Saturday, 28 September 2013

Dear Friends, Well after a lot of silence I am now back to let you all know what is the Maasai Mara news, Two very big news and Sad Notch the king of Maasai Mara is still missing, I was guiding a well known wildlife photograph Andy Rouse for 2 weeks and Notch was on the Agenda, we did not found him even though I had refuse to accept he was not here any more I still had hope one day I will find him around the corner with his cubs as always, I so lots of cubs from Fig tree pride to Harmerkop pride, I went to find Olkeju rongai pride, Olkiombo and the river Pride Notch was no where to be found, that is when I started becoming sad indeed, We all new some day the old king will sleep, and head home to very large savanna, may he is there ?? I had From a few guides that the Park Rangers had found remains of a male Lion but if Solo was not there to prove to them that this is Notch it will be very diddicult for any one to tell it need some experts, especial when very little of him is on the ground, I still hope he is a life but my hope are running down quickly, in the wild I do not want to conclude and say its over this place is full of surprises, Just a few days ago while was parking my Mobile camp back to the store after such busy season Pius From rekero camp send me a text, OLIVE HAD BEEN FOUD DEAD KILLED BY HYENA, I got up quick get into my KAQ Toyta Head to Olkiombo area, it was beautiful morning the mara was full of wildebeest from Rhono Ridge to Double cross all heading to the east following the green grass after the rains, some how I was still thinking what had happen, I arrive to the Air Strip early when our Park Rangers are getting ready to receive there arrivals, I went to meet up with there Senior and ask if he can come with me to go and find out this news and what had had happen, He was a little hesitant and said oo may be your going to put the Internet the bad news of the predictor. I insist we have go now no more Q please, it had rain that day and the Talek crossing was sleepery but my Toyota prove to be great and no trouble crossing, 2 mins heading to the South east of Olkiombo we found Onesmas from Rekero and Solo the Ranger who new Olive the Star of Talek River, Every one was very sad very little hallow, we look at each other no words to discribes seeing Mama Olive still on the ground, no one could even touch find out what had happen to her, I was very sad indeed I had to look away very now and then just hid my wet eye from the other Gentlmen, some said to me then the Talek river will not be the Same without Olive the queen of stealth, Solo was very sad indeed I do not remember us say any thing, I quickly got glove and started to check her what had happen, I came to a congluton that she was Killed by Lions but just one lion, the super hunter had very large wounds on her head and we measured and found it was only lions had such power break her skull, I stood there when More cars arrive, some with guest and very upset guides from the Mara,and I help to load Mama Olive on the Back of the Pick up and still did not believe my eyes that Olive was not there any more, No one wave or said any thing every one went there way and say R.I.P QUEEN, This two stories had been very had for some like me who is with this animals every day, when they hunt, fight, take over Teritory play and groom there cubs, you name it, To all fans of Big Cats it's big Pole to you all and lest hope Bahati, or Saba will take Olive place but never the same again, Salaams,, Jackson Looseyia,