Tuesday, 25 August 2009

the last day

This is our last day on Safari,
At the end of our evening we spend a good time with Honey boys,
This boys as you all now are the strongest in the mara they try to hunt once again they miss it though we blame one of the safari cars getting too close to then when they mean business.
It was a lovely evening the light coundt be better and we said kwaheri to our them at list for this wanderful safari.
At this point I m getting restless I have not seen the rest of 3 graces where is one of them?
You remember one of you ask if we have lost one them and I said to wait.
We got up early as we always do when you with J haaaa it's punishment.
Then the fist one we meet was one of the graces mating with romeo and then we found two of the other females with a little cub and two bigger cubs these was the best news for me. I wanted know all of them are here sure they are with us very  healthy.
Now we are pushing time for our breakfast and the flight time is now about.

We got so well with my friends O'Niell family, I wish them well on there travel to Kenya, and went back to Our Camp Rekero on the back of the talek river.
It was a safari of a life time.
Best regards to you all 
Until nest time 

Jackson Looseyia.

Friday, 14 August 2009

Which Girl is this.

Soon after Brakfast we went on a short drive.

We sow this Mama Cheetah but I dont know her any one have a picture or remeber meeting her??.

Looking forward to hear from you all.


Jackson Looseyia.

The Mash Pride

White eye arriving to the kill late.

As the whole pride come in one by one I had quick look around to see who els might be in the area after the kill.Well I can see three more lions who are they?

Slowly we drove away from the main pride to Id the big male and a female,
This is Romeo and one of the Three Grases, I have been looking for the set-light pride of the marsh pride for a few days but no luck now I can conform there presence.
 One of them missing where is the other lioness Simon? She is around and have a small cub some where on the bila shaka.

The other Grace with two cubs.

Before brakfast we have now seen the whole pride exept clawed and one of the Graseses I am wishing to see them.
 Simon, ''I had one of them was missing from other souses''. 
What do you think?

This will be the next day 
Fingers cross she is a live we drove off for our picnic site.

Love Jackson Looseyia.

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

a week on Safari With J Looseyia.

Bibi made a kill.

After we have made plants before we bed time, Sat around the camp fire listening the marsh pride roar,
During the night which was a bit cold for me I can read the sound of elephants baboons, leopards,and the old hippo.
I got up early while our night Askari was waiting to escort me back to the opend land rover.
Every one was there on time Lets do it guys, the mash pride I said to the drive Simon and John.

Yesterday I meet Notch and I though in my mind there is no way I can better that morning but it gett better.
We meet up with mash pride on the open grassland near the musiara gate walking and I said to our guest they may be hunting.
A few min of clicks from the Nikon SLR we realize the pride is for sure hunting, Lets get out of the way everyone but some of the drivers from other safari camps are really annoying haaaaa.
Never the less the pride went after a small group of wildebeest this again was a magical moment with the Marsh pride.
The cubs as always spoilt the hunt Red nearly made a kill that was fantastic as the wildebeest run away from Red and Lisbey.
A quick count where is Bibi I said to Simon? where is she, I ask him to drive away to look for her and he was not ready but I push had look for Bibi.
A moment then I look around, there she is I jump up with excitement look look,
Now some of the cars are with rest taking photo and we are with bibi on a real hunt.
She goes, moving in , I then I shouted go go and she made a kill wou that is fantastic.
If your there you would though I was mad as I commentated as if I was talking on camera.
Well done bibi.
I don't know how the rest of the pride sow but one by one they arrive into the kill fairly quickly led by a young cub which I will predict to be the next lead female of the marsh pride very active,
and then Last to arrive was White eye the grandma bless her.

Bibi proudly look everyone is together after the kill.

This was the high light of may stay and guiding so far in this trip phenomenal.
Wait for the next few min after the main marsh pride.

Salaams Jackson

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Day five

Soon after brakefast we are pack to go,
On the way we meet briefly the three brothers Honey boys as always meeting this boys is fub.
This was just a tranfer to Ilmuran from Rekero camp and we must keep going, we will come back later.
As we arrive all I wanted to see was Red, Bibi, Lisbey, and White eye.
We spend our afternoon with marsh pride as they play in a rainy day however its was the best time so far day one of Ilmuran.

We so elephants buffaloes, Hippo and many birds all in the marsh.
Sleep well you all see you at 6 am.

Saturday, 8 August 2009

a week on Safari With J Looseyia.

Now you This is Notch.
As I write this page I can feel the fire of love and excitement from our experience we had with Notch.
We battle to get where he was going and waited a bit before he come runing with a female and one of his sons,
Go girl go but look at the male lion you ar
e runing away from it could be the next father of your cubs as said loudly esive the lions can hear me.
His son came soon after that and we had a show from Notch and his boy lovely.
Soon not was not able to get his prize but not for long I m sure in the next few days she will be keen to have this majestic lion to father she cubs and sure enough she was mating yesterday.

The rest of the family were very disappointed that they don't go on a game drive with the mother however good on her she dissever to see everything the office can offer.

Thank Notch for such a show we see soon.

Salaams Jackson 

a week on Safari With J Looseyia.

A lion in the distance.

It was not long 6:15 was there but only one person show up and it was the lucky one to share this wanderfull office with me.At night I couldnt sleep well now its my 5th day in the office Notch is no where to be seen?
We head off with very little to say my mind was notch and his boys where they!!,
Coming over to low hill we look around there he come a lion look our spotter then said I can see a large male, ''Dickson have you ever seen Notch'' ''No'' he reply.
The lion was coming toward us so we stayed still for some time waiting.
As he came closer we the excitement get more I look with my best binoc as with a hope this might a lion I know.
Then as he came pass the car gues who he was  haaaaaaa.

We have found him at last but what is he doing here its a long way from the main crossing area.
He didn't care we are there the king had a mission we followed humbly through the great mara savanna.
He is gone, we look at each other and said that was good moment, amazing Jackson the only guest commented, I then was determine to see him again off we went thank God we have a four will drive car.

Notch as I said in last few blogs will be ruling the mara with his boys and in the next few min of the game drive turn out to be stunning.

wait for the next few min with notch the show started like we are in said a theator.
Just love it.

a week on Safari With J Looseyia.

Bwana Kali.

The nest hour was just great every one was nearly in teas as Kali walk pass my land-cruiser the moment was unforgettable.
Like meeting with a friend I look at Kali large eyes like which look like an african model.
I look around to see what every one was doing but all were clicking there new Nikon cameras and the best binocs they can find.
I bless them when the Father was started to cry with happiness I now know I m not a mid guide to them I had move to there best guide they have ever had in africa.
Well done Kali you have safe my day dear I said with silence in my heart very emotionally.
This is Kali every one do you remember him ? 
Yes we do, in big cat live we remember a young leopard playing with a hare'' and I said this is the one,he had grown so large for just a few months near a year since we had Big Cat?
I hope the BBC come back again and show Kali and his mum in the talek river.
Kali is now close more to Binti than mama Olive, I had Olive have a little cub which I have not seen yet, I cant wait to see her mum and if she have a little cub what will happen to Kali, ? will he stay a lone now or still stay near home? will he be in-depended from olive or olive will look after him like she did with Binti and Ayah? I had so many Q but I will get the A soon.

Now Kali stared to walk away toward our camp we love every min with him and it was a good ending for my friend guest.
We have one more drive tomorrow before we go to the next camp any one want to gut up and go for a drive I offer?
Yes two of them said"
Sawa 6:15 departure ok.

See you at 6:15
Lala salama

Jackson Looseyia.

a week on Safari With J Looseyia.

The beginning of Day Four.

Now this is our last day what is the plan Jackson one of them said to me, well I have no opption for you it got be 6:15 for wildebeest migration ok.
That will be great we love to see the wildebeest at last, our picnic was set in the car and off we go.
I new some good news today I can feel in the air and really exited may be i will see shakira may be Lorian?

We travel as far as the Sandriver lost of wildebeest coming to Kenya from every direction the sky was full of vultures this is one of best areas to visit during migration since its not busy with other holiday makers.
At about 9 am with just wildebeest and Zebras its time to have a brake I call on the radio to James what is happening that end he replay a bit quiet but the wildebeest are about to cross the river.
We sat on the banks of the mara river a well deserve cup of coffee our moments for bird watching eagles, Kingfishers, Starlings among others.
Now its getting hot we must move to see what is happening on the river crossing, when we arrive there the numbers of tourist are high every some of them with a long lences waiting to see the croc attacks but this year is very defferent the mara river is very low the wildebeest are just walking across not as dramatic but its great to see.
I took my guest away from the crowds to a more better place where I can chat and give them some info on the migration, I love every moment I had with them watching the gnu.
They are starting to cross lets go'' I took them close as the number mount up and dust up in the air croc arriving what a great event was that.
A few min we are invaded by the tourist I then move slowly out of sight as I love solitude back to see some of the cats before lunch now I am making the last plan for our two last drive.

We need to be in the car by 4 pm no one to be late I commended to my friends with a smile.
Ok boss they said, I now know what I m doing its chui after noon.
I got into my 4by4 with my exited guest I can feel some thing good is around the conner looking around the talek rive there something here every one we all look in the near by crotons on the banks and sure there was a leopard.
Camera, binocs to try and id this leopard in the bushes fantastic we are now very exited we spend the next hour waiting for this cat to come out.
Don't go away I will update you from hrs by hrs 


Friday, 7 August 2009

a week on Safari With J Looseyia.

The lead female of the paradise pride now notch.

At this stage every one is well rested, relax and having one too many bears around the camp fire.
I am stack with my rule of getting up in the morning no time wested while I m guiding haa.
We are getting up at 5:45 mmmm some of them said I m sleeping and the old man and his wife said we are coming few at list I have company in the morning to go our cant wait to be honest to be out and see what is happening in my office.
The morning started relatively Quirt but never boring in my office,
We found fist two boys young lions who look like they are on a mission sure they a I would call this males, Glowed and Romoe nightmare not far from the mash if any of the nomadic male are take over the mash pride it would be this boys first before Notch and his team.
Mins after we so yet another lioness with his young boy on a wildebeest Kill this is a good morning its get better, My aim this morning is to see any of notch boys or notch himself but Looked very where no luck.
Its getting hot again drink planty of water folks and 
I push my way home before lunch.
In the afternoon some of the guest had wetness a crossing and I m out of here before 4 to look out area one of my feverate place in the mara.
Thousands of wildebeest cross towards the mara conservancy crazy holiday makes with all different type of cameras it was crazy but to in a bad way.
As we look around we experience our fist interruptions a small pride get in and nearly kill the one of the gnus that fantastic as she work pass the car with her cub about 9 months old.
The day is over see you tomorrow.

a week on Safari With J Looseyia.


We then made our next plan before we arrive to camp, may I get your attetion please? the family look at me while the enjoy there last drink guesing at the sun set.
Tomorrow we are not going any far we are looking for the j5, we are getting up at 5:45 no one had a choice though they are on holiday its very exiting for all of us to drive a round looking at the most beiutiful animals in the planet.
Our mind are still way out there with Shakira and the girls while happen the day they go seperat ways, mean the one qustion after the other this is now 6: 15 then I had a radio call from old James Looseyia I have her in the open,  I look around looking for Kali and his mum Olive, 
I will there in a min then another call she had left your too late the hyenas and Jackals had chase her away and she had run to those bushes in the river back she must be there. 
I look for most of the morning but no luck all of my guest are say what bad guide I was the pressure was mounting.
We then went on and we meet up with two members of the ridge pride a mum with her cub on a buffalo kill but this time it was not news our plan was leopards. we went back again and again then I said we must go for lunch one group was very happy and yet the father and the mother who love the animals have not seen binti I was under pressure but I know I will deliver.

After lunch the staff said to me we have seen a leopard walk in front of the mess and she must have gone to those trees over there.
I jump in to my toyota landcruiser and there she was I took a lot of pictures for my refurence and sat there for over one hour on my own just talking to each other spiritualy I love each time I spend with this beutiful animals I keep saying to my self I am really bless to here a lone with Binti.
I hurry every one for tea and off we went and she was just at the same place i left her the sun was strong and every in the car could fill the pinch of the African sun.
Time went very fist and sun was droping, binti walk in to the banks of the Talek river and I said to all of my friends in the car we must live her this is a solitary cut.
What next Jackson one of the members of the family ask, we then drove a mins and I new where the ridge pride was and this where I m heading guest so wait while look at other animals on our way to matanety where these cubs were born.
Once again we meet yet more carectors who have been on the world screan the ride pride.
9 members today this pride is having a lot of troble from normadic males and notch boys every now and then they disappear for our area either to the mara conservancy or to burungat plains they are all over the place.
That was a wonderful day.
wait for the nest day I said to them.

Thursday, 6 August 2009

A week on Safari With J Looseyia.


Dear All ,
This is how it went,
My Friend Dr. arrive to our camp from another camp in the mara at about 12 pm we meet them and show the tents and before lunch he said to me I m coming up for a drink Jackson up in the mess, I said sure I will be there waiting.
A few min he arrive the puffing like he have been running but that was the case he was very exited to be with me for a whole week.
I said Dr. O'Neill, before we go and have the best of rekero Salads please let us make a plan.
First what have you seen in the last camp as far as cats are concern?, He look at me and said '' Nothing not one cat " I smile a little now I know I really have pressure here but I know where to and where to find them.
We are living camp at Three get every one ready, lunch was great every enjoy the company of each other as always is the rekero atmosphere.
After we have finish arranging drinks with James the second Guide with me, with me guiding this group I had yet another meeting with them, guys we are going to see shakira first because she is heading toward the border.
The light was great we look around the savanna searching for the mama shakira and the girls, after we had cross the rongai river I look under the a gardenia tree. I said there she is very exited call on the radio for our second car she is here, we went in slowly to meet our fist cat in the mara and not just a cat but a friend and champion that every human will pay respect.
I look at the girls and how big there now and in fact they eat every thing shakira was looking hungry still one tomy is not enough for them now she need to be killing at list two animals in one day if she need to eat as well.
The evening light was just perfect my guest could not believe how big the girls have grown from seen them on tv during big cat about a year now to this present day every was nearly in teas of joy.
We spend the whole after noon just with shakira and the girls a lot while we had drink in between.
Every min was precious as you can imagine the love I have for this little family, Shakira will live the cubs very soon its just a matter of time before they go different ways, this will be the great news for all of us who live here in the maasai mara to wetness a success story and a dream come true.
After we had finish our sundowners we headed home while the every one including me were very happy indeed.

Wait for day two.


Its a great week.

To all my friends 
I cant wait to update you on the marsh pride, Kali, Binti, Olive, shakira and the girls, honey boys, the three grasses, and Notch club Oooooooo.
I have good news for all of you don't go far away.

Rafiki Jackson Looseyia