Saturday, 5 March 2011

Lisbey is Missing


The Main Marsh Pride is now amazing strong just kill a female buffalo in the marsh yesterday. This are White, Charm, Bibi and the young cub cubs.
White is looking very strong now than ever as bibi is.


The one member we now know is missing is Lisby we have been looking for it for nearly a month and bit but no sign yet however before we over rule and say she in not with us any more lets just give it a little more time to find her.

White Eye.

Next on the missing list are two of the graces I think they are just around the conner some where not far.
This pride do goes in and out of the reserve its had for the Rangers to track them all the time, especially at night when they go and cause trouble with our local people.


Jackson Looseyia.

Young family of the marsh pride

Dear All,

I had took a quick look at the marsh Pride and found some of the intresting fact about this pride.
First I had found 4 of the 9 cubs during big cat live are now big cats full grown up.

Intrestingly they had separated from the main pride just like the graces when Glawed and Romeo took over.

There brothers are down to 3 one of them lost a leg and I do know what happened to the other he look very lame as well may be as a result of hunting Hippo.

More to come today stay with me.

Best regards,

Jackson Looseyia.

Narasha and her Boys.

Dear Friends,

As you my want to know how our cheetah are doing, all well indeed.
Shingo or Duma the mother of 6 cubs is stayed in a close area near Talek for nearly two months now.
She is so cleaver she knows no one will follow her into her bed room and she come out every time she need to explore for food then back in.
Narasha and her boys are going well too just been going in and out of the reserve too right into OOC conservancy where she gave birth her Boy.
Honey boys are as good as ever however one if limping yesterday do not what happen, as they go for larger prey its inevitable it they will be injured.
The Cars had not been behaving well too still crowd the poor Cheetahs, I am still hopping we can get two cars for this Job as soon as we can to stop this type of Behavior.

Thank you all and have a good day.

Best regards,

Jackson Looseyia.