Thursday, 16 April 2009

Members of the Marsh pride.

Cubs of the marsh Pride.

Dear Friends,
Once again I m writing to let you know some members of the marsh pride.
First the cubs within the pride, We have two members from the Three Graces only not from the main pride so far, As I have shown from above the young girls and boys are still young to be left a lone from there Parents which is normally the case when they females are ready to breed.
I hope this information is helpful to you all.

Now Tamu mmmm I m sorry to tell you I don't know too what happen to Tamu I remember during and after filming we are looking for her but we did not know what had happen.
Just some useful information about the mass pride is they are very close to the conservation area which mean they are alway in and our of the National reserve and coursing problems to our local maasai taking cattle.
If you remember a few years ago the marsh pride was not film that was on of the reasons the pride severs very badly and the film makes did not have any other option rather than look for another pride to film and the like of Sala and Cheza were known.
I m just telling you some of these friends will not be known how they end up.
I think this why the beauty remains here with us.
Warm regards

Jackson Looseyia.

Monday, 6 April 2009

Kali yesterday evening.

Dear all,
I have only one day before I go home for the season but we went to see our big cats before I live for a few days.
Since one of my daughters is too small to go for long drives we are just doing our drive relatively close to our camp on the talek river.
My wife wanted to see the leopard so much as the big cat live had make a lot of people want see the J5.
We look for two days but not too had we have a baby 1 year old and this her trip to meet up with all the animals.
Just yesterday we decided to push a little huddler then we came a cross Kali what a sight.
I m really amaze how big Kali is he have grown so fast in the last month just gougers.
After 2 hrs with our little one she said its enough how much you want to see this Cat I m not taking it any more she wan the we left.

Very late in the evening I decided to go and look for our other Big Star Shakira and her Girls.
Sure enough we found her just above Olkiombo airstrip two of the cars who are looking at it were a far from them then we followed the same and look with just binocs.
One of the cars left I think they think its too late for her to hunt but we staid on for the best of our evening.
Shakira perform so well wright in the open grass she stork and and got her family a nice meal it couldn't be better today My wife said.
I agree better than big cat live the light was great late even
ing sun is on the horizon a black storm behind with just us and one other vehicle we loved every min of it, Again thank you shakira for sharing this wonderful experience with our families too.
Ann My wife was looking at Moja, Mbili, and Tatu how they run after there Mum well well they can run just as fast as Shakira she commended, I was focus on Shakira so much that I did not see how fast they went, Haaa lovely evening guys we couldn't ask for more.
We then rush back to camp for a shawa on the way I spotted one of the males of Olkiombo pride looking as magestick as a king we have look at this one a male lion on a mission looking sneffing around and at the same time roaring this was icing on the cake we dont need any thing for the day.
Just to to our camp at 6:45 our adrenilant was high, and our spirit was up rocket the best we had together as a family.
The ridge pride, Marsh pride and our big boys notch club was just a little to far for my little on I must say until next time I love you all and I wish you the best of the season.

Best regards Jackson Looseyia.

Sunday, 5 April 2009

Miujisa Name.


Dear Friends,
I have had from some of my friends asking about the Name for our star of the year after Shakira of cause.
Before she was transfered we had a few names put in place including her mother and the Name Miujisa won at the end.
He late mama was even given a name after she she died defending he love ones and it was Call Moyo we all agreed.
Since then Miujisa got a transfer to Nairobi orphanage you all no about it and the keepers never gave the name we new her of Miujisa but they call her Olkiombo.
I and Keyur got on the case and defended our members to be call Miujisa even the senior warden call me to confirm she is call Miujisa.
I just want to make sure every one is on the same page on the Name of our little star I wish you all well have a nice day at the office.
Yours Rafiki Jackson Looseyia.

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Visit to Miujisa

Hallow friends,
I had a senior moment on the 28th I was suppose to fly to Nairobi but I miss my plane but never mine I drove instad.
Our drive was intresting we meet a lot Maasai cattle going to the mara for better grazing I mean thousand on the road.
We finally got to Nairobi and I had to rush to the ophange to see my little girl miujisa.
I then call my other friend Keyur another contrubuter of miujisa fun, we always talked on the phone but never meet this was the moment I was longing for.
It was a moment between us three Miujisa, Jackson, and Keyur
We then had a discussion about the future is this little cat a long side with the staff will it be possible to have her in the wild? can this place be made larger for other cheetah too? why this why that? you name it I think this staff though we are such a pain.
Having grown in the wild with free animals it is so had to accept what is happening to them but I have to remain myself this are all orphans and no one in Kenya know how to deal with introduction of animals in the wild its rather al laming.

Keyur and Martin ask to see the materials and we left the little one in her large Enclosure now filling better she is finally at her long time home!!!
I had always followed the materials very close to make sure nothing goes missing on the way and my Friend Keyur who live a few min from the orphanage had been a great help he monitor every thing that we said to be bought and well done him and thank for helping us all to make sure what we said it happen not just another white elephant.

We then had a thought some little cheetahs are near by why miujisa is not with them? we ask.
The keepers thought what a good idea but can you tell the boss they said I then call the boss the senior warden and she said we look in to and if possible and the expert say so will do so she said.

What a day for me and my team, Salaash our camp manager was traveling that night to Spain so we had to work around the clock until we escorted him to the Airport at 9 pm.
I was not going to miss another flight to Amboseli.
My trip to Amboseli was great the Mountain was clear on the flight I can see mount Kenya, Mount Kilimanjaro, Mount lenkai on the west and Mount Meru looking toward the south just beautiful.
The day was intense since I had miss one day work had for 12 hrs non stop and at last I send my message to the children and the community of Esitati just out side the park, Look after the wildlife, birds, trees, and water catchment will you they all said yes ha at list some one had to educate the society the will remain ignorant of there surrounding I love my job.
I then came back to my office in the mara and all is waiting for me can wait to let you know how they are doing since I will stay for 7 more days after we had close in two days time, See you soon on the blog.
Best wishes for Easter 
Jackson Looseyia.