Sunday, 29 June 2014

Marsh Pride, River Pride and Double Cross Prides.

Dear Friends, The Maasai Mara is looking great after both Migrations arrive, meaning the Loita and the Seregeti Migration, In the last few days in the office I visited a lot of prides in the Mara, the Marsh Pride, River Pride also known as Rekero Pride, Double Cross pride which are two together, and the last The breakaway pride, This how I observe, in the Marsh, the pride had split into few members due to breading and food, they were every where from Bila Shaka to Lake Nakuru all the way towards Manager Crossing, what is interesting is Scar the Main Male in the pride does not leave the Cubs he is alway the best Dad of the 4 masketies, while the three brothers Sikio, Murani, and Hunter are busy patrolling the Boarders of the Territories, I found this Males way out very Close to Rekero Pride and they look like soon they will take over, The Marsh Pride will be ok no trouble so far but if the father of the Pride keep going too far who know any other Males could come in and trouble Scar but it will be temporary since the females are many it will take some time for any males to take over, however nothing could stop any intrudes from Making trouble. Siana our main Hunter who was save buy all our friends, Governors Camp Maasai Mara Rangers and Kws, she and her Cubs are strong and well I was happy with my Guest to see her Pulling a whole Wildebeest who she kill what good news is this well done you all who help our very Siana, Rekero Pride, as much as I love and well come the new Cubs fathered by Lipstick and Blackly, this pride is close to ready take off, and I can see the Masketies preparing for an attack, they have already did it and so much loose and now every now and then they arrive on the Territory that had been patrol and own by Blacky and Lipstick, they have lost Paradise to Hunters and Morani, the Serena Pup House pride is also lost and they have started to cross the River on the Mara Triangle and Nothing will stop the Masketies Coalition at this Point, But what will happen to the New Cubs at Rekero Crossing ? At Rhino Ridge where the Breakaway is staying under the watch of Sikio I can now conform one Female is gone, its had been too long since I last sow her and we will never now what happen, The Ridge is a hot zone always will be and this pride will see lots of trouble from New Males moving in and out with the migration be it from the Conservancies east OOC, Mara North or Naboisho, or from the South Seregeti or Eastern Plains most of the Nomadic Males go through Topi Plains and Rhino ridge over the years, Last time a days I meet the pride at the edge of Rhino ridge they are with new Males this are Old OOC Males, Sala and Cheza but nothing is going to be permanent with this Old males they are just passing on running way from Nick and David, who had taken over a lot of prides on the OOC conservancy, Moja is doing well and his Mum may be having Cubs she is not around as much with him and the new Cubs will be Lipstick and Blacky, We will update you soon on who Moja is doing and his mum, Double Cross pride is doing just fine but lots of problems here, Little Notchers arrive here and Kill 4 cubs while there Daddy are busy at OOC taking over another Pride and though they cubs who are in the pride look good I am not sure of there long success, this young males are very big and strong its a worry, the small pride on the side of the Double Cross, 2 females 2 cubs look like doing better, they cubs are fantastic and well grown up I have more hope on them than the Main Pride, if they stay out of trouble, David and Nick have been busy especially Nick I have not seen him for nearly 3 months, I had news from our friends from OOC that he is well busy with Enkuyanai Pride, while David is another Good Daddy he love looking after they two pride small pride by Double Cross, But will he be able to take the pressure from Little Notchers? More News soon and have a good start on our Maasai mara, Salaams, Jackson Looseyia,

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Dear Friends, I am now back to the Maasai Mara office and its nice and lovely, we had some dry months meaning our Long rains did not occur but this few weeks we are seeing some rains which is unusual, however its well come here in the Mara especially when the Migration is here now very early, our prides are doing amazing better than we have witness in years, below are the females from Double Cross and there Dominant male is David, < div class="separator" style="clear: both; text-align: center;">
I will update you on all the happening in the next few days in the office, Very best regards, Jackson Looseyia.
This is Bahati our Leopard who had taken the territory of her Mum Olive, She look pregnant and hope soon we will see her Cubs.