Sunday, 18 September 2011

Dear Friends,

After some time in the eastern Mara we now have a car Donated by KWT to naboisho Conservancy, to monitor the Cheetahs.
I went to Naboisho for just 2 nights then I meet up with 7 cheetahs in one drive, Shingo Cubs are all there too 6 of them together there mother is now gone away from the Subs,
I meet up with the 4 Subs remain after there mother and sister was Kill by lions.

This new Mother had arrive to the some area Nelson Save her with one of our guides Wilson Mpoya from a lion attack however they come here because there is less pressure on Cars.

We are still moving on to get the rest of the Marutis soon.

Kind regards,

Jackson Looseyia.

Monday, 12 September 2011

Dear Friends After some time in Nomadic Mobile I finally found a Cheetah, It had become very had to see this wanderful animals.

I think I had seen her before when she had this little cubs with Olivier near Olkejurongai.
Shingo is still doing well though she is in the Naboisho conservancy, hope she will finish the up bringing of 6 cubs.
I hope to be there in a few days time if she will be there then I will up date you all a long side with the Left cubs from Naboisho female.

 After a long hot day I found a small pride near Sand River area two males, one female and two cubs I would think its part of a large pride.
The Migration is still in Kenya though I had seen a few herds moving into Seregeti.

On the other had this majestic animals had been poach so had in the last few months near Lemek hills, Olkinyei hills, and Koyiaki Hill, Now we have a group of rangers who just for the Elephants in this area Thanks to Joyce Pool and her team a long side other friends of Kenya.
We hope they will be back and happy in the hills, there may main breeding area.

Salaams to you all my friends,

Jackson Looseyia.

Friday, 9 September 2011

Well even Notch nows not mess up with ladies, he got a a little slap on his face,
Then he just gave her time.

Love to you all,

Jackson Looseyia
Notch is still strong as ever I had just meet him with 4 females from Olkiombo pride which the sons are Mating with some of them.

2 cubs got kill however life must move on in our great office.

Salaams to you all,