top end of the marsh I could not find Red, I found Clawed, White Eye, Bibi, and Lisbey with all of the young teenagers but not Red, I was not so concern about Romeo, I know he could be with the Three graces and there cubs but Red was my main problem,
That is when I started raising the Flag of the missing Red.

Soon after that I went a few times just for Red, she was still missing and I had ask the near by guides if they have seen Red, one of them said '' ooo the big mama'' she had died a few weeks ago. I ask what happen he said I dont know.
I then ask another one the following day have you seen Red he said oo no we so a lioness who was blind and we thought it was her but she look like not dead.

I went again to have a look and found the three lioness of the marsh pride on young giraffe kill.
I knew this morning that Red is no longer with us she is not with White Eye and Bibi.

Last Drought if you followed my blog I had reported the cattle coming into the mara game reserve and lions have been flat out killing the cows. 
I think not wetness this where Red when wrong, possibly on the sharp end of a spear sorry to say.
I and you are champions of conservation here in Africa and Around the world, We must not sleep when it come to really education of the people who live with wild animals here in the mara, Amboseli, Samburu and the list goes on.
The reason why we had lost one of the most famous lioness in africa is because of that people don't know much about the wildlife they are so depended on like in way of visitors.
I would support any one who create conservancies this will act as a buffer for the biodiversity of our nature. 

I wish you good tonight.

Red R.I.P.

Lala Salama 

Jackson Looseyia.

Friday, 19 March 2010

Red is now gone


Dear Friends,

Now I have to tell you we cannot find Red she is gone and we have have no hope to see her again.

What a loss for the marsh pride, however they must move on that is the fact of life in the wild.
Q is what had happen to her? I don't know and no one can tell me exactly what is the story.

One thing for sure we have to remember in the wild office, 'she is one of the mum of the powerful boys', ''Notch Boys'', well done Red when ever your are, your Sons have become the most powerful group of Male Lions in the mara, following your power,leadership, protection and providing  while your at the marsh pride.

I wish you all the best,


Jackson Looseyia.

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Honey must be so happy,

Dear Friends,

I have not forgotten our boys they are as strong as ever still no compition to them,
Although we had young males are in the mara near Keekorok area this is the prime time for this boys not any cheetah male will be in there teritory without a big meeting. 

Honey must be very proud in the large Savanna up stares, looking at them as well as we are very impress.
At the moment in our large windows office if you go out for a day withought seeing them we fill the Job is incomplate.
Haha Now you can see why I need  D3x the light is very low and the boys started waking up lol.
But at the same time I was there to enjoy there presence and share what I can from the our office.

Saba on the other had have been living very close to the boys on Rhino Ridge, she is very much taken this area for her self as well as the boys, at the moment the enemies are not very many in the ridge Hyena, Lions, or Leopards, therefore for raising her little cub is ideal, when she kill something most of the time she will finish it before the rivals get there.

Off home today to see my beloved family see you soon.

Very best 

Jackson Looseyia.