Thursday, 4 December 2008

Dear all,
We have have been lucky again to see and to be with our large Cats this week and it going well.
The Mash pride have been lucky now just found a dead Elephant at the mash so they don't need to work had to catch there pray.
This is the second Elephant found dead in the area we have no idea why are they dying,  but as you may know the predators have more resistance from disease that kill hubevours being bacteria or some viruses.
Above is one of the young males looking into the future after a good meal he is under the protection of Red and Bibi what a powerful pride.

The real good news is Shakira Girls just look at them they have grown big in weeks really fun to see them again and again.
We know the Cheetah is an endanger species in the world but with this now having been through what they have, we have hope they will make it into the future in our maasai mara.
But this is an area full of larger predators which still can make the life of this wonderful family miserable.
Shakira bump into a lioness all what she needed to do is hunch her back to a lert the cubs I tell you this little cubs took of like a wind just too first for the lions to catch them ha go girls go.
Shakira has move a bit not too much but enough to put the cubs in a good test.

Now the other news is the Queen of the Talek Bella she made an appearance last week too going strong and she has recovered from the last injury so happy to see her again come back.
Although she is better without a doubt she is getting (mzee) meaning old however she is looking strong how glad I m to see her again you cant get enough of this magnificent Cat.
 That is for today well get you more news soon.

Very Best Jackson Looseyia 


Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures Jackson,great to know all is well with the gang in your office.

littlewid said...

Jambo Jackson
What a great update that was. However it is sad to hear that to elephants have died, they are such majestic creatures and they tug at my heart as much as the big cats do, i bet the herd are mourning their loss.
Lovely to see Shakira's girls doing so well and yes, my how they have grown.
Wondeful to see Bella as well, she also holds a special place.
You are a lucky man Jackson.
Peace to you and all in your magnificent office.
littlewid -x-

CatsEye said...

Hi Jackson, Great to hear from you! Aren't Shakiras cubs huge...

Thanks for keeping us posted!

Mama Duma said...

Jambo Jackson
Thanks for the update! I am SO relieved that Shakira hasn't ventured out of the park afterall and that her cubs are doing really well. Lovely to see beautiful Bella too, the Queen of the Talek is one of Masai Mara's treasures.

lotties-doodles' said...

Lovely to hear all the cats are doing well.
sad to hear ellies are dying, I hope it's nothing very serious.
Thank you Jackson for keeping us up to date

wildlife said...

Hi Jackson,very sad to hear about the elephants have died,but it is also great to hear the news,that shakira and the girls are doing well,they have really grown,great pictures!!good to see bella also,she is a special cat,like all of them.Thanks for all the great news Jackson,looking forward to hearing from you soon x

Vernski said...

Thanks Jackson, it is great to get news from the Mara. Looking forward to more.

Anonymous said...

Jambo Jackson!
so glad you and all the cats are well, bit sad about the elephants though. loving the photos, so glad shakira still has the 3 girls.
take care and keep up the fantastic updates
Apesey xx