Friday, 26 June 2009

Shakira a ther mum

Moja and Mbili

Jamboni Wote,

As I had promise to see shakira from my last update, for sure I did meet her yesterday with three of her Cubs.
Moja, Mbili, and Tatu are so grown up you will not believe it.
Our big thank you to Shakira the mother for the head work feeding and protecting this lovely cubs.
On my travel in the last month I found cheetahs very few in both the Serengeti and out side the mara, and to have Shakira bringing three cheetah females to us is truly a blessing.
Now shakira may not be with her cubs for long believe me they need to be in depended soon.
I hope they stay together for a few days until the tomies arrive from the loita and Seregeti in a months time.
Shakira will always bring a lot of joy to us all in mara.
I will put the Three cubs on the blog for full identification and separating them from each other before they go different ways from mum.

The J5 are still going very strong I meet with Olive and Binti God knows why they are still together but no sign of Ayah or Kali.
Kali must be still around just a matter of time before the radio call that ''kali is here''.
Our leopards are really lucky the migration is not far we have now started to see a few of them arriving to the mara haaaa.
Miujisa on the other had is doing well indeed, Since we asked the Warden if she will be together with three orphans she is doing great.
He home is finish and not only we build a home for one cheetah but four, surely she is a miracle as we all agree.
We try to help Moyo her but if you think what Shakira done for Moja, Mbili and Tatu its brings all to our knees, however we had tried our best as human.

Since finishing her home I now owe the Trust £ 650 which I need your help on it to finish.
From my self and family I have contributed Sh 10000/-(£89) and Paula have given us £ 43.52 big thank you.
lets us all finish this before the end of August the same way we did when we started.

Best wishers to you all.

Jackson Looseyia.

NB more to come the marsh pride.

Monday, 1 June 2009

The Marsh Lions

Romeo and His small pride the 3 graces

Dear all,

Once again  these are the news of the marsh pride, I couldn't what to be back to the mara to find out what is happening.
This are the three Graces fantastic news every member of the Marsh is doing well.
After a lot of bad news of our lions in the mara our marsh pride is doing very good indeed no panic or any worry at all thank God.
And to be honest with you, we have lost some predators in the mara in last few months, people have been arrested as a result of poisoning the felines and Hyenas in some area of the mara.

Great meeting with tow of the graces and her cubs.

When I meet up with this set-light pride of the mash pride I realize one of them have been involve on a fight but she will be ok, as you can see from the side a little wound, nothing to worry her conditions is very good.
I am glad to come back in to the mara with a lot of rain, and most of the cattle had gone back to there respected areas a cross maasai land which indeed put a lot of pressure to our active predators.
 The conflict was very high which led to the poisoning of lion from the new comers.

Kali is very big now most of the time he is lone not with Binti or Olive but every now and then he goes and beg for some food.
Just last night in camp he killed a white tail mongoose and hag above the staff tents, and this is the news we are all waiting kali to be in-depended.

The next news be where Shakira and her cubs are.

See you soon 

Jackson looseyia.