Friday, 27 March 2009

Dear friends,
Once again the office had be really busy with activities especially the J5, Just yesterday while our guest are on a game drive they found mighty Kali playing and hoping mama Olive will call for a good surprise of an impala or a horg.
Then he started playing with birds butterflies and entertaining him self like any other kid.
All of a sudden a serval cat came around the conner ooo what a mistake walking towards kali.
Kali ambush this little cat and kill it on the spot no fight there Kali took like a flash.
As much as we all know Bella, his grandmother no doubt if he will be as powerful and mama Olive of his late grandma Bella.
Olive on the other had is still looking after all of the litters the older girls Binti and Ayah a long said there little brave brother Kali.
This beautiful predators had gave us a lot of pleasure, entertainment, and a lot to learn about the total behavior of leopards a long the Talek river.

Shakira on the other had well she was gouguers yesterday on my early morning game drive a few min after we sow her she took off for a hunt but miss it lucky tommy.
Like any fist time gust keep pushing can we get close please I said no she is on business to feed her family right now let us wait until she is done the we can get a good photo.
Although this little cubs are well grown up they are still mammy cubs no way they can live without the protection of Shakira.
Yet another beautiful day in the mara, I did not see any of our cats, Chui, Lorian, Ayah, Notch, and the marsh pride I had to take my guest for a morning breakfast.
Today the mara will remain you of the beginning of the great migration with the number or wildlife in the park.
I m off to Amboseli the next day for a day visit but I will be back to the office soon.

Best salaams Jackson Looseyia.

Tuesday, 24 March 2009



Once again Shakira and her cubs had come back to topi plains with her girls really good new for her and us.
Every time she is out we all hold our breath and wish her the best that inlude every night out there with lions and hyenas.
The girls are now are looking good Shakira is doing the best Job for all of us in the mara if I think of the training of hrs, days, and months she had to give to Moja, Mbili, and Tatu.

Old friend Bella.

Now time has pass we have not see our friend any where or from any other safari guides I hate to say this but I think Bella is no longer with us in the fisical world.
Having spend time looking for her and the conditions she was after our Big Cat live she is not any where to be seen in every part of her territory any  more, we see other leopards or Olive some time Ayah but the Queen of the Talek River has not been found for a few months now, whenever your Bella Rest in peace.
One of the small Boys from the Marsh pride.

Although the Drought is had in most part of the country one good news for our Cats is the game had come back to the park zebras, wildebeest are here in great numbers.
The Mash pride with a lot of stragle last month are now doing very well I mean every where you look from the bila shaka to the marsh area is just full of wildlife.
This also inlude the Mighty Elephants, to Little Dragon fly is what make this place a true paradise.
The rains are hear for those who are planing to visit the mara expect to push and have fun in the mud ha.

More news on the J5.
Warm Regards Jackson Looseyia.

Friday, 20 March 2009


Dear friends,

I have send every thing that is needed for making little miujisa home better but what a long had plan for her.
I would like to thank you all for the contributions you made, Paula, Keyur, Olivia, QT Gajader, Van Der Veken  Xavi, Salley Webster, Unknown, Pj Huber, A Marwiek, Tony and Elaine, Paypal, and Jackson Looseyia.
So far we had collected 818.5 pounds thank your all, I have been following every thing how its has been spend ordering from differed shops, and now we have just a few things to finish the total order which I have ordered today.
I also like to thank John and Fran Loveland for the work they have done collecting and corresponding to you all who wanted to correspond quick, without him I would had got what we had the world you live in is so tec we needed some one like him who know how, and last to Gerard Beaton for helping paying all the cheque from our trust and complete account he had done for us which I know its time consuming.

After a week I will be in Nairobi to see it all and meet again with Senior warden and make a plan what is next for and her long time future.
I also want to thank you for your contact you gave me around the world, how we can make this planet a real friendly place for us and our neighbors the wildlife and its habitat.
You will all agree with me that without this Animals we are crazy about it we are nothing, Being a TV, presenter, a professional photo grapher, or guide, ranger including the business men and women we will all be nobodies.
I m proud of you all keep the good work here and els where.

Very best regards,
Jackson Looseyia.

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Three Gracesess

The 3 Grasesess with there two cubs.
Hi All,
I have been hearing news that one of the marsh pride lions have died, I dont know which is it?
Some of the people my have made mistake or confusing the members of the marsh pride.
As you can see from your self this are the three graceses yesterday morning and I have recorded the four of the mothers in main pride last month.
I think this might have been news of a diffrent lion in the area but I still dont know how this bad news had come to be.

Shakira have left the park to with her nomal journeys in and out but she will be alright I hope.
We had news of a dead cheetah where she headed to but we have conform its a young cheetah and it was killed by a leopard NOT shakira she is fine.

Notch Club on the other had are doing well one thing we don't know yet is how kill hippos every time we have seen this amaizing pride they are feeding on a hippo.
There Girls are still mating I thing since they were vargin they have not yet fully come into family upbringing I should think now they may be but fun for Notch and his boys.
Honey boys are just doing funtastic as always this powerful boys roams around the mara mating and hunting successfully yesterday as we had an encountered them you can see how healthy they are not a straggle of a meal like there cousins the lions. 
The cheetah with 7 cubs near olkiombo airstrip have now move the cubs out the dane but with a very big lose now she have 2 from last time 4 so if you think about it she have lost more then 7o% of her cubs.

We have found Lorian at last she is a live bearly she must have lost he cubs too looking at how scared she is I think (though) we have not wetness she have lost he first litter but this are the rules of wilderness she got to be cleaver to bring the family successfully that is why I take my hat on the two most powerful animals SHAKIRA AND OLIVE.

More news to come miujisa home and the j5 soon.
Have a wanderful week.
Salaams Jackson Looseyia.

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Moja mbili tatu.

Asanti Shakira,

Shakira and her cubs are doing well even though she has choosen to be with hyenas life is not too bad after all.
In the few months she went in and our of the park covering a large territory which is part of teaching her cubs, just to say this words; Moja this are the maasai cows the people can be hatari do you hear me kids'' yes mum said Mbili and Tatu which look very sceard.


Always we say why the trable of going out of the park and mix up with the farmers from a cheetah point of view but we have to understand the conservation is part of there territory and the cubs must learn to avoid killing goats and sheep other wise they will be in truble or risk there life being attack by the locals.

The Ridge pride have been one our main forcast since they go between the two reserves.
I dont know how he is still ruling this large pride with the young males coming and going out of his territory.
All the cubs and Females are together not one member is lost though times are had to feed this large pride.
Martin have been on the case with this pride and reporting to a filming company in the mara which is base on the other side of the river mara conservancy.

More news soon of lorian 
Regards to you all Jackson Looseyia.

Good By Rob

I said to Rob before you get to your plain can we go out together for little drive?
Yes of cause he agree, but first we got have our afternoon tea Rob.
We then got in our Landcruicer a cross the Talek the evening was quirt with Big Cats but we went out for views and a remainder of where we are.
I enjoy your company Rob I hope this wonderful place will be with you after you long gone remember to come back when you can.

We all new Binti is opposite the camp we headed that way we still didn't see her but we spotted some thing our staff have arrange sundowners on the river bed with glories sun set what a good ending for Rob, Kwaheri Bwana Rob I said as Martin continue taking photos of our end of safari for Bwana.

While the Tusker is going down the Chui come to her kill and well well both parties were very happy, what a good end for me and Rob in Mara Bye.
Its was sad for me to see my friend go but I understand he need to back home and see his rafikis and family mm. I wish him well he left last night I believe his is back to UK today Rob see you online.
Salaams Jackson Looseyia.

Friday, 6 March 2009

Just before Tea

This place call the maasai mara is truly magical place just arriving and have my first cup of tea the impala started to make call purrr puaaa.
We all got up on our feet what is happening , ''Look'' a kill binoculars out push the tea out of the way its action time on camp chair.
''Slow every one do not disturb its dinner time for Olive'' we sat pole pole and enjoy the show with our amazement we discover she got another kill just next to the other oo yes this is truly Bella daughter the real Queen of the Talek river ha.

In my heart I m saying thank you Olive for such a well come back to the maasai mara love it, ''Aha this is the life'' I as came back to get my tea looking at a long view in front of our mess tent on the talek river.
Soon after our few guest left to see the next part of intertwinement I wave and wish then a good afternoon before we join up together at the camp fire listening our big cats and hyenas in total darkness. Rob my friend camp manager who is about to live for good to the UK tap on my shoulder look up Jack, I now that is Orion and that is Taurus next to the seven sisters. You will miss this Bwana Rob I know, waiter can I have a large gin and tonic he said.

The wilderness is great for our souls the fresh air, and the kindness of Kenya people will always bring back I love africa one our guest commented.
Well come home its for all of us I said, if you think about it this is where we all started its here in africa it belong to all of us and glad to have you here and  to share this beautiful place.

Thank you all more new to come soon.
Salaam Jackson Looseyia. 



Dear Friends,
I have just arrive from Nairobi yesterday visiting Miujisa after we have been separated for a week. I was warred about her and how she will react to her new home but she is doing well she now have many people to look after her also getting what she need for food. You cant believe fast this animals grow Look at her the only thing she is still missing is long views of the maasai mara sitting on a termite mount reading the menu but she is in good hands for her safety lucky to be a life in the fist place.

Nairobi is a little distance for me to get there every month this will translate I will not be able to see my little cat every week or twice a day to update you. I have made direct contact with her keeper through email she will update me every week and I will be visiting her once a month.

We are making progress on her new home I have been given the list of materials needed for her new home at the orphanage and I m in contact with Paula and John to send the money to the contractor to build her a place.
I have talk to the senior warden in charge of the park about the possibility of introducing Miujisa back to the wild and she said the only place KWS will trust for introduction will be Meru national Park. The mara will not be an option at all too many larger predators any cheetah which have been hand read will not survive in the maasai mara.
I have accepted that all I now wish is your contact of who will be the people to work with outside Kenya to do some introduction of cheetahs like this one back home away from people if possible?.
I would wish to see our wild cat in the wild in africa unless they are not able to serve on there own and need our help.
I still like to thank you all for your gracious contributions towards Miujisa.

My other big thank you is to Sanigo Naurori and Meikuya the two rangers who work had to look after miujisa in the first place.

Asanti sana 
Mimi wenu Jackson Looseyia.