Sunday, 2 November 2008

Taarifa ya maasai mara


I have been out guiding recently in my large office and here is the news from our Masai mara a long side the Big cats.
We have had rain for just a short period now and it's green with a lot of young animals being born and birds...., its baby time!

The short rains have made some of the grazers come back from their long journey, which is good news for our big cats especially the lions.

In the last week the marsh pride has had it rough but they are back together again apart from Claud and Romeo who are still no where to be seen. White eye has still not accepted the three Grace's, I think they will have to start their new life without the help of large pride.

Notch's club is going well on the other side of the river, though still not ready to come back since some of the wildebeest are in the conservancy...., so no hurry to be back to the paradise plains.

Now Shakira is still trailing a long the danger zone, the day before yesterday she just manage to get away from two groups of lions...., not fun but she got out danger safely...phew. She has not moved far from where she has been in the last two weeks, may be she will start the long journey soon, to where we dont know.

The little girls are doing well, they've grown a lot and soon they will be free from the obvious dangers, hyenas and lions. In one more week I will be happy, but where she is now is the real predators home range, but let me say this 'go shakira go you can do it you did before girl'.

The 'Jackson Five' are performing like you would not believe, I have seen them hunting during the day, both Olive and Binti.
Last week we saw Kali being chased by his father Big Boy, Kali is technically out of real threat from his Papa Big boy, who is at least 10 years old, so for him to catch a young boy he's got to be young and fast.
So Kali is well, still with Ayah along side there mother Olive. (As you can see below, Kali trying to climb onto my car!)

I still don't know why Ayah has not left her mother, something I can't explain to any one..., let's just wait and see what happens.

Binti is specializing in hunting young warthogs which is not all that safe, she has got a really bad wound from the hog on her side, but having looked at her I can not see a problem, she will be ok.

Our other wildlife are thriving, the hyenas are happy since the arrival of the young Topi, as soon as the Topi calves are as fast as their parents then trouble will start because of the competion they will have with lions.

Jackals too are growing well..., just too much to fit all my words into this place,.... the thomson gazelles and impalas are breeding so lost of food for the little pups.
I have even seen on recent drives Bat eared foxes with babies,  i tell you there is so much happening in the Masai mara with wildlife I can't tell you enough!!

Finally, I'm heading home and off travelling for one month, during this period i will be quiet until November 26th when I return to my large office. If there is any news my colleages will let me know.
In the next few days I will tell you what is happening in my village and the local schools. I hope to visit Ngousani Primary School which was featured on Big Cat LIVE to drop some materials kindly donated by the BBC.

Kwaherini wote and see you soon!

your rafiki Jackson looseyia.


CatsEye said...

Thank you so much Jackson; great to hear you're well and all the lovely cats are still going strong! Especially Shakira and the cubs of course; they are the best.

Great pic of Kali trying to get on your car!!! Lucky you, and thanks again for sharing it so generously with all of us back in the UK.

Alikat said...

Jambo Jackson

Great to have news of Shakira and her girls. I'm praying they make it through. Glad to hear the jackson five are doing well. Love the picture of Kali.Thank you for the up date .Enjoy your trip home.

Xavier Van der Veken said...

Taarifa ya maasai mara (News from the Masai Mara) indeed!

Thanks for the update Jackson!
You've just brought a huge smile on my face...
That cheeky Kali!


nearlynewgrandma said...

As you say Jackson, 'go shakira go you can do it you did before girl'. Keeping everything crossed for Shakira and her girls. I guess it's a life lived to the best of her ability ... and with some luck thrown in. Safe journey and arrivals on your travels, Jackson. Looking forward to the report about your visit to the school. NNGM

nearlynewgrandma said...
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reds said...

hi jackson, many thanks for the update. i can stop worrying now about all the cats, because it seems that they are all doing okay. i know it is a tall ask but do you have any information on tamu? i really hope she is okay. the not knowing, is un-bareable.
anyway,keep up the good work jackson, because so far its brilliant. many thanks.

nearlynewgrandma said...

Marahaba !

suzie2 said...

Thank you for your up date Jackson.
Good new of Shakira. Sounds like she likes to live dangerously.
What a great photo of Kali. Lets hope he doesn't try to climb on top of your vehicle like the cheetah used to do!!
Have a good trip home. Look forward to more news on your return.

ilovecheetahs said...

Jambo Jackson
Great news of all the animals, especially Shakira and her daughters. Am not surprised to hear that White eye will not accept the Graces-she is a formidable cat!
What a great picture of Kali. Thank you for the update and have a good trip home.
Looking forward to hearing more news from you.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update, hope you enjoy your travels.
so glad Shakira is good and the Lions and the Jackson 5. love the picture of Kali!

Mark and Ams said...

Jambo Jackson, Mark, Ams, Charlotte and George here! Arrived home safely this morning after the most incredible trip to Rekero Camp, we miss you lots already!! Can't wait to hopefully see you next week!

Your office is an incredibly special place and seeing all the cats, especially Shakira and Olive a dream come true! Shakira is an inspirational mum and the cubs absolutely adorable! Will post some pictures when we get organised!! Waiting with baited breath for your next update! x

Joy said...

Thanks for all the news Jackson & for taking the time to put it all on your blog, good to hear you're keeping well. Great to hear the cats are doing well, especially Shakira & her girlies.
And LOVE the pix of Kali, that's really made my day & had me laughing out loud! He reminds me so much of our little black cat, Kipaku.
Enjoy your trip home.

Liner said...

nice one for the update jackson, quality pic of kali, and good to hear that shakira and the cubs are ok

carriagehorse1 said...

Brilliant as usual Jackson. Thanks for that. Shakira really is a worry isnt she, i dont know how you sleep at night,thinking of all the animals. It will be interesting for us to see and hear more of your village, and the children. How many people live there in the village?.Keep safe, wish your family well. LOve you!!

Cat =] said...

Just to reiterate...

Thanks for the news Jackson:).
I can't beleive how much Shakira's girls have grown!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jackson,

You have brought a big smile to my face. So glad all is well in the Mara and we wish you wonderful trip home. Enjoy....

Love us 3 in Bonnie Scotland.

Mags said...

Really enjoying your Blog Jackson. Hope you have a good rest at home. Your family must be very proud of their celebrity member. Look forward to hearing all the news of the village.


wildlife said...

Hiya Jackson,great to hear that bibi and red and marsh pride are doing well.It is always great to hear that all the big cats and other wildlife are doing well.
Thanks for all the great news!!

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