Friday, 29 January 2010

Habari Jema Chui

Dear Friends 
Some good news had come in last night when we look for leopards ID with a very good safari guide.
Ninian Lowis,  took this picture a few weeks ago and he said this leopard us to be at talek do you who is he? ask lowis&leakey,
I look for both the pic from time while he was a young Cub and now when he is a mature male leopard.
Chui our Boy went to a long way towards the conservancy at a place near Ngiro are very secret place only a few people know where he is.

Thank You Bwana Ninian for let us know where chui went.

We will update you on the rest of our cats as it come in.



Tuesday, 19 January 2010


Dear Friends,
Once again I would like to let you on habari ya Binti, last year she was pregnat and even matting have been wittiness by our officers out there in the large office.
She then went hiding for a few weeks we though yea the new cubs will be with her.
A week ago I sow her near our camp opposite side of pose in area close so no one went and see if she was with cubs or sign of cubs.
I look with my binocs and she look like she had cubs however not easy from a far distance.
We meet her two days ago no sign of having or had cubs she just look stunning I am sure she last her first litter ever.
Well being a young mother with a lot of flouds last months it could not help her but she will learn next time round.

Best wishes to you all,

Jackson Looseyia.

Thursday, 7 January 2010


Dear friends,

Its nearly an hour when I so olive on our side of the river a lone its now three days since we so the cubs.
Un like the lions or cheetah cubs who are very much mum depended, leopards cubs can stay for a few days before the come together with there mother.
The cubs are both boys and soon we start giving them names so exiting between me and Paul and the rest of our officers in the mara.

We will keep you updated on the cubs,

Just yesterday we found a young male cub which was kill near the crossing area and we think the mother went too close to Notch and his boys and that was the out come poor thing.

To update you on the ridge pride boys and girls well they are doing fantastic, in the last week we have found them on two occasions with young buffaloes it is amazing to follow them now.
Right at the cross roads before they all go deferent ways with there three sisters.



Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Up For Northern Mara Conservancy.

Once again this year had some good news for wild dogs the painted wolves as Jonny call them.

Just yesterday morning the dogs were mating not shy at all near the hills at very north of Mara north.

We wish this species will make it some day it will fe
ed the main mara once they are many and force by food such to get to the reserve.



Monday, 4 January 2010

Marsh Cubs


Dear Friends,
I hope every one made through the new year with exitment a head here in the office its full on with so much happening at the moment,
I just visited the Olive this morning after so much rain on our area cant cross any of the rivers like olare Orok , Talek river.
While Paul keep update on how they are doing I was very jealous and still is since this morning I cross got stack on the talek river and a hour later the river flooded again.

The marsh pride is going from strength to strength with 11 new cubs being born in the last few weeks between WHITE EYE, BIBI, AND RED bless them had work a head.
Clawed was mating with one of the tree grace, while last week Romeo was mating with Lisbey.
The young are now separated from the pride at list from now Lisbey is gone with all the girls and the 5 boys on there own not allowed to get close the cubs.


Honey boys are back after they went on towards olkeju Rongai Pose plain for two weeks now full on with mingi entertainment cool.

Binti is still hiding from us I should think any time we may see new babies from her, what will it make the J5 haa.
One of the best time to be her green had work to drive around the mara getting cut off from river crossing as well few tourist in the mara we love this type of adventure in the office.

Just yesterday before sundowners a black rhino was seen and I rush to see this most endangered animal in the mara, a he relax.
The news in the office are full on.


Jackson Looseyia.