Thursday, 18 December 2008


Dear My Rafikis,
After a short safari with my son in my larger office I had to take my little boy back to the village.
At list we had some time together as father and son,
We spend more time together with rest of the family Ann my wife and Nailantei, Nekishon, Milanoi and little Lorian.
We did some working in hills arround our home this learning more things before they go back to school next month.
I tought them the eatdeble wild fruits from Carisa trees so call (Ilamuriak), Capea capensis fruits (Ilikisikonyenk) among many other souts and roots.
They need to know some of this things from an adult other wise they will start eating the roung things which will end up being a disaster.
I took the boy for whole day walk in the hills meeting a lot of neighbours elders and their wives together with kids looking after sheep and cows for families.
On our walk he also learn birds sounds, flowers, trees, and incects what a walk for him.

Then I left the family to joind my colleges in the office like going home I was just as exitedd to meet some of my friends and the fist one was Shakira and her cubs.
I think she is starting the head work to provide the cubs almost every day if not twice a day some food this girls are now grown so well.
Shakira was looking very thine and lean but healthy I m sure today she will hunt something.
My excitement was meeting a friend in the open plains of the maasai mara just wanderful ha.
The news of the J5 are good they have been seen near our camp at the talek river,just  at tea time yesterday looking at the river come out Olive opposite our camp hunting but the Black back jackals alarm every one and she did not succeeded on hunting any thing poor girl.
She have been seen in the area and almost every morning and evening what a relief to see this magnificent cant roaming freely a long the talek river.
Aya and Kali have been seen by our guides just a day before I came to camp all three together to every one amaizment just cant explain this beheviour of leopards together.
Paul our Big Cat Live spotter send me some intresting news of the two girls fighting together in the same territory they were born together, in this regards at least some independents is seen with Binti.
I wish you all a marry Christmas with your Families.
Very Best Jackson Looseyia.


Jane said...

Just to say, it's been wonderful to read all your blogs and view all the great photos you have put online. Thank you, and a very happy Christmas to you and all you family.

Very best wishes indeed,

Anonymous said...

Great story.
Is that Olive and Kali licking each other.
See you Christmas eve at 13:40 GMT.
Merry Christmas

Jackson Looseyia said...

yes its Kali and his mum Olive
cheers Jackson

Anonymous said...

Jambo!Fabulous report Jackson, love the picture of Olive and Kali. can't believe how big Shakira's girls are now!!
Merry christmas to you all
Apesey x

Mirza93 said...

Hi Jackson,
Good for you to spend some time with your family. Thanks for always keeping us updated. Merry Christmas to you and your family

littlewid said...

Great update once again Jackson. Fantastic to have news on the Jackson5. Wonderful pic of Kali and Olive.
Have a wonderful christmas with your family Jackson.
Look forward to the BCL update on christmas eve.
littlewid -x-

Alikat said...

Jambo Jackson
Wondeful t hear Shakira and the girls are well, and the Jackson five are fine. So lovely to hear all the things you are teaching your son and to hear of the fun times spent together. I wish you and your family a very merry christmas amd a happy new year to you and all your friends in the Masi mara.
best wishes

Sarah Skinner said...

Hi Jackson. Thanks for all the wonderful information and photos in the blog(and thanks to Colin for directing me to this site!) really enjoy the updates. Andy and I are back in the Mara on the 26th Dec for 9 nights (camping in the triangle & Musiara side) and hope our paths may cross and we to get to see some of our old friends to (including our favourite boy Notch!) by all accounts he and his sons are still in the tiangle, full of testosterone and looking ready to establish their own prides, will it be the Marsh pride or will it be the Serena pride, who knows, all I can say is that poor old Serena male needs to watch out!
All ther best, Sarah Skinner.

Anonymous said...

As a matter of interest Jackson, do you think there will be another Big Cat Live?

Xavier Van der Veken said...

Hi Jackson.
I've just been catching up with all your recent blogs and I'm pleased to see that the news from my favourite part of the world is good.
I'm looking forward to BCL revisited (to be aired in the UK on 24th Dec).
Have a lovely time with your family.

Lottie said...

Thank you Jackson for all the fabulous updates.
It's so good to know that the cats are all doing well.
I wish you & your family the happiest of Christmases & hope we get to see you on Big Cat very soon

Mark and Ams said...

Jambo Jackson, your son is a very lucky boy to be learning so much from you! We're loving your blogs, please keep them going next year as we would miss all the news so much! You put so much time into them but we do appreciate it all so very much.

Wishing you, your family and everyone in camp a very very happy Christmas and a wonderful 2009!

See you soon,
Ams and Mark xxx

jacksonlooseyia said...

Hi Anonymous,
I don't know when the BCL will be on again i have had any news on i m sure will be told by Our bbc nature programs.

And to Sara,
Notch club will be dousing some trouble soon as we all now it is a matter of time.
The serener pride is a soft target but we have the ridge pride below serana with only one male Snuggle tooth but the ridge pride cross the river back and forward,
This boys will take three if not four prides when they start which my include the mash pride as well.
Happy Christmas to you all.

Shakira said...

Jambo Jackson,

A great big thank you for all you have done since the show stopped, cant wait for the catch-up tomorrow
on the bbc, the pictures you show us, and the news you tell us is a treat !!! thank you again.

best wishes for 2009

Liz xx (Scotland)

ilovecheetahs said...

Hello Jackson

Thanks for the great blogs you have posted. Great news of the Jackson 5 and Shakira and her cubs.
What lovely news to end this year on.
A very Happy Christmas to you and your family and look forward to BCL update on Christmas Eve.

Our warmest good wishes
Anita and Paul xx

Kelly said...

Hi Jackson,
Thanks for the updates and fabulous pictures. Just wish one day i could see some of the gorgeous animals in the flesh in their natural environment. Keep up the good work. And i will definately be watching on Christmas eve.
Merry Christmas to you and your family!

Anonymous said...

A big thank you from Fiona and Janine. It has been wonderful to get all your updates about the Mara. Helps to make us feel we are still there, a part of what is going on.
No words really to say how much we thank you. Will be out at the end of February.

seiko said...

Wow how Shakira's cubs have grown! I'm delighted to know they are well.

Thank yo so much

Seiko (I'm Japanese):-)

Anonymous said...

Jackson, it was great to have your involvement on Big Cat Live, especially because of the knowledge you bring from growing up in the area. We visit Sabi Sands regularly, and our favourite guide there, Hali, has the same insight into nature. But I wanted to tell you that in Sabi also there are leopards which associate with each other in unexpected ways. In particular a big male leopard, Mafufunyane, has regularly been recorded visiting and eating with his females (not just to mate), his cubs and even his adult offspring. I agree with the comments made by Simon King, that when leopards are more habituated to us and allow us to watch them more often, we see more aspects of their behaviour which may be more normal than we think.