Friday, 24 February 2012

Lemek Pride we hope you will come back to your glory.

I had grown in this particular area of the maasai Mara, infect my first game drive was from this place also known as Aitong plains, it was the best place to see cheetah, in one drive we found 11 different Cheetah before Lunch and prides in this place where second to none.
Lemek pride use to be a large pride indeed of up to 27, some time 30 lions, now reduce to 10. I am hoping in the next two years it will come back again we are following very close.

Just three days ago the pride had big fight with Hyena the strongest and most dominant predator in this region.
The lead female injured but she will be fine though she is limping and little slower.
The large Males here go between Olchoro and Lemek therefore there protection is not as good when it come feeding frenzies.
Conservancies are at its best for years thanks to Brian Heath of Seyia Limited, he work very had to make sure quality is followed.

I could be camping here some time soon who knows if your will be my first guest next or this year.

Kind regards,

Jackson Looseyia.

Maasai Mara Cheetahs,

Dear Friends,

As you all know how much I love my office, you can see why, this subs look upon me and you to protect them and the future of Maasai Mara Cheetah.
When I blow the whistle on this threaten species some guides and operators thought I was just looking for funds, Now its had to find Cheetah in Many parts of the Mara when ever you go hours, its easy to see Leopard any time on a safari of 4 days than seeing 2 cheetah sad.

Our Honey boys are still around fig tree area towards Keek Ork which is not really my line of work, however every now and then they come to Rhino ridge.
The number of Hyenas and Lions on the Ridge and Topi plans had increase so much to an extent the Cheetah have to move as soon as they can out to quieter places.

Naboisho did host the highest number of Cheetah in all conservancies however Mara North, Lemek, and Olchoro Conservancies are getting a little Share of Cheetah recording, a total of 6 last week.

Okinyei is now holding the highest record of up to 17 different individual photograph by Nelson Keiwa with the KWT Maruti we gave him last year.
They will come back but hope soon.

Bless you,

Jackson Looseyia.

Mama Olive you have done us well

Since I have known Olive for more than 8 years, this Leopard has given us a lot friends I call members of the maasai mara office.
First I had watch her with Binti and Ayah on the banks of Talek River, her Late mother Bella use to come and stay with them some time eat and sleep at the same tree or bush, a behavior we have not witness before with Leopards.

When we followed the life of Olive we found out Binti and Ayah have got a young male cub Kali,
Ayah and Binti left after some big Sister argument but Kali stayed with his mother a few months after that.
We thought this was just one off experience with Leopards of maasai Mara, Paja and Nkayoni were born in the same old roots of a Uclea tree on Olare Orok river just below smelly Crossing.
The two young Males did had any straggle on food especially having such a great Mum like Olive.

15 months down the line two more cubs were born, Olive now have to feed 4 mouths, for nearly 5 months soon after one of the cubs died may be Killed by lions or hyenas no eye witness a part from Olive having a large cut on her hide leg.
Paja move on Nkayoni stayed on being feed with his sister now call Bahati meaning Lucky.

On my last visit to the maasai Mara Olkiombo area I found Olive heavy in Milk I told the guides she was nursing, I reckon the cubs were just been born and I respected her did not follow tell any one its her private time.
Just a day before i left Olkiombo the news broke out Olive have got 2 more cubs how nice to know this news, brought a smile to my face but sad news to the number of cars visiting her every day.

Now she will be feeding Bahati, and the new two cubs bless her Olive had done so well to our park and Leopards stories continues on the banks of Talek River.

Asanti Sana,

Jackson Looseyia.

The End of a King

Dear Friends of the Maasai Mara,

After some time waiting to find out what had happen to Clawed I now finally come to this final fear well to the Old King of the Marsh pride Clawed.
This Male came into the Marsh pride with Romeo and Challenge Notch after his brother got Killed by a buffalo in the Marsh.

Rest in Peace Old boy this not how we wanted you to home however you have died like a brave King fallen onto a Maasai Warrior spear.

It was a matter of time who will take over the Marsh pride, as we know the old Males were not able to continue protecting the pride.
Clawed was ok but a lone matting patrolling at night the pride territory was not possible in the mara, where we have such a strong coalition of young males between 3 to 6 at times.
The young males from the Marsh and there Sisters had been on the edge not really joining the rest of pride especially after Lisbey got lost how ??

Where did we fail I think stopping the old Male and the Marsh pride from praying on Maasai Cattle. Secondly is compensating the locals from the lose of there cows,
Third educating the maasai Mara people on the importances of Lions, numbers around the world and how many left in the Kenya and Maasai Mara.

Senior Members of the Marsh pride a live today are Clawed somewhere hiding from the Musketeers, Bibi, and White Eye.
Coming up, out of the 9 cubs during Big Cat live all the females(4) are a live on top of Rhino Ridge, (5) of the brothers went off towards the Mara Conservancy sadly 2 died early on and 3 were ok some time ago near the marshes below (Little Governors dirisha).
Joy went towards Oloibor soit and sadly had lost one little cub of the 5 she left with after the take over by the 4 musketeers.

A lot to cover on Lions a lone in the Mara.

Have a bless day in your office.


Jackson Looseyia.