Wednesday, 8 January 2014


For many years now I had been following Lions in the Maasai Mara game reserve and some other conservancy Like Lemek and Mara North,I also travel a lot to Mara Triangle and got to meet all this Lions Leopards and cheetah whom I had meet before and lost contact, One thing for sure cats travel, cheetahs, and lions all a like, I had meet this animals very close to the Kenya/Tanzania Boundary meaning they go to seregeti and back, David had been to the Mara North several times and back finally he has a territory with his young Half brother Nick, Notch and His sons had try to chase them out but fail because the ruling coalition of 5 now 4 have a large area to look after and soon they left to let David and Nick to rule Double cross.
This is Nick Very best Regards, Jackson Looseyia
This two boys are David and Nick they had been ruling Double cross pride for the last 2 years now and success they have new cubs in the pride of 6 lioness, Thank you all, Jackson Looseyia

Karibu Mwaka Mpya

Dear friends, 2013 had been a had year for all of us in the travel industry having an election year and loosing Olive, Notch and a few other cheetahs, Lets hope this new year bring a lot of Joy to many of us in the Maasai Mara, meaning new cubs from Bahati which we are all waiting for, more cubs from the Marsh pride and the Double cross pride headed by David and Nick, I do wish you a happy New year and lots more Fun, Best wishers, Jackson Looseyia