Sunday, 7 December 2008

news from the office

Cloued and Romeo have enjoyed  up and the pride have been specialize on killing young Elephants.

And the Girls are looking at a lion in a distance but
 they know exactly what to do, a day ago.

This is Olive a few min ago looking as strong as eve Simon is with her as I write now looking at her with a group and she looking to hunt any min.

Asanti sana Jackson 


Mirza93 said...

Jambo Jackson,

Nice pictures of all the cats. Shakira's cubs have really grown. Its great to know that everyone is doing well. Thanks for keeping us updated!

littlewid said...

Jambo Jackson
Lovely to see Claude and Romeo together, a beautiful picture.
How Shakira's girls have grown, it's wonderful to see them thriving in your office, it truely is a magical place.
Thank you for the update.
littlewid -x-

Alikat said...

Jambo jackson

OMG Shakira's girls are so big and beautiful to look at wow. Oh thank you jackson for the update, I have been longing tosee them again.

Shakira said...

Jambo Jackson,
Awww it was lovely to get your update,and made even better you hear that your son is with you, Im so pleased to see that Shakeria and her cubs are doing so so well,infact everyone seems to be doing good, so a big thank-you once again Jackson for your up-dates and may I be the first to wish you and your family "merry christmas" and HURRBACK TO US XXX
Asante Liz