Friday, 8 April 2011


Olive Nkayioni and one of little cubs

After some time we now had conform one of the little cubs had been missing, I do not think we can see the little cub any more which was a boy, Now Olive and Nkayoini had been together with the Little cub female, feeding together and resting in one tree some time.

For the time we have follow Olive, and the two cubs its just like the days of Big Cat Live, where we found this leopard with Binti, Ayah and Kali, Olive had just repeated the same, she is a good Mother more than I have learn in history of Leopard.

Have a good day.


Jackson Looseyia.

Friday, 1 April 2011

Cheetah in Naboisho Conservancy

Before we had our breakfast In Naboisho camp, we found yet another star from the guiding school area. A mother with 5 cubs, just imagine the fun looking at this young Cheetahs play hid and seek.
You can tell clearly this mum have not see a lot of cars she was shy and not giving any time at all good for her.
When we meet her right in the open she started walking towards the safe heaven she always new, the Acacia thorn tree line of forest in the Area.
As you all know how had this days to see Cheetahs I am glad to meet this ones at Naboisho.

The cubs did not care if we are there or not it was playing time, this group had done so well I could not believe my eyes what I was looking at after some long days and had drives in the Mara without any Cheetah.
The affect on Cars surrounding this species is very clear most of them had left to quiet place like Naboisho, Bless the people who had work had to form this heaven for our animals.

Cubs can be entertaining, heart breaking, and lovable, in any away for someone like me who love this animals I was over the Moon.

I would still suggest we help our National reserve to bring the glory back to our enjoyment also for the future of our Children and there, just like this one I had at Naboisho.

Kind regards.

Jackson Looseyia.

Naboisho conservancy

Dear Friends,

I am now on a long deserve leave after a long time in the camp and hosting guest.
Just the day before I went home I went to see the new Naboisho Conservancy how its doing and what Animals will see there.
What a good surprise, I meet up with new members which I am yet to introduce to you all.
22 lions in one morning between 6:15 and 10 am what a place, Naboisho is on the eastern side of Olkiombo about 40 min from there and North east of Talek if you look at the Map.

This place is solitude heaven any one who will come to this place will just amazed with the number of wildlife from Cats to Elephants, Topi, Gnus, and Lots of Giraffes.

This is the King of this pride no Name yet Since I will be spending the whole of June there this year I will surely introduce you to all the members of this pride.
I am so exited to let you know about them.

Kind regards,

Jackson Looseyia.