Sunday, 28 February 2010

Saba the Cheetah

Once again I would like to thank you all for your vote on our cheetah mum.
She is now been voted Saba by so many people on my blog as well as on face book.
We have eliminated the confusion of Tatu since we have another tatu Shakira or sita cub.

We have been following this Cheetah for a while now and doing well feeding and training the cub. 
well done you all my friends from many countries.

Bless Saba for the name.

Salaams Jackson.

Red the leader of the Marsh pride.

Dear friends,

I have been in the office for some time now looking for Red and Romeo,

I have not seen them with Clawed, Bibi, White, Eye, or Lisbey, I realy dont know where they are possibly Sara can tell us???

The last time I sow her was at the bila Shaka laga near fumbi fumbi with rest of the pride, then after that no sign of Red and Romeo.

I meet up with Romeo A month ago too while mating with Lisbey and I even put his pic on the blog.
I just think they have move towards leopard gorge for those who remember half tail.
We have to wait and fingers cross they are all well when ever they are.

Hugs to you all,

Jackson Looseyia.

Monday, 22 February 2010

mother Cheetah with a cub is call Tatu. 1

We spend a great deal with the cheetah you all know, she lost one of the little cubs again another wonderful safari for the Six ladies who come to the mara and took our camp exclusive.

The mara is still offers a safari of a life time for those who can travel to east africa.

We spend some quality time with her and got to understand a little bit and love her so much.
She cared for the cub and play as you all know she lost one cub to preditors a few weeks after they came out

We know love this cheetah so much and been given a name by the governors Guides as tatu.
I have to bear in mind that we also have tatu Shakira Cub.
I propose we look for a name for this one than Tatu.


Dear Friends,

I finaly so the to Olive cubs at the same time and not one run into cover.
Well done Olive for this wanderful cubs so sweet at the moment.
The first one was not very shy and we have been seeing him but not the little one who look like limping whether by birth or fight we dont know.
Olive made a kill near smelly crossing east of olare orak and we spend the whole evening with her.
Both cubs are boys and look fantastic.

There Mother Olive did not care as much as the cheetah  mum but I bet if any one go any closer to her young one she will act like any mother.

Big Salaams 


Notch Boys

Notch boys are stronger than ever they had kill a male hippo, not a sick one or young full grown up.
We come an hour after it was kill, what a powerful group.
As the food thin up after the zebra and wildebeest gone out of the park then this male became specialize on Killing hippo.
The fist day we meet five of the boys and the following day Notch appeared, and what an impassive male lion.
This must be the lucky male lion in the history of lions in the maasai mara.
His sons took over two prides and now feeding there papa with the food very recoded in the mara.

Be all well,



Habari ya Simba

Dear All,

Other good safari with Simon Last week 8 days in the mara,
We found all most every cat we work with in the mara during big cat just to let you know a few how they are doing.

Th mash pride with there little cubs have camp near the border of the mara north and the park, I meet two girls there White eye and Bibi.
Lisby still with teenagers on the bilashaka working had to look after them and feed them bless her.
Red we don't know where she was as well as Romeo, while Clawed was filling sorry after a buffalos attack however getting better.
Food is not that good near the mash are most of the animals had left to the conservancy life is had for the pride now.

Thursday, 11 February 2010

Olkiombo pridefn

Dear Friends,

As you can imagine how nice the mara is now after the rains, we have seen an explosion of lions cubs in every pride.
Our lions of Olkiombo pride have got 10 cubs and it looking more coming.
The pride is still intact with all females together a long side there three males.
The mash pride is doing well too however after a split some of the young are straggling to we hope they will get through this had period before the return of the pray.

Shakira at the last time I sow her she was still on the conservancy but we have not had any news of her.

The J5 all doing well Olive near the Air strip on a kill but the cubs are hidden again this time, I don't blame them with the number of cars looking at there mum.

The honey boys are still going strong indeed yesterday they were every where looking for girls, a few of them are in the area ready to mate so they are all over the place.
I had meet once again with Allana in the early morning light on my way to the marsh that was why I was late to see the marsh pride before they went in to the long grass in the mash.

The office new are real hot a lot of happening.

See you soon on the web or in Kenya.


Jackson Looseyia.

Friday, 5 February 2010

Karibu Kali

Dear Friends 

After such a long time we now found Kali near the mara river not far from the talek mara junction.
Kali karibu sana tena.

The Notch pride had exploded well we all expected after so much mating in last year.
They now have 15 cubs and more to come soon.

Look at this little cub eat too much sweet.