Sunday, 19 October 2014

Good Morning my Friends around the globe, hope you are doing well in your offices, My office is good happy to be in it reporting from my Maasai Mara office, This year I had absave some interesting fact on wildlife impact in the Mara, I had camp for 4 month this year at Nkorbob Olareorok area, In the evening we see as many as 15 to 20,000 heads of cattle coming into the game reserve, while we have to be soft on the community in had times I have say the impact on wildlife is far more greater than the help to our community, Prides have to change Teritory, cheetahs move out, Bufallo move out, and the Elephant grassing was so thin, the hyena increase by 70% while the small animals degrees, Animals like Bat eared fax, wild cats, Serval, Caricals, Duiker, reedbuck, Bush buck, water back just to name a few did get affected, The Possitive news on the Maa people is we do not poach animals end of the story, I then camp on the Mara Triangle the same time same year, I was amaizing to be there and see the different and it's just divided by a river nothing more, I camp at Dirisha, Olaro campsite and Kampi Ya Mungu, its a different administration and you will not believe me in less than an an hour I have seen the big five, I can't tell you enough what Brian Hearth and his team of the same Maasai Rangers had achief, the species count here is far superior than any othe national park I have ever visited, The Eli's, heads of Bufalos, prides, all the little animals, Oribi, cliff springs, Mountain Reedbuck, just to name a few, This include the 4 Masketies from the Marsh pride had move over due to cattle presure it's breath taking, Over the years I supported the cattle wildlife option but I came to realize they dont work in other parst as much to tell you my openion, if I will be ask today what will be may input I will say zero cattle in any wildlife area period, Asanti Sana, jackson Looseyia,

Saturday, 18 October 2014

Jambo Rafiki, As we windup the season the wildebeest once again have given us the best intertwinement ever on Crossing the Mara River, I witness this Crossing several times this year some exiting some disturbing but its all natural nothing to do about it, Crocks had got to eat, Lions Leopards and Hyenas all part of the ecosystem with we are proud of, I am now waving good bye our Gnus as they head to the next destination to calf at the Serengeti, This year maasai Mara have well come visitors across the world a lot from Asia and this was the opportunity we had guides, and Travel Agents NGOs Government to educate them to stop demand our Rhino Horn and Ivory, I was amaze to see in all Cars, Etc all happy to put sticker which say NO Trading of Ivory or any other animals Products in Kenya, Salaams, Jackson Looseyia,