Monday, 14 December 2015

The Marsh Pride

My Dear Friends, We had a very disappointing December 2015 with lose of Marsh pride member on Poison what a shame, As you can see from my last write up the prides are in big presure due to night grazing, this is the end result of it, Last week one of the guides from Main Govenors camp headed on his nomarl game drive to find Bibi dead and Allan frosting in his mouth, He call camp quickly for help and imagine the guest who had paid to come over to the Mara to see and Photograph this Cats, they call the vet from Defny Shaldrek Trust who came a little late due to distance but help was here at last, Allan was dong well until night when the Buffaloes discovered and Trumbull him to dust nothing was left of poor Allan, to this Date we had Lost Siana we think she may had move to cover somewhere and died and got finish by other predictors, Soon the news was break to all over the country and beyond every one new this a big blow to our nationa heritage and the rest of consevertion lovers, One thing every one must know about the Maasai Mara it have a big name in Kenya and out side the world, films had been made here best selling Photos had been made here in the Mara, In this regards we must all of us defied it with all of our power and strangth, f the Mara falls it will be like a very big tree follen and it take down a lot of trees where it falls, In history most of the time the County Authority manage to contain this negative news from reaching outside world but not this time round, Before it reach to the county HQ it's already coming from the headline all over the country and Oveseas, To this day they will have to take full responsibility for allowing cattle grazing in the famous Maasai Game reserve, I will believe when I see in a few month that there are no cattle in the National Reserve, I had there is a total barn during the day as well as during the night I will wait and see, This is just one of the reported incidents there many more we do not know however if the Prides are left a lone no interfere it will baunce back in a very short time, When One of Malaika Cubs get taken by a crocodile it Was sad to loose such a close friend but this is natural and we have to forget quickly but not BiBi this was very Painful and it will take us a long time to recover, Have a good coming Christmas and Very prosperous 2016. Asanti Sana Jackson Looseyia,