Sunday, 24 February 2013

Dear Friends, The Paradise Pride where Notch Started is starting to have cubs now, we have meet all two large male from the Mogoro pride and have taken over residents at Main Crossing with this pride, This Males numbered unto 4 may be responsible for Notch 6 son, Soon after they have taken over the Mogoro Pride Chase Notch and his Sons over to this Side of the River they have been Dominant on the mara Triangle, They are Doing well with there many prides just like Notch and his Sons on our Side of the River.

Monday, 18 February 2013

Now Malaika have a young Male, one other Cheetah in Mara North have one young Male, Tatu at Olkju Rongai have 2 boys and one female, Narasha have 2 girls, Most of the Cheetah in the are are Males but we have 4 mums which will help to populate the area nice, Our Shingo boys went to Mara Triangle and as I got the updates from there they have a total of 16 Cheetah more than we have in our large area, We have not had much of problems on them lately tough the Wood all goes well coming months, Cheetahs can break your heart so early since they are very venerable to all other large predators.
With Our spotted Cats all having been great though I would still say Cheetah is still remain the most venerable of all, Now we have Olive and her Totos so much flaring the Mara, most are getting to adult, Nkayoni is gone, Paja, Kali, Binti and Aya had all became independent though we see then every now and then, New had come from one of the Camps that Binti had been spotted, this all Possible, On the way to independent are Malaika and Saba the little cub which I just sow the other day in the croton bushes.
On the other Side of the Park Musiara Marsh the pride here is doing so well, after a take over from the old Males Romeo and Clawed, it could be better, lost of cubs and fantastic expiation of Lions in this place, Now 8 Females from the Main Pride and 4 from the breakaway females this put the Marsh pride at the top of all large prides in the Northern Mara, Olkiombo is getting large but not any where close to this one,
As years goes by we keep on following the old Male Notch and his Sons, Now so big nothing is enough for them being prides of Lions they have taken over, Buffoes taken down for food and its Hippo every now and then, I would think if it was not for his sons Notch will not be here with us today, The collation of Might Males had given us Guides the best excitement of our time in the safari, when ever we meet this Boys our hearts bit very fast I do not know why, may something we all have to experience and see if any one can translate it. Just now having a hippo Kill on Rongai said between Olkeju and Olkiombo right in the middle of the plains with there third ever pride to conger Rongai Pride.

Friday, 15 February 2013

Hi Friends, In the last few days I have stay in the Maasai Mara I meet up with most of our Lions and cheetah Leopards included, Well Narasha is on of the OOC females but now days she travel between OOC and MNC . It was great to follow her from Topi Plain all the way to the Gorge where she end up at top of Olare Orok, The rest had been great the Breakaway females, the Main Pride from the Marsh and May more.

Sunday, 10 February 2013

On arriving to Olkiombo I ask the other guides where about is Mzee Notch is and his sons, Just mins after I had a radio call from one of the guides, if your looking for Notch he is above olkiombo with his two sons, We went and meet him midday and off
cose he was flat, Later that evening we spend the whole evening with Notch until he woke up from this bedroom of Croton bushes, The next day we spend some time with Narasha and her two cubs,

Saturday, 9 February 2013

Hi all I am glad to come back to the Maasai game reserve and found Notch Olive and the Marsh Pride all well. I will post pic soon of them all, Very best, Jackson Looseyia.
Hi all I am glad to come back to the Maasai game reserve and found Notch Olive and the Marsh Pride all well. I will post pic soon of them all, Very best, Jackson Looseyia.