Sunday, 12 October 2008


Jackson Looseyia
My name is Jackson Looseyia. I was born in 1967 in the heart of the Masai Mara, so grew up surrounded by wildlife. From an early age I found it a source of inspiration, and tracking wild animals is in my blood - I come from a long line of master hunters and trackers.

At this moment I'm still working on the BBC's Big Cat Live and the Big Cat Raw webcast that occurs straight afterwards. But, because I've enjoyed the experience so much, I've decided to create this blog to keep all my new friends posted on the cats and other characters of the Masai Mara.

This blog might be a bit rough and ready, but stay with it - the Big Cat web team set it up for me in minutes. So, I haven't had time yet to see how it all works, but together I'm sure we can work it out.



safarimaiden said...

Jambo Jackson

Thank you soooooo much for agreeing to do a blog.

It is great that you can keep us up to date with news from the Mara.


dave said...

hi jackson. you are a star. thank you for the privelage of seeing a tiny bit of your wonderful country. knucklesD

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much Jackson for doing this blog and keeping us up to date on news from the mara.


Alan said...

Jackson, you are an inspiration and a credit to humanity for giving us an insight into animal behaviour and conservation. I hope you have a prosperous and healthy end to the year, and i hope we can see you on television again. Please keep us all up to date with life in the Mara.
Until next time, kwa herini, kwa heri
(i think).

C&M Productions said...

Hi Jackson! Thanks for setting up this blog. I'm really upset that we aren't going to see Shakira and her pups till next year. But you keeping us updated is a real god send. Thank you!!

jules1g said...

jambo looking forward to keeping up with the mara and you blog


claudia said...

Hi, Jackson.

Great idea with the blog! I will be following all your entries. Keep up the good work. :)

Emy said...

Brilliant Jackson - I'm so happy you have a blog because after Big Cat finishes I was feeling really upset that you'd disappear! Not any more though! x

Skylark (emyjane)

BigKateLive said...

Hi Jackson

Thank you for doing this blog - it is such good news, as you know so many of us have watched Big Cat for years and have to go for so long in between wondering how they are getting on. Now we have you to bring us updates from your office! Again, thank you for sharing your world with us!

PS (don't forget to let us know about the jackal pups too please! : )

Tony Sharp said...

Jambo Jackson!

It has been a delight keeping track of Big Cat Live this week. As Big Cat fan for a decade this live series has been brilliant.

I have really enjoyed your contributions and expert insights and I am looking forward to your updates on the stars of the show here on your blog. Asante!


Eveline said...

This is wonderful news, Jackson. I have loved Big Cat Live and your amazing stories. I hope to read many more on this blog. Keep up the great work!

Krutish said...

Thank you Jackson.

Before the BBC pull out grab a camera of them :) love to see some pictures/videos on your blog!

All the best to you Jackson and please thank your people for a great send off on the BigCat Raw webcast tonight, Amazing stuff.

Thanks again.


rainbowbridge1000 said...

Thank you jackson im so glad we can all keep updated on mara.Watched your first episode introduction breathtaking,What a way to wake up every morning and walk in to your beautiful office, can we all come and work in your office please.

chanley2007 said...

Mr jackson

thank you for all the hard work you done on big cat, please keep us upto date with all the going ons in the mara!!

ps, keep an eye on them cheetah cubs!! :)

jonathan marshall said...

Dear Jackson
you are wonderful. It has been a real pleasure watching you on our screens. Thank you. It is great that you know how lucky you are to have your life. Wish there were more people in the world like you. I am a professional falconer. If you ever come to the UK it would be a pleasure to take you out hunting with Golden Eagles. I am sure you would love it. Have a look at my website
Thanks again and
Jonathan Marshall and family

Noel_Geoghegan said...


Good Luck with the blog and thank you for letting us into your office.

Kat said...

Jambo and thank you so much! I loved your commentary and I look forward to your blog!

siouxblue said...

Hello Jackson
Thank you for taking the time to do this blog and for keeping us informed of developments in your wonderful home.your a star.

Nazia said...

Here is a suggestion for the names for the 3 Cheetah Cubs: Maya, Hawa and Sara.

reds said...

hi jackson.
it has been a privelage to watch you on the big cat live, you are an amazing man.
i was sad to see the show end,but you offered a light at the end of the tunnel by doing this.
a million thanks.
i am now a member of your fan club.

aurora said...

Hi Jackson,

I really enjoyed your debut on TV.

Your contributions were so uplifting and a joy to listen to and said in such a humble way.

Good to be able to follow progress in the Mara through your blog, especially as where I live it is becoming darker and darker every day.

Best of luck with the Blog.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely thrilled that you're doing this blog Jackson.

I'm already missing watching the Marsh pride girls and am wondering if they finally did get their dinner tonight. Very much looking forward to your updates!

rainbowbridge1000 said...

Hi jackson is possiable that that as the site picks up you can do the same video as you did on episode 1 thanks

saharafox said...

Jambo Jackson amd Asante sana!

I'm only good at Swahili, so please forgive me! Thank you for the wonderful contribution you made to Big Cat Live! You and your family & other Masai have made very many friends because of this programme. What a great Ambassador you are for the Mara!

Don't let the web distract you from your real work!!

Kwaheri, rafiki.

madaboutmara said...

Jambo Jackson - habari! It is so good you will be keeping us up to date with this blog - I love the Mara so much and have visited several times.
Asante sana!

Heather said...

Hi Jackson,
Thank you for sharing your office space with us and to the whole team for a fabulous show.I was sorry to have missed the last BCR and from the comments it was a good one.
Good luck for the future.

northernlight said...

Couldn't agree more with comments by Saharafox.


Joy said...

Jambo Jackson! Thank you so so much for setting up this blog. We've so enjoyed your insight during the live show & its great that we're still going to get that insight.

You were brilliant on Big Cat Live, a real natural in front of the camera!

I'm going to highlight your blog on my blog right now!! Oh! And please let us know how the jackal pups are getting on too.

Take care

Mags said...

Jambo Jackson and karibu to the world of Blogs. I have really enjoyed watching you on Big Cat Live and hope you will have many more opportunities to appear on television. I will follow your blog with interest


birdames said...

Jambo Jackson,

So great that you are doing this so we can keep up to date with the cats.

Loved listening to you on BCL.
It was lovely to be sat in my office listening and watching yours on the webcams. I've visited the Mara and can't wait to get back but in the meantime it was great to have a fix via big cat and thank you to the whole team for that. I look forward to your up dates and seeing you on Big cat next time.


Lionheart said...

Hello Jackson, may i say you are a great addition to the Big Cat team and i think the work you do is amazing.

It was sad that the wencams had to be turned off. Maybe you should get yourself a webcam and position it somewhere good for us, hehe.

Thanks for the blog, you have made many people happy.

Keep up the good work Jackson.

Robin said...

Good Show Jackson

I look forward to following your progress.


Emma Sykes said...

Jackson, Were here in England and i just want to say how amazing you are, Visiting the Mara has been a dream for me but not visited YET,

I was watching the web cams and they were amazing and fantastic to watch, I love the Elephants
and when i saw the little baby elephant what was just born was amazing and nowhere in the world beats your beautiful country you are so lucky to have such a vast array of animals on your door step,
Thanks for doing this blog for all of us and keep us all in touch with the wonderful animals of the Mara.

sonal said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
booner69 said...

thank you jackson for giving us your time with big cat live,it is wonderful your starting this blog,people like you make this earth a special place to be x linda x

purplebigbigcat said...

Hello Jackson,
i want to thank you for taking the time to do this blog. But with an Office like yours to work in there are many many wonderful events you can tell us about.

good luck

cat. xx

boisterousnoodley said...

A big thank you, Jackson!

It will be great to keep up with all our feline friends and the other animals on the Mara, too.

You are wonderful and I hope you get your own show!

Good luck and take care of yourself!


chui said...

Jambo Jackson,


We are all very glad to hear that you have started this blog and hope you can keep us up to date on the stars of Big Cat this year so we can keep track till the next series. All the best to you and we await eagerly for your postings...

suzie2 said...

Hello Jackson
Welcome to the world of "Blog" I'm new to this myself!
Thank you for starting this Blog we all look forward to your news from the Mara.
Big Cat Live is a wonderful insight into your "office" for all those people who will never be able to witness it themselves.

ilovecheetahs said...

Jambo Jackson.
Great news that you are doing aa blog for us all to keep up with news from your "office". Thank you for the great job that you have done on Big Cat Live. It is a privilege to be able to see into the nocturnal world of all these beautiful animals.
PLEASE keep us up to date on not just Shakira and her gorgeous cubs, but also Honeys 3 beautiful boys. We spent many happy hours watching them whilst we were in the Mara in September, so would love to hear how they are fareing.
Asante Sana and Kwaheri
Anita and Paul.

Wilderbubs said...

Hi jackson,

Just want to say how much my family and I enjoyed your contribution to Big Cat Live, you brought something special to the programme and were a joy to watch.

Our 3 and a half year old daughter
especially enjoyed the programme and learned so much from you and the rest of the fabulous team. She now wants to visit the Mara and see your amazing country for herself. We hope to make it over one day!

Looking forward to any updates you can give us on our favourite characters from the show and news in general from the Mara.

Sending you warm wishes from Bonnie Scotland.

Thank you Jackson.


chuishah said...

Jambo Jackson,
thanks so much for having this set up. Looking forward to all the updates :)

chui shah

wildlife said...

Hi Jackson,thanks very much for agreeing to do this blog.It will be great to keep in touch with news from the Mara,thanks again your a star

wildlife said...

Thanks Jackson for doing this blog for us,its great that we can keep up to date with our special cat stars

nearlynewgrandma said...

Hello Jackson
Many thanks for setting up the blog. It will be a priviledge tp keep in touch with news of all the animals whose lives we heard about on BCL! Good luck to you and the family.

dianelionlover said...

i'm very excited that you are going to keep us up to date on the big cats....

thank you,

dianelionlover a/k/a supercub

Dawn1712 said...

Jambo Jackson

I am soooo happy that you are going to keep us up to date with all our feline friends in the Mara-as well as yourself!! You were great on the programme last week and it is going to be fantastic to here about all the cats from someone as knowledgeable as you

Xavier said...

Salama bwana chui.

I'm really looking forward to following your blog. I'm sure you'll enjoy us with wonderful tales from the Masai Mara.


Whitestarling said...

Jambo Jackson
I think it's brilliant you are going to keep us up to date with all our big Cats. Prahaps in time you will also be able to give us more of an insight to life in the Masi Mara

Big Thanks Jackson

Mama Duma said...

Jambo Jackson
Habari. Many, many thanks for setting up this blog. I am really missing you and your office colleagues....Shakira, Red, White Eye, the Jackson 5 and EVERYONE! I have been to the Mara a couple of times and always shed a tear when it's time to leave. Looking forward to your first up-date!
Mama Duma

warren said...

hi all we have set up a message board for all fanz


we would love to invite every one

if jackson could visit us we would love to chat more and share our views on the show and what we all enjoyed from the bigcatslive show
miss the webcams so much
manny thanks wazza

warren said...

hi jacson we have set up a new message bord for bigcat fans
its doing well
would love to invite you to join us

we tryed to email you but found it hard to so i am sorry for posting here but hopw to see you soon

bigcatfanz wazza

Shakira said...

Jambo Jackson,

You are a star alright, and boy do you shine bright, it has been a pleasure watching you and the team do your daily webchats which I miss so much.

I cant wait to catch up with all the news about Shakire and her cubs, The Marsh Pride, and not forgetting the three brothers.

Be happy Jackson and thanks for your insight to the Masai Mara

Leonard said...

hi jackson,

enjoyed all the shows. wished it could go on for ever.
I keep watching the videos.
thank you for sharing your office with us and keeping us up to date.

drysdaleart said...

Jambo Jackson

Great to hear news from the "Jackson Five". Having lived in Kenya and Tanzania, I was often in the Mara when Half-tail was still around. Miss it and enjoyed your contribution to Big Cat Live.

Stay well

jackson said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
reds said...

hi jackson,welcome back to your office,we have all been missing you.hope you enjoyed your little break after big cat live, you deserved it. looking forward to hearing from you again. many thanks.

Jackson Looseyia said...

Yes I m glad its working at last,
From a maasai Boma to use a Blog is just one the few miracles of my year.
I m sure I can learn more soon.
Worm regard to you all,
Jackson Looseyia.

Alikat said...

Jambo jackson

Im so glad your back in your office and online. Can't wait to hear about Shakira and the girls. Great to hear news of the jackson five.Way to go Binti. Thank you for doing this, waiting for an update.


jacksonlooseyia said...

Dear Friends,
We have just close our camp for the short rains but its looking great here with lost of babies every corner of the mara mamols, birds and reptiles its breeding season.

With our cats looking really good espeacialy for shakira and the girls food is abanded with little tomies and the girls have grown any time they will be out danger from the big hunters.

The zebras have come back after the rain and this will be good news for our pride at the mash which were not looking good after the migration.

The Jackson 5 are just wonderful seen then almost every day with hoglets kali has grown up well i m so i m so happy that what ever the situation he will make it.
More is yet to come kwaheri Jackson

Xavier Van der Veken said...


Thanks for the update Jackson.
I'm looking forward to hearing from you soon. Meanwhile, stay safe.

Whitestarling said...

Jambo Jackson

Thanks for all the latest news everyone here is following your Blog with great interest especialy on our New Big Cat site that we formed after BCL finished if anyone else would like to join us it's at Free forum BigCatFanz and your all welcome

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