Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Allana and her Cubs

Dear my Rafikis,
I just went out to see our Cats characters before we close 2008 and this is what I came a cross.
Allana the Mother with four cubs near musiara just on the Bila shaka lagger.

I was looking for Shakira and her cubs then I had information that she left the park to the east of leopard George heading to Aitong plains.
I wish her luck on this long safari out of the Park.

The Mash pride all together with lost of food around them although they straggle a bit for just before the wilderbeest and zebras turn up after the short rains.
Yesterday I so one of them where the rest are, I had they went out of the park east of Musiara Gate but they will be in mash may be today.

Notch Club are doing well as we expected now near main crossing with 6 females each of them have got a wife however I have not seen Notch on this side of the river, Sara send me a messege said she is with Notch mating on the Transmara area.
This boys are very large you just want to see them now the only thing is if the Serena pride have cubs it will be a problem they may loose them to Notch Club. The mass pride is fine the cubs are big now when never there is a threat one of the lioness will take them to live on the edge of the territory.

The leopards are at there best almost every day we have seen them near our camp on the Talek River, Kali have grown realy big even some of the people are making mistakes its one of the girls (Ayah or Binti).
Olive have live to be one of the best mother leopard have seen in the mara, She just kill a male Impala two days ago, all of them together feeding its like a christmas dinner.

I wish you all for a happy New Year.

Asanti Jackson Looseyia.


Vic said...

Wishing you and yours a Happy New Year too Jackson.

Xavier Van der Veken said...

Thanks for the update Jackson.
Happy New Year to you and your family.

Mark and Ams said...

What wonderful news!! We have loved having all your updates and wish you, your family and everyone in camp a wonderful New Years Eve and a magical and special 2009!
Lots of love
Ams, Mark, Charlotte and George xxxx

littlewid said...

Hi Jackson
Brilliant update as usual. Glad to hear the Notch club are doing well and also Kali.
I do hope Shakira and her cubs are going to be ok. Are you still able to keep an eye on her if she is out of the park?
Lovely to see Allana, I wish her and her cubs well too.
Happy New Year Jackson and look forward to more updates in 2009.

CatsEye said...

Happy New Year to you too Jackson!

Lovely to hear about more cheetah cubs, and that Kali is growing really big... nailbiting stuff re Shakira though; aren't there farms to the east? Are they going to be ok, do you think?

Anyway have a great 2009, and thank you very much for keeping us posted!!